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Daily Inspirational Quote August 2 2014

“Take a chance! All life is a chance.
The man who goes the furthest
is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.”
- Dale Carnegie

I have recently gotten to know some wonderfully successful businesswomen. Some of them risked everything they owned to start their own ventures with very good results. These women not only control their own destinies, but they are enjoying great happiness and prosperity as well. They’ve made me realize anew how most people stick to the safe path in life, and how the safe path is naturally limited. If you want something even a little bit bigger or better than what you’ve got now, you have to be willing to risk losing what is for what might be. Life is a grand adventure for those who are open to change and ready to take a chance on their dreams.

Good Impression

People remember what you do much more vividly than they remember what you say. If you seek credibility, seek to establish that credibility with your actions and not just your words.

Relationships are not built on mere pronouncements. Valuable relationships grow from shared experiences, reliability, consistency and truthfulness.

The way to be believed next time, is to do what you say you’ll do this time. The way to gain trust is to earn it by being always trustworthy in matters large and small.

The key to making a good impression is to live with authenticity, honesty, genuine compassion and generosity. People form their impressions not on how you appear, but on how well you treat them.

To make a good impression, be valuable, be useful and be original. Be truly interested and willing to make a difference.

The way to consistently look good is to be good, and honest and helpful. Love life and all who live it, put that love into action, and you’ll always make a great impression.

— Ralph Marston

The Courage to Master Fundamentals

What began as a simple training day at the gym, soon became an observation for a courageous new way of living. Mastering the fundamentals may be difficult, but, it allows us the opportunity to engage whole-hardheartedly in the real work at hand -- without getting too lost in the details. "When you eliminate everything that is unnecessary," offers writer, James Clear, "there are no details to hide behind." Read more to learn how a simple shift of perspective can make a big difference.

Daily Inspirational Quote August 1 2014

“Life is like a mirror. If you frown at it, it frowns back.
If you smile at it, it returns the greeting.”
- Herbert Samuels

It may seem as if life’s big winners are living in a reality wholly apart from the rest of us, and maybe they are, but that’s only because of how they are on the inside. What and how we think and feel is actually broadcast to the universe, and that vibration attracts similar energy. If you’re feeling down, fake being a radiantly happy, successful person. Walk through life pretending you’re the happiest, friendliest, most amazing person you’ve ever met. Smile with all your being and say hello to everyone you meet. The more you send out positive, joyful energy, the more it will come back to you.

The Next Step You Take

The next step you take is the one that matters. You have the power to choose right now what that step will be.

Even if you’ve been going for weeks or for years in a negative direction, your next step can be a positive one. Even if it’s a small positive step, it can change your direction and establish a new momentum.

No matter where you are or what you’ve done or failed to do, you can now choose to move toward what you value most. The way to make that choice is with your next step.

You can wish and hope and plan and talk about where you want to go. Yet it is your next step that will actually begin to get you there.

Your next step sets the direction for your future. And you have the opportunity right now to decide what that next step will be.

Your next step is ready and waiting for you to take it. Choose to make it one that will move your whole world forward.

— Ralph Marston

A Safe Haven In Nepal

2010 CNN Hero of the Year, Anuradha Koirala, started Maiti Nepal (roughly translated to "mother's home") to protect Nepali women and girls from crimes such as domestic violence, trafficking, prostitution, child labor, and other forms of exploitation and torture. Since 1993, Maiti Nepal has helped rescue and rehabilitate more than 12,000 women and girls, providing a safe place for them to recover and grow. The children call Koirala "elder sister," a moniker she accepts with pride. "You have to take each child as your daughter," Koirala urges, and asks you to join hands to create a society free of human trafficking.

Daily Inspirational Quote July 31 2014

“There is nothing to fear except the persistent refusal to find out the truth,
the persistent refusal to analyze the causes of happenings.
Fear grows in the darkness; if you think there’s a bogeyman around,
turn on the light.”
-  Dorothy Thompson

So much of our fear of death is a result of being afraid to really look at it. It reminds me of when I was a child, and I would turn off the basement light and then race up the stairs, my heart pounding with certainty that monsters were right on my heels. At some point, I forced myself to walk instead of run, and eventually, to turn around and face that dreaded basement, which I discovered held nothing more in darkness than it had in light. Those who have had near death experiences or verifiable spirit communication report that we actually have wonderful things to look forward to in the afterlife. So many of us are afraid to really look at death, but if we face our fears and begin to explore it, we’ll discover that there are no monsters there eith…

Consider Letting It Go

If you’re filled with resentment or frustration, you’re wasting your precious time and energy. The more quickly you can let the bad stuff go, the more quickly you can move on to the good stuff.

People and events will regularly cause delays, inconveniences, expenses, disappointments and worse in your life. Don’t add to the damages by letting those things keep you down.

When people have wronged you or events have sidetracked you, you have plenty of great reasons for complaints and excuses. But complaints and excuses don’t provide anything of value to your life.

Although whatever has happened to you may be highly unfair, wrong and inconsiderate, consider letting it go. For your own sake, consider letting it go.

Instead of giving others the power to get you down, give yourself the power to move forward. Instead of being content to collect those complaints and excuses, enjoy the freedom and satisfaction of making life positive and fulfilling no matter what.

Make the choice to live with joy, in…

The 6 Essential Conditions of Creativity

Surprise is not easily defined. It is the unexpected that strikes one with wonder or astonishment. What is curious about effective surprise is that it need not be rare or infrequent or bizarre and is often none of these things. Effective surprises seem rather to have the quality of obviousness about them when they occur, producing a shock of recognition following which there is no longer astonishment. Maria Popova dives into the mind of Harvard psychologist Jerome Bruner, and his attempts to define creativity, its origins, and its purpose.

Daily Inspirational Quote July 30 2014

“I had looked for happiness in fast living, but it was not there.
I tried to find it in money, but it was not there either.
But when I placed myself in tune with what I believe to be the
fundamental truths of life, when I began to develop my limited ability,
to rid my mind of all kinds of tangled thoughts,
and fill it with zeal and courage and love,
when I gave myself a chance by treating myself decently and sensibly,
I began to feel the stimulating, warm glow of happiness.”
- Edward Young

How many of us treat ourselves decently and sensibly? I believe that I love myself and have healthy self-esteem, yet I continue to over-schedule myself — to make commitments I know I can fulfill, but only at the expense of my inner peace and well-being. Many of us are like this. While we may ultimately feel proud of ourselves for doing so much on a daily and hourly basis, it could hardly be said that we are treating ourselves with kindness and sensibility. If stress is eating away at your happiness, it’s tim…

You Can, So Do It

Whatever it is you wish to accomplish, you can do it. You can do it if you will take the time and make the effort.

Very likely you have talked yourself out of it, and others have talked you out of it, too. Nonetheless, you can do it by making the choice and making the commitment.

It will demand the best of you, but that’s a benefit rather than a drawback. Giving your all while working toward a meaningful goal is one of the most empowering things you can do.

And you can do it, without question, without a doubt. You can do it when you choose to start and continue making the choice to keep going.

Whatever may seem to be beyond your reach begins to draw closer the moment you begin to do the work. Instead of complaining that you don’t know what to do, just do what you can and make the commitment to learn more each step of the way.

You are here right now to achieve great and wonderful things. You can, so do it.

— Ralph Marston

Power of Place: Photos From Around the World

Steve Mccury captures the beauty and uniqueness of different places that the human family calls home from around the planet. His photos bring to light that our environments play a role in shaping our perceptions about what it means to be human--from our relationship to the weather to our relationship to the soul.

Daily Inspirational Quote July 29 2014

“The secret to success in any human endeavor
is total concentration.”
- Kurt Vonnegut

Some years ago, I read about a study of multitasking, and how researchers discovered that folks who try to multitask actually end up getting less done than those who focus on one task at a time. Sometimes when we have a hard time accomplishing our goals and responsibilities, it’s because we haven’t set ourselves up for success by creating the time and space to work uninterrupted. If you’re frustrated and running behind, ask yourself if distractions are wasting your time and energy, and consciously create the ideal conditions for total concentration. It will allow you to tap your deepest personal resources, and empower you to make the most of your time and potential.

Strength Within You

There is greatness within you. Allow it to come out, and let all the world benefit from what you have to offer.

There are strengths and abilities within you, ready to be put to good use. Focus on a meaningful purpose, and allow those strengths and abilities to flower.

You have courage, determination, focus, discipline, creativity and passion within you. As you face life’s many challenges, remind yourself to call upon all those valuable qualities.

There is the power of love within you. Let that love always make a difference in the lives of those around you.

There is unique, original beauty within you. As you live each day, express that beauty in whatever you do, making it ever more abundant.

There is real, true, rich and wonderful life within you. In every moment, every day, live it as fully as you can imagine.

— Ralph Marston

Look With Your Heart: Lessons From My Grandmother

Mia Tagano visits her 94 year old grandmother -- who now has dementia -- and discovers a whole new, less verbal, way of communicating her love through heart, hands and hugs. To her surprise, when she brings this approach to her grandmother's roommate who has suffered a stroke, it radically transforms their communication and opens up both women profoundly. This heart-warming story shares more...

Message In A Wallet

A message in a wallet and the opportunity to pay it forward 10 years later.

The value of 24 cents..

An unexpected trip to the post office taught this person the value of 24 cents.

Marks Of Kindness

He gave a ride to a stranger who left him an important reminder in the back seat.

Do the Unexpected - by Bernie Siegel (Excerpted from the book 101 Exercises for the Soul)

Love and humor benefit both the giver and the receiver. Creating a situation that makes others laugh lifts everyone’s spirits. Finding ways to do the opposite of what people normally expect keeps life from getting drab and dreary. Playing the trickster is good for the soul.

Humor Will Help You Finish No Matter What Race You Enter - Bernie Siegel, M.D. (Excerpted from 101 Exercises for the Soul)

As we get older, it is important to maintain a childlike sense of humor and to let your inner child express itself; otherwise, life can become oppressive and difficult. I know from experience how easy it is to focus on what is troubling me rather than on what heals and sustains me. Our souls are light, and we must be willing to see the light side of life and to encourage laughter on a daily basis.

Attitude is Everything - Bernie Siegel, M.D. (Excerpted from 101 Exercises for the Soul)

Maintaining a positive attitude, no matter what your circumstances, increases the likelihood of your finding future happiness and fulfillment. Why is this true? Well, if your attitude is negative and your mind is filled with worry and fear, it takes its toll on your body, mind and spirit.

Daily Inspirational Quote July 28 2014

“If you can’t accept losing, you can’t win.”
- Vince Lombardi

I was recently talking with a woman who has been in love with her best friend for years; she said that he is perfect for her in countless ways, and she was even recently told by a mutual acquaintance that it is obvious that he is attracted to her. She is still hesitant to broach the subject with him, however, lest he doesn’t share her feelings. If you’re holding back on going for what you know you want, you’re wasting your most precious commodity: Time. If you’re attracted to someone, flirt outrageously, write them poems, court them with all your charm and charisma. If you want a certain job, create a killer resume, portfolio or video presentation and go for it! So many people are walking around with dreams burning in their hearts that they’ll never even begin to reach for because they fear they’ll fail. Personally, I’d rather try my hardest and lose, than never get to play at all.

Value In Each Challenge

Challenge is a fact of life. Though it might seem nice to trade your own particular challenges for somebody else’s, you’d likely find those other challenges to be just as burdensome.

Instead of seeking to be free of your challenges, seek to be motivated to move successfully through them. A life with no challenge is a life with no opportunity for growth, fulfillment or satisfaction.

Your challenges are yours for a very good reason. They are precisely the challenges that will enable you to grow stronger, more capable, and more fulfilled.

So don’t resent the challenges, and don’t avoid those challenges. Don’t complain about the challenges or pretend they’re not there.

Deal with each challenge and become stronger. Work through every challenge and feel the confidence that comes from knowing you can do it.

Life’s challenges give you the opportunity to experience yourself growing stronger. See each challenge for the potential value it represents, and make that value your own.

— Ralph Marston

The Lost Voice of A Generation

None of us can know the span of our life. Some of us will live a long life and die in old age; others leave much sooner. No, the meaning of life is not how long we live, it's about the fact that we lived at all, and that we touch the lives of others by living. Poet Marina Keegan may have died young, and tragically, but she had found her voice, and expressed it through poetry that touched the lives of so many. She is not the "lost voice" of a generation; she is one voice among many who have come before and will come after, reminding us that our time here is limited and carries within it so much power and beauty.

Daily Inspirational Quote July 27 2014

“We live in a world of theophanies.
Holiness comes wrapped in the ordinary.
There are burning bushes all around you.
Every tree is full of angels.
Hidden beauty is waiting in every crumb.
Life wants to lead you from crumbs to angels,
but this can happen only if you are willing to unwrap the ordinary
by staying with it long enough to harvest its treasure.”
-Macrina Wiederkehr

No matter where you are, you can access guidance from Spirit, you can request and receive a miracle, and you can touch the heart of magic in a deep and fulfilling way. We don’t have to travel far and wide to find truth, or meditate for hours to find answers. We have only to wake up to the moment and really look at all that is already there to see so much behind, beneath and in between ordinary reality.

Calling Out The Delusions Of A Techno-Industrial Society

Stories about the human colonization of other worlds were popular in the 1950s, with a promise of material abundance, and much of the population of the Western world excited about the possibilities offered by new technologies and a beneficial, authoritative science. That humans could extend their reach to other worlds seemed inevitable progress. Today, the popular faith in science and technology has drained away, to be replaced by a widespread, if often unspoken, fear. We have opened the box and seen where our ambition leads, and though we might quickly close it again and look away, it is too late in the day for any kind of innocence. This thoughtful essay urges us to move past the delusions of our society.