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Daily Inspirational Quote December 13 2014

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” It’s not easy to cast ourselves adrift and trust that things will be okay and we won’t come to any harm on the way to where we will ultimately end up, but think about it for a moment. Do we really want to be stuck where we are forever. Never making new discoveries about ourselves or others, never feeling the flutter in our tummies that we get when we know something exciting is about to happen or when we take a chance or a risk in life? Sometimes it’s good to just “let go” and “cast off” to discover the other shores out there that we’ve yet to explore.

Micro Moments Of Love

"Love is an emotion, a momentary state that arises to infuse your mind and body alike," writes Barbara Frederickson. Yet this transient state holds much promise beyond feeling good; love can be poignant in shaping perceptions of who we are, how we relate to the world, and even our health. Far from being a private event, love is an experience shared between people when they connect in the spirit of goodness. And that connection is at the heart of love's most telling effects: stretching us beyond our boundaries, inspiring awareness, and inviting us into a state of oneness.

Daily Inspirational Quote December 12 2014

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” We have no control over the winds of life and indeed are at their mercy as to where they send us. However, being aware that this is life as we know it, and taking steps to adjust our outlook and our plans as and when necessary, means that being off-course now and then needn’t be a disaster. Being prepared to adjust and change allows us to carry on regardless of where we find ourselves and, indeed, if not enjoy the experience, to at least cope with it while it lasts.

How One Woman's Love Is Transforming Delhi's Brothels

G.B. Road houses a total of 77 brothels. Home to 4,000 women, and 1,500 children, it is the largest red light district in Delhi, India. An area no woman would go voluntarily. Or so you'd think. But a few years ago, Gitanjali Babbar walked right in. She quite literally knocked on the brothel doors, walked up the narrow staircases, and talked to the people there -- sipped tea with the brothel owners, listened, laughed, and came to know the women as her sisters, their children as her family. Three and half years ago, she launched Kat-Katha, a nonprofit that's quietly transformed parts of G.B. Road's brothels into classrooms, community centers, and safe spaces for the women and their children to learn, explore creative arts, and come alive with a sense of connection, expression, and possibility. Read more about Gitanjali's courageous journey and compassionate spirit here.

Daily Inspirational Quote December 11 2014

“Minds are like parachutes, they only function when open.” Over time our minds naturally fill with opinions, the minutia of day to day living, etc. until we have our set ideas and opinions on most things and the people and situations we experience daily. We tend not to be as open as we were especially when we were younger as we’ve spent years storing things in our minds that we believe will serve us well in life. Basically, we’re closed to what life has to offer. However, we need to realize that an open mind offers so many possibilities, so many opportunities to embrace new experiences, exciting ideas, and to learn and keep learning. Remember, an open mind is a healthy mind.

Priorities & The Art of Pruning:

As life gets busier and busier, many find that it is almost impossible to juggle new ideas, new challenges or perhaps even new relationships. According to James Clear, this is where the analogy of pruning a rose bush comes into play: before we exhaust ourselves with trying to perfect the big picture perfect, we need to make careful and difficult decisions about what to cut out or trim back on. Doing this allows our lives to blossom to their full potential. Clear shares more about how to prioritize and "prune" our lives in this piece.

Daily Inspirational Quote December 10 2014

“Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything – anger, anxiety or possessions – we cannot be free.” Holding on to anger, anxiety, possessions or indeed issues from the past or the present, tethers us with an invisible cord of our own making, preventing us from being free to live our lives the way they should be lived, full of joy and happiness. The power to cut this cord and gain our freedom lies within each of us and we need to take control, grasp the scissors firmly and sever the cord forever then watch it disappear back to wherever it began never to imprison us again. Embrace and enjoy your newfound freedom with a happy heart.

One Man's Organized Response To Disaster

When tech executive David Campbell learned about the devastation in Thailand caused by the 2004 tsunami, he was moved to action. Armed with a wireless router and duct tape he flew to Thailand where, against the odds he organized a chaotic assortment of people from around the world into a team of effective volunteers. When Campbell returned home to the U.S., Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. Using the model he developed in Thailand, Campbell was on the ground within a week in Biloxi, MS, eventually rallying over 1,500 people to help. In 2005 Campbell launched the non-profit All Hands Volunteers to support disaster-struck communities all over the globe. To date the organization has mobilized over 28,000 volunteers. Read on to learn more about this inspiring effort.

Love Never Dies—Just Ask a Spirit - Mark Anthony

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.) One of the most rewarding things about communicating with spirits is helping people to understand that love is eternal. When someone you love dies, your relationship with that person does not cease to exist. Instead, it is transformed from a physical relationship into a spiritual one. Love transcending physical death is one of many healing messages from the Other Side presented in my upcoming book, Never Letting Go. What makes Never Letting Go different, and me as the author different, from other books by psychic mediums is that I bridge a gap between two different worlds. By day, I’m a criminal defense attorney, and by night, I’m a psychic medium who communicates with spirits. This seems to surprise a lot of people, who tend to think of law and mediumship as two opposing professions. I don’t see it that way, since both jobs are about helping people. As a lawyer I solve legal problems, and as a medium I help people cope with

Calls to Mystic Alice: How One Woman Embraces the Gift of Spirit Communication - Alice Rose Morgan

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.) People often ask me how I get the information when I do psychic readings for other people. The answer is easy: My Spooks. They come up with the truths and insights and revelations, and all I do is pass it along. Who are my Spooks? They are primarily my guides—the two souls who assist me in this lifetime—a couple of master teachers, and my mother, who was also a reader. Then there are the guides or helpers of the person I’m reading for, and any other soul or entity from the other side who wants to add their two bits at that moment. Who is with us during a reading very much depends on the subject matter being discussed during the reading. On one occasion, for example, I was reading for a woman who put her son on the phone because they were both very interested in UFOs and the possibility of contacting someone from another galaxy or planet. ...

Beyond Reincarnation: Measuring a Lifetime - Joe H. Slate, PhD

(Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.) “From the cradle to the grave” frames only a small segment of your existence as an evolving soul. Beyond Reincarnation offers for the first time a lifespan approach to the study of reincarnation. It explores the full landscape of your existence—from your pre-existence before your first lifetime to your post-existence beyond your last. At no point does the book rule out the possibility of lifetimes in other realities—perhaps on a distant planet or even some other unknown universe. I first became interested in reincarnation as an eight-year-old kid growing up in the Deep South. At that early age, I discovered in a vivid dream that my fear of water was past-life related. In the dream, I was a toddler playing in the water along a French coastline when I was swept into the deep by a strong undercurrent. Awakening in the night, I knew at once that I had discovered the source of my fear. The next day, I went swimming for the first t

Daily Inspirational Quote December 9 2014

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” Perhaps we feel insignificant in the world; that nothing we say or do matters very much in the grand scheme of things. However, let’s imagine that everybody on the planet took the time to say hello and smile at a stranger, or lend a hand to somebody needing help, even listening compassionately or without being judgmental to someone’s tale of woe. Wow! How amazing would that be? How many people would be touched and comforted by an act of kindness by someone close to them or a stranger. Think what a happy planet this would and could be.

34 Images of Heart-Warming Humanity

Popular news and media outlets often report negative stories and rarely shed light on all the good that happens on a daily basis. Here are 34 stories of random acts of kindness that will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face.

Daily Inspirational Quote December 8 2014

“Sometimes our greatest insight comes from our failure, not from our accomplishments.” When we accomplish or achieve our goals too easily or we never fail in our attempts at success often we stop thinking too much about putting so much hard work in or becoming complacent at our accomplishments. However, when we do fail, only then do we begin to wonder why we failed and what we need to do differently in order to achieve success again in the future. Failure allows us the opportunity to stop, examine and rethink which can lead us to greater insight than before thus enabling us to realize how precious our accomplishments are.

Not All About You

Let the best of life come from you. But don’t try to make life be all about you. You are knowledgeable, skilled, resourceful, experienced, creative and worthy of the best in your own unique way. Yet you don’t know it all, and can’t do it all, and wouldn’t even want to. Much of life’s beauty comes from being a part of something larger than yourself. If you confine yourself inside a tight, impenetrable shell, you miss the best opportunities for fulfillment and enrichment. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to acknowledge and embrace the value of others. Raise up your own life by enthusiastically giving your genuine respect, compassion, cooperation, friendship and love. Multiply your joy, multiply your opportunities for learning, multiply your effectiveness and your best possibilities. Live beyond yourself, where it’s not all about you. Living your life can be a miraculous experience. And when you live beyond yourself, life gets even better. — Ralph Marston

Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella

It was a cold rain, as author Kristi Jo Jedlicki made her way to the homeless shelter where she worked. While struggling to keep her umbrella from blowing away, she noticed an old friend standing by the doorway - his eyes gleaming with a soul filling joy, and in spite of the dreadful rain. When asked, he said simply "Waiting for you, of course. I had to see how my friend was doing and to make sure your day got off to a good start." It's when we act selflessly for the benefit of others, that our heart may truly begin to smile. Read more to learn how kindness can change the world.

Daily Inspirational Quote December 7 2014

“Everything you need comes to you in perfect time, space and sequence.” Occasionally we rail against fate or life itself when we don’t get what we want when we want it and feel aggrieved and hard done by. Thinking about it in the future though, how many times have you looked back and realized that actually, when you did get what you wanted, it arrived at the most fortuitous time for you and slotted in perfectly where and when you most needed it to? Trust in fate, karma, whatever you believe in, to know best and trust that, when it’s meant to happen it will.

Sarah Van Gelder: Unity In Diversity

Growing up under conditions of privilege in India, Sarah Van Gelder developed an interest in the underlying causes of poverty and suffering from a young age. Driven by her quest to find answers and solutions, she established Yes!Magazine, a publication that focuses on positive and uplifting initiatives by individuals and groups to foster social justice and equality around the world. Read further for samples of stories featured in Yes! and for Sarah's insights into how humanity can embrace diversity to create a more just world.