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Daily Inspirational Quote August 16 2014

“Don’t get caught up in the drama. All those elaborate stories we tell ourselves – about loss, failure, shattered hope, betrayal, blame — are not what is most true about who we are. Detaching from the story’s plot line, even just a little, makes possible another move, a plunge deeper in, to the story below the story. - Noelle Oxenhandler Some of us are most creative when we’re worrying about the worst thing that could possibly happen. The mental stories that we tell ourselves know no limits and most are completely unrealistic. For example, at least once in their lives, most people have believed that the end of a romantic relationship was the end of happiness in love for them. They felt their lives were over, but then they went on to new love, and were devastated all over again when that relationship ended too. If we’ve learned anything from life thus far, it’s that we will find a way through whatever comes our way. Think of all the “catastrophes” of the past and how you recovered fro

Challenge Yourself

You know you can always make improvements, so challenge yourself to do it. Challenge yourself to make today more productive, more enjoyable and more fulfilling than any day yet. Instead of just letting life throw random challenges at you, go ahead and provide yourself with truly meaningful challenges. As long as you’re going to be working through challenges, they might as well be the challenges that bring new value to your life. Instead of running or hiding from the problems, challenge yourself to work through them. Instead of settling for less than the life you envision, challenge yourself to reach for your dreams. Put some real, good, satisfying substance in your life. Challenge yourself to live the richness of your best possibilities. Challenge yourself to get started early, to hit the ground running, and to be highly effective in your efforts. Challenge yourself to ignore the distractions and meaningless superficial noise, and to focus on real, fulfilling purpose. Today i

A New Model of School Reform

So often we attack difficult issues from the 'outside in.' Take, for example, our failing school systems - not even Mark Zuckerburg's generous $100 million donation could help to fix the underlying issues. And yet, one unassuming schoolhouse in Oakland, California is making unprecedented strides in educational reform. Their secret? They are transforming themselves from the inside out, through social-emotional learning (SEL) one adult at a time. Read more to learn how one school has developed an innovative new model for educational reform.

Daily Inspirational Quote August 15 2014

“I would like to repeat the critical importance of committing your plan to writing. It cannot be over-emphasized!” - Paul J. Meyer of Success Motivation Institute Many wise teachers suggest that writing down our goals is very powerful. When we keep them “in mind” but don’t write them down, they tend to stay in our minds, and never actually happen in “reality.” By writing them down, we initialize the chain of events that has to happen for our goals to be attained. A friend of mine, who is a veritable expert on goal setting, recently informed me that only one person in 10,000 actually write down their aspirations. She told me to imagine walking all over a busy metropolis, and potentially never seeing another person all day who puts their plans in writing. Maybe all those other people don’t know how powerful writing their goals down can be! Now that you do, what will you do?

Make The Choice

Make the choice to feel good about yourself, about your world, about your possibilities, right now. Make the choice and then commit yourself to bringing your positive choices to life. But how can you feel good about things when things are not so good? Because you can make a difference, and the more positively focused you are, the more power you have to make that positive difference. There’s no need to deny the reality of the situation. Simply make the choice to see the positive possibilities, to deeply feel the value of those possibilities, and to bring them about. If there is darkness all around you, make the choice to shine a light of encouragement, hope, empowerment and loving action. Make the choice to focus on your highest vision, and on working your way toward that vision. It is not quick or easy or convenient to make the world a better place. Yet it is much better than the alternative of giving yourself over to inaction and despair. Make the choice to look lovingly and

Catching Song With Bobby McFerrin

"I want everyone to experience at the end of my concert...this sense of rejoicing. I don't want them to be blown away by what I do, I want them to have this sense of real, real joy from the depths of their being. Because I think when you take them to that place then you open up a place where grace can come in." These are the words of musician Bobby McFerrin during his interview with Krista Tippett of On Being. Read on for the full interview, as Bobby and Krista explore together the interconnections of music, improvisation and spirit.

Eating Outside the Box

We love the convenience of a prepackaged meal. But, at what cost? Did you know that in the U.S. alone, packaging materials constitute 32 percent of the municipal solid waste stream? Sadly, school lunches contribute significantly to this problem -- generating between 45 and 90 pounds of Ziploc bags, foil pouches, and other packaging waste each year. That's roughly equivalent to the weight of an average 6th grader. But, through small changes we can make a meaningful dent in this rapidly growing problem.

Daily Inspirational Quote August 13 2014

“Turn your face to the sun, and the shadows fall behind you.” - Maori proverb Many of life’s problems cannot be solved immediately, if at all. We generate frustration and misery for ourselves when we’re determined to fix things that aren’t meant to be fixed, to keep things going that are better left behind, to make sure that everyone is happy all the time. To feel better, we don’t have to fix anything; we just have to focus our attention on what is working and those paths open to us now, for if our vibration is high enough, problems will quietly fall away and be replaced by blessings and opportunities.


When you don’t know what to do, be thankful. When you don’t know how to be, be thankful. When the joys come, be thankful. When the challenges and sorrows arrive, be thankful. In every experience there is always some value. Be thankful for the opportunity to have the experience, no matter what it is. Be thankful, and become more intensely aware of life’s abundance. Be thankful, and discover new ways to make good use of that abundance. Be thankful for the moment, whatever it may bring. For your thankfulness will add value to anything it lands upon. Be thankful for what is, and you will see the beauty and the possibilities in it. Be thankful, and be amazed at how much better life becomes. — Ralph Marston

10 Creative Rituals You Should Steal

Sustained creativity doesn't just happen -- it's the result of hard work, and daily habits which help us tap into inspiration and cultivate success. But, what are those habits and, more importantly, how might they help? In this article, 99U interviews some of the most successful, creative minds to determine their wonderfully unique routines.

A Heart Touched By A Musical Soul

A Mile Of Trash

Would you do this on your way to work? Check it out.

Learning The Homeless Man's Story

An unexpected conversation taught this person about the importance of non-judgment.

Daily Inspirational Quote August 12 2014

“I thank You God for this most amazing day; for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes.” - e.e. Cummings The purpose of life is to live in joy, and the way to do it is to simply look for things to appreciate. There is so much good in our lives that we don’t really see anymore. Even the grey of an August sky can evoke pleasant memories and a sense of camaraderie with our fellow planet dwellers. While nature is an endless source of wonder, we’ve also done many things to make life comfortable and pleasant. A hundred years ago we’d be worried about having enough fuel to warm our houses this winter, and enough canned and dried food to make it until spring, and now we have cozy homes and abundant fresh fruits and vegetables available all year round. When you stop and think about it, life in and of itself is wonderful and amazing.

Work Happy

Don’t work hard to be happy. Be happy to work hard. Instead of resenting the effort, or avoiding it altogether, put your own joy into it. Make your work an expression of your happiness rather than a precursor to that happiness. If you postpone your happiness until after the work is done, you’ll miss the opportunity to make use of its power. Work happy, and you’ll work much more effectively. Work happy, and you’ll provide yourself with a whole lot more time to be happy. Put happiness into even the most difficult effort and you’ll find ways to put the power of happiness into just about anything. You don’t have to be na├»ve or to deny reality in order to work happy. With both feet planted solidly and pragmatically on the ground, you can benefit from an attitude that soars a mile high. Be truly happy about the difference you can make as you work to make that difference. Work happy, and add plenty of new richness to life. — Ralph Marston

I Talk To Strangers

One of the first rules parents often teach their children is "Don't talk to strangers." But Robbie Stokes was determined to flip that old life lesson on its head. So, after quitting his job working in the United States House of Representatives, Stokes, now 26, set out on an ambitious backpacking journey around the world in which his aim was to talk to as many strangers -- people of all ages, races and social backgrounds -- as he could. His ultimate goal? To gain invaluable wisdom, experience and knowledge from everyday people. This compelling video shares more.

Meister Eckhart on Letting Go - Matthew Fox

God is not found in the soul by adding anything, but by a process of subtraction.” Subtraction and letting go leads us to the Divine depths. When we can let go and “sink into God,” amazing things happen between God and us. I advise you to let your own ‘being you’ sink into and flow away into God’s ‘being God.

Meister Eckhart on Solitude - Matthew Fox

One does not have to flee the world to learn and practice inner solitude. Eckhart says, “This cannot be learned by running away, by fleeing into the desert away from external things; a person must learn to acquire an inner solitude, wherever and with whomsoever one may be. One must learn to penetrate things and find God there, to make the divine image grow in oneself in an essential way.

Meister Eckhart on The Spark of Soul - Matthew Fox

Eckhart honors intuition as the highest of all faculties, calling it “the spark of the soul,” a term that derives both from Sufi and from Jewish mysticism of the Middle Ages. It implies wisdom — and is that not the direction education needs to move in? Away from knowledge factories and toward wisdom schools? Wisdom incorporates heart and head, body and feeling, intuition and values.

Daily Inspirational Quote August 11 2014

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” - Joseph Campbell A great friend and spiritual teacher once taught me a lesson I’ll never forget. She said that when we’re torn between two options or opportunities and can’t decide which one to choose, we should pick the one that scares us the most, for the safe path is naturally more limited. When I’ve taken her advice and chosen to take some risks in pursuit of happiness, I have never regretted it. Even when we don’t end up exactly where we expect to, facing our fears and boldly reaching beyond our comfort zone always leads us somewhere new and interesting, filled with lessons and blessings and delightful surprises. When we reach farther and higher than we ever have before, somehow we always end up with more than we are expecting.

Keep The Goal in Sight

When the goal is in sight, you’re much more highly motivated to work toward it. So no matter how far away the goal is, keep it in sight and keep moving enthusiastically toward it. When you can see that you’re making progress, you are naturally encouraged to make more progress. So as you move forward, remind yourself how far you’ve come, and keep on going. Nothing can take the place of a clear and meaningful purpose. So give yourself the energy to achieve by knowing exactly where you wish to go and why you want to get there. Feel the achievement and the rewards that come with it as you work steadily toward it. Keep your vision focused on the goal as you move ever closer to that goal. Effort becomes effortless and energy becomes far more abundant when you see the objective getting closer and closer. Make use of the power of your dream to make that dream come true. Get the goal in sight and keep it there as you enjoy your own effective effort to move forward. Keep the goal in si

An Icebox, A Live Heart And The Man Who Drove & Drove

In some ways, it was surprising that any good could ever come of a cadaver, a heart failure and a vehicle with a live heart in its trunk tearing through a crowded city. That it did on June 16, 2014 in Chennai, and that more than 50 people coordinated the whole thing with surreal precision to save a life, could tempt one to use words like "miracle" or "aberration". But in truth, it was already the city's eighth time this year: a heart transplant made possible by someone's supreme generosity, a government organ registry's bureaucratic brilliance and the police's logistical enthusiasm.

Daily Inspirational Quote August 10 2014

“Your daily life is your temple and your religion.” - Kahlil Gibran For centuries, humankind has pursued God in extreme and demanding ways. We have concocted all sorts of elaborate religions and rituals, churches and temples in our quest for the divine. Think for a moment about the sum of the time, money and energy that has gone into man’s quest for spiritual meaning and ecstatic experience! It’s unfathomable. All the while, of course, our everyday lives and habits have determined our spiritual vibration, which determines our ability to connect with higher spiritual forces. While many go to great lengths now and then to feed their spiritual hunger, for those who are awake to the divine in even the smallest acts of the most ordinary day, God has already been discovered, and Spirit is already a comforting friend.

Today I Will Do Nothing

"Today I will do nothing..." A rare declaration that just might be an antidote for the frenzy and stress of a fast-paced world and never-ending To-Do lists. Read on for a whimsical and wonder-filled comic from artist Grant Snider detailing the marvelous possibilities that unfold when we dedicate ourselves to the openness of doing "nothing".