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Guard Dog Shows Soft Side, Brings Home Newborn Orphan Kitten

You wouldn’t expect guard dogs named Chaos and Atilla to be called softies.

Normally they chase away smaller animals. But when Chaos came across a newborn kitten behind the fence that she “protects” around their Oregon home, the dog let down her guard and picked up the orphan, which had not yet opened its eyes.

The 8-year-old Kelpie mix “adopted” the kitten, and, along with Atilla, began to raise her as their own, cleaning her and snuggling with her endlessly.

Better Eating Habits and Food Have Saved a Million Lives (Study)

Here’s some food for thought: scientists have discovered that better eating habits and better foods have saved more than a million American lives.

The researchers looked at people shifting to healthier diets over the past decade-and-a-half, and calculated that it had prevented 1.1 million premature deaths.

The healthier diets had also reduced the number of people getting life threatening diseases as well. Researchers saw the number of type 2 diabetes drop more than 12%, cardiovascular disease fell by more than 8%, and cancer cases dropped by 1.3%.

But the single biggest change to diets over the 14 years was the result of new federal and local rules on trans fats.

Lady is Thrilled by Starbucks Ability to Take Order in Sign Language

On Monday, a woman pulled up to the Starbucks drive-thru lane and was thrilled when a barista opened a video screen to begin talking to her in sign language.

When Rebecca King was asked for her order a few times but didn’t give a verbal response, an interactive screen was activated at the drive-thru window. The technology was a big deal to the woman because she had no other language with which to communicate at a distance.

The next day, when she pulled up to the same St. Augustine, Florida window and got the same barista screen, she recorded her exchange and posted the video to Facebook.

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 7, 2015

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

Makes you think, doesn’t it? I suppose occasionally we don’t actually “see” who or what we are looking at every time we look at someone or something. Don’t we all tend to see what we want to see? However, I guess this is just a small reminder that we need to be aware, and take time to really appreciate and understand what we are seeing, be it another human being or something else. SEE beyond what your eyes are showing you, engage your heart and mind too. You may be surprised.


A Small Town's Beautiful Gift to a Child

At two, Evan Leversage was diagnosed with brain cancer. In the five years since then he has been through extensive chemo and radiation treatments. When the family recently learned that his tumor had grown, and that there were no guarantees on how much time he had left, they had Evan make a bucket list. On it was a trip to Niagara Falls, a movie and his favorite restaurant. Also: Christmas. When Evan's mother Nicole Wellwood asked her family to celebrate Christmas in October, she had no idea that their little town would come together and take things to a whole new level.

Ex-McDonald’s CEO Moves from All-Beef Patties to Veggie Burgers

A former McDonald’s CEO is flipping vegan burgers these days.

Don Thompson is bringing his 25 years of experience from the fast food chain to the six-year-old vegan food company, Beyond Meat.

Thompson left McDonald’s after months of faltering sales. In a November 5 statement announcing his new job, he said customers today want more variety in their food choices and are adding more plant proteins, like his new company’s non-GMO, protein patties made out of peas.

Science Just Saved A Baby, Beating Cancer With Untested, Last Try

A one-year-old girl is completely cancer free, after doctors used “designer immune cells” for the first time in history in a desperate attempt to save her life.

Layla Richards was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia when she was just 14 weeks old. After chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants, and various experimental treatments failed, doctors told the parents Layla would die.

That was five months ago, and it’s when researchers at University College in London stepped in. The family having refused to give up, agreed to a treatment never before tried on humans.

She Used Only Her Eyes to Write Book About ALS, Giving Profits to Others

A Chinese woman’s autobiography certainly wasn’t written in the blink of an eye — but by millions of blinks at a computer screen. The book, “Beautiful Frozen” is a 150,000-word story of her life and her struggle with a paralyzing disease.

Gong Xunhui is practically frozen, unable to move anything but her eyes, 12 years after being diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), also called “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”. She communicates by blinking her eyes at a computer screen, which slowly spells out her messages.

She “types” only about six characters per minute.

Star Wars Director Grants Dying Man’s Wish, Just In Time (WATCH)

The Force was strong for Daniel Fleetwood. The Star Wars fan with terminal cancer wanted to see the latest sequel in the movie series before it went public in December–and his wish was granted last night. He and his wife were treated to a private screening of the unfinished movie.

“Daniel just finished watching an unfinished version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens!!!” his wife, Ashley, wrote on her Facebook page late Thursday. “We would like to thank the awesomely talented JJ Abrams for calling us yesterday to tell us Daniel was getting his wish granted!”

Foo Fighters Play Show for Italians Whose Video Brought Grohl to Tears

The rock band Foo Fighters never considered fighting off the persuasion of 1,000 passionate Italians.

Back in July, hundreds of guitarists, drummers, and singers assembled in a field in the tiny town of Cesena, Italy to play the 1999 hit, “Learn to Fly.” The giant jam session was a love song sent to lure the Foos to their city.

The video of their massive performance  had been viewed 26 million times — and one of those was the band’s founder, David Grohl, who said in a video message it was so beautiful, it made him cry.

It also made him want to show up—so the band added one final stop to their 2015 tour, finishing it off in the small city in Emilia-Romagna on Tuesday.

Town Makes Christmas Come Early For 7-Year-old Boy With Cancer (WATCH)

For one sick boy who might not make it to Christmas, a Canadian community has delivered the holiday early.

Evan Leversage has been fighting brain cancer for the past five years. When his doctors suggested that the family celebrate Christmas sooner than later, an outpouring of support from the seven-year-old’s community of St. George, Ontario made it happen in October.

Neighbors and friends started decorating their houses, going as far as importing fake snow to scatter around. Carolers have also been gathering early to sing songs on peoples’ doorsteps.

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 6, 2015

“Surround yourself with people who empower you to become better.”

Oh I do, I do! Everybody I know, family, friends and colleagues, all inspire me to become a better me, not only as a person but at what I do to earn a living. I imagine you are the same? Through time, we all tend to whittle out those who serve no meaningful purpose in our life, the “takers” rather than the “givers”. What remains is the cream of the crop, those who support us 100%, one hundred percent of the time in whatever we attempt and who feel genuine pleasure in our triumphs and achievements, or are first to commiserate and wish us better luck next time. I hope these are the kind of people who presently inhabit your life but, if not, why not?

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Battling Bullying With Positive Post-Its

When Caitlin Prater-Haacke received a message on her Facebook page telling her to kill herself, she didn't retaliate -- she got positive. She took out a marker and some post-it notes and stuck positive messages on every locker in her high school. When that action didn't sit well with school officials of George McDougall High School, who reprimanded Caitlin for littering, the entire community showed their support by embracing her idea. Even the city council of Airedrie, Alberta, declared October 9 Positive Post-It Day!

The Girl In The Picture: Kim Phuc's Journey From War To Forgiveness

You've probably seen the iconic photograph: a little girl, naked and crying, running on a road after a napalm bomb attack during the Vietnam War.

The girl in the famous 1972 picture was badly burned but survived. If you met her today, Kim Phuc's warm smile would grab your attention before you even noticed her scars. You also would never know that she is in constant pain -- from the moment she wakes up in the morning, to her last thought at night.

Dying Man’s Wish for Sneak Peek at New Star Wars Film Gains New Hope

Thousands of supporters – including Luke Skywalker – are retweeting the Star Wars hashtag #ForceForDaniel to help one special fan gain a sneak peek before the official December 18 premier date of the 7th installment of the legendary film series.

Daniel Fleetwood has been a Star Wars fan since he was eight years old, but he may not get to see the new film because of a rare form of cancer that doctors said in July would leave him with just months to live.

This CEO Urges His Workers to Take 6 Weeks Paid Vacation

The boss at this Los Gatos, California-based company is telling his 2,200 employees to take six weeks of vacation every year, just like he does — and he’ll pay them to do it.

“I take a lot of vacation and I’m hoping that certainly sets an example,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said Tuesday. “It is helpful. You often do your best thinking when you’re off hiking in some mountain or something. You get a different perspective on things.”

Ex-NBA Star Yao Ming Saves Millions of Sharks From Slaughter

Basketball star Yao Ming led his Houston team to four championship tournaments in America, but his greatest victory may be his work in China to save millions of sharks.

Yao joined a campaign in 2006 to ban shark fin soup, which is a delicacy in his native China, and nine years later his involvement has been hailed as crucial in transforming Chinese attitudes about the tradition.

U.S. based conservation group WildAid recruited Yao as the face of its media blitz designed to make people aware of how their food habits were destroying shark populations around Asia.

Compassionate Belgian Town Housing The Mentally Ill Since 15th Century

The town of Geel has been a sanctuary with a tradition of hospitality toward anyone with mental illness since the 1400s – and such ground-breaking integration was the key to healing success.

Resident families volunteer their homes to people affected by mental disabilities by signing agreements with health authorities to let them move in. After families receive a $750 monthly stipend to support their ‘boarders’, as the patients are called, the guests are free to come and go as they please.

Jon Stewart Signs HBO Deal to Stream Commentary on Current Events

Jon Stewart’s quiet retirement as a gentleman farmer didn’t last long.

Just three months after leaving “The Daily Show,” the comedian and commentator has signed a four year contract with HBO to produce short, online videos and other content – just in time to poke fun at, or prompt serious thinking about, the 2016 election season in the U.S.

Bride Wants Dance With Bone Marrow Donor Who Saved Her Life (WATCH)

When Greta Hokanson was diagnosed with leukemia at age five, doctors said her best chance of survival would be a bone marrow transplant.

Fortunately, she found a match in a man from Arkansas named Danny Daniels, and has been cancer-free ever since.

Years later, as Hokanson prepared to marry the love of her life, of course, she sought Daniels presence at the wedding party.

Daniels got a standing ovation, when introduced to the guests, and was invited to dance with the woman whose life he saved.

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 5, 2015

“Forget what hurt you but never forget what it taught you.”

There will always be people, events or experiences in life that will cause us pain, either physical or emotional, that’s just life. However, when looking back from the safety of the future, don’t you occasionally get that “light bulb” moment when you suddenly realize that actually you learned a valuable lesson? Not only that, but a lesson that proved beneficial to you in the future? So perhaps it would pay you to remember this the next time life trips you up, and it will, you can count on it.


Goethe's Poems for the Skies

"Since the dawn of our species, the water cycle's most visible expression in the skies --[clouds]-- has bewitched artists, poets, and scientists [...] as a beautiful natural metaphor for the philosophy that there in an inherent balance to life, that what we give will soon be replenished." Here, we read about the "singular quality of prayerfulness to clouds -- a certain secular reverence undergirding their allure to both art and science" which drew 18th century writer and poet, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe to offer some deep and sincere reflections on the beauty of clouds.

New Trend? Nine Outdoor Preschools to Open in Seattle Parks

Three and four-year-olds in Seattle, Washington are trading preschool classrooms for the great outdoors.

In a new partnership with Seattle Parks and Recreation, Tiny Trees Preschool will foster learning in nine city parks beginning in September of 2016.

Andrew Jay, one of the school’s founders, maintains that anything kids can do indoors, they can do at a city park—plus, there are so many added opportunities in the natural world for discovery. Using a skill set Jay developed at Outward Bound working with middle and high school students, he is ready to bring outdoor learning into the mainstream.

Counting Her Blessings, Mom Turns $5 into $3,500 for “Bless The Paper Man”

A single five dollar bill has grown into thousands after a single mother decided she wanted to help a stranger.

Alysun Ogilby’s church held a “reverse offering,” giving each member a crisp, new five dollar bill with instructions to use it to bless someone.

Alysun, who could’ve used the money herself, instantly knew who to spend it on, even if she didn’t know his name.

Watch What Runners Do When Man’s Wheelchair Breaks Mid-Marathon in NY

Brent Pease was pushing his brother Kyle along the New York City Marathon route on Saturday when a screech stopped them both in their tracks.

Kyle’s wheelchair had broken.

Kids Who Have Puppies Or Ponies Also Have Lower Asthma Risk

Science has just given every boy and girl ample evidence to argue their case for a new puppy— kids with dogs are less likely to develop asthma.

Growing up in homes with dogs reduces an infant’s chances of developing asthma before age six by 13%, and exposure to horses and other farm animals reduces the risk by a whopping 52%.

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 4, 2015

“Happiness is an inside job. Don’t assign anyone else that much power over you.”

Oh how true is this? Surely it makes sense for us to do our utmost to make us happy? Definitely an “inside job” therefore much too precious and valuable for us to even fleetingly consider allowing another influence over. Our own personal happiness, and where we find it, is solely our remit in life nobody else’s. Of course other people can and will bring happiness into our lives, this goes without saying but, at the end of the day, we need to remember that happiness comes from within us ourselves, from what we experience, what we know brings us joy. Don’t allow others to take this from you.


The Couple Who Feeds Hundreds Each Day

After the heartbreaking loss of their only son, Pradeep and Damyanti Tanna, a couple from India, transformed their lives in a beautiful effort to honor their son Nimesh's giving spirit. Family friend Kintan Parekh sums up their ongoing endeavor as such, "There couldn't be a better tribute to Nimesh. He was a person with a golden heart." Read on to learn how this couples' generosity has touched hundreds of lives.

Football Coach Ends Career To Be With Daughter, Who Suits Up for One Play

After 25 years of coaching football, you’d think Gregg Farnetti would have a lot of stand-out memories. But his proudest moment came in the final home game of his career, on an extra point kick — by the homecoming queen.

The coach’s life has been consumed with football; all his free time has gone into the team. With his older daughter, Jody, in her last year of high school, Farnetti decided to take a sabbatical to spend quality time with both daughters before they aged another year.

He never had sons to play on his football team, but Jody was able to give him a special moment he would never forget.

Dog Injured While Stopping a Home Intruder Saved by Quick Thinking Cops

When a black Labrador saw an intruder entering her home, the dog sprang into action, scaring him away.

In the process, the dog named Egypt was injured by the broken window, and was badly bleeding when members of the Seattle Police Department crawled through that window.

Officers found her and immediately raced out to their squad car to grab the materials needed to bandage her legs. They then high-tailed it to the vet’s office so the seven-year-old mixed-breed could undergo surgery.

NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon Replaces Fan’s Car with One of His Own (WATCH)

There are few worse things that could happen to a limited edition Jeff Gordon Chevrolet Monte Carlo than going up in flames on the highway.

That’s what happened to a woman named Loraine, who had no choice but to watch as her car burned to a crisp along the side of the road.

When the NASCAR racing legend himself found out what had happened to his namesake car, he decided to surprise Loraine with the gift of a lifetime.

Gordon, whose life revolves around cars–and his charities– still had in his possession a couple of the Monte Carlos from 2003, when they cost $28,000. So when he heard about Loraine’s loss, he decided to just go ahead and give her one of them.

Charity Gamers Gift Special Controller So Girl Can Finally Play w/ Friends

Cedya is back in the game, now that a UK charity has leveled the video playing field for hundreds of kids like her.

The little girl has cerebral palsy, making it almost impossible to maneuver around standard video gaming controllers. But with her custom-build system of buttons, levers, and switches, she can take on any one of her friends.

“I’m a gamer!” Cedya exclaimed the first time she took the controls.

The equipment is built by SpecialEffect: The Gamers Charity, which is dedicated to making video games accessible to all, regardless of physical disability.

Identical Looking Strangers Seated Together on Plane; In Same Hotel, Too

Imagine boarding a plane to find that the person sitting in your seat looks exactly like you?

That’s what happened to photographer Neil Thomas Douglas as he got ready to travel from Glasgow, Scotland to Galway, Ireland on Thursday night.

The two just had to take a once-in-a-lifetime selfie—and they thought that was the end of it.

Later, however, they discovered their doppelganger had checked into the same hotel. And that night, the pair ran into each other again at the same pub–and took a final selfie with a pint.

How a Group of Toronto Neighbors Joined to Help Syrian Refugees

John Sewell was visiting Oswego, N.Y. (population 18,000), last year when a fisherman directed him to the local Holocaust museum. Surprised, he discovered a former 1812 military base had been converted into America’s only refugee camp during the Second World War. Unable to persuade Congress to loosen its quotas, then-American president Franklin D. Roosevelt instead invited 982 people fleeing Europe — most of them Jewish —to live there as his personal guests in 1944. The townsfolk adopted its newest members, introducing them to American cooking and baseball.

The story of local generosity and creative solutions to red tape inspired Sewell. If the American president could do that, why not the city of Toronto? And if the townspeople of Oswego, why not his neighbors on Hilton Avenue north of the Annex?

“That’s what most of us are like,” says 75-year-old Sewell, the former mayor of Toronto. So far, nine households have signed up to help sponsor one Syrian refugee family. They call themselves …

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 3, 2015

“A head full of fears has no space for dreams.”

Of course it doesn’t! However, dismissing our fears, as we are all aware, is occasionally easier said than done. Especially in the dead of night when they seem to be magnified a hundredfold! Scary eh? However, what’s the alternative? There is only so much space in our heads so surely it’s in our own self-interest in working to find solutions to our fears then file them away in our “Expedited” folder. This frees up space for our dreams to move in, set up home and do what they have to in order to come true just for us. Seems a no brainer to me.


Six Pillars of the Wholehearted Life

In what has been named as one of the best commencement speeches of all time, Parker Palmer, author, educator, and founder of the Center for Courage and Renewal, shares six pillars of a wholehearted life. The first, be reckless in matters of the heart: "Fall madly in love with life. Be passionate about some part of the natural and/or human worlds and take risks on its behalf, no matter how vulnerable they make you." Read on for more and to watch the video.

5 Myths About Daylight Saving Time

Daylight saving time strikes again Sunday at 2 a.m., at least for every state outside Hawaii and Arizona. Though DST has been part of life in the United States since World War I, its origin and effects remain misunderstood, even by some of the lawmakers responsible for it. Here are some common myths.

How a Group of Toronto Neighbors Joined to Help Syrian Refugees

John Sewell was visiting Oswego, N.Y. (population 18,000), last year when a fisherman directed him to the local Holocaust museum. Surprised, he discovered a former 1812 military base had been converted into America’s only refugee camp during the Second World War. Unable to persuade Congress to loosen its quotas, then-American president Franklin D. Roosevelt instead invited 982 people fleeing Europe — most of them Jewish —to live there as his personal guests in 1944. The townsfolk adopted its newest members, introducing them to American cooking and baseball.

The story of local generosity and creative solutions to red tape inspired Sewell. If the American president could do that, why not the city of Toronto? And if the townspeople of Oswego, why not his neighbours on Hilton Avenue north of the Annex?

“That’s what most of us are like,” says 75-year-old Sewell, the former mayor of Toronto. So far, nine households have signed up to help sponsor one Syrian refugee family. They call themselves…

Endangered Rhino Named Hope Travels Across World to Save His Species

The last Sumatran rhino in the entire western hemisphere has officially arrived in Indonesia to help save his species from extinction.

The 8-year-old hero, Harapan (“Hope” in Indonesian), left Ohio and traveled nearly 10,000 miles to the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary at Way Kambas National Park–and officials expect he is ready to save the day.

Fewer than 100 Sumatran rhinos are left in the wild, yet only a handful of zoos and sanctuaries have been working to improve captive breeding programs to help keep the species alive.

Huge Leatherback Turtle Rescued From Fishing Gear (Look)

Over the weekend, a team effort led to the successful rescue of a leatherback sea turtle that measured a full 1.4 meters (4-and-a-half feet).

The reptiles have normally already migrated through Massachusetts coastal waters by late October, but this one, entangled in fishing gear, was slow to get going off the coast of Pamet Harbor in Cape Cod Bay.

Fortunately, The Center for Coastal Studies’ Marine Animal Entanglement Response team and the US Coast Guard Truro Harbor Master successfully disentangled the turtle, and he swam off virtually unscathed—and pretty quickly—after he was freed.

Report any sightings of wildlife in trouble near Massachusetts waters to the USCG or the CCS hotline immediately (1-800-900-3622)

Study Confirms Brain and Memory Benefits from Eating Dark Chocolate

Eating dark chocolate rich in cacao has been linked with numerous benefits, including stress reduction and improved heart health, but a new study has revealed it can potentially make your brain smarter and improve memory.

Dark chocolate, which is 70 percent cacao, is a major source of flavonoids– powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components that are known to be beneficial to cardiovascular health.

The California team’s initial studies at Loma Linda University have shown that absorbed cacao flavonoids penetrate and accumulate in regions of the brain associated with learning and memory.

“We are tremendously excited about what these findings could potentially mean for brain health,” said Lee Berk, DrPH, MPH, who led the team. “This may open the door for potential restorative uses for individuals with memory/recall or dementia and aging-related issues.”

Exploration: Nourishing Your Artist /Creator

An Excerpt from Wild Women, Wild Voices
by Judy Reeves.

Claiming your authentic wildness through a conscious action each day is a way to give nourishment to your soul. My List of Intentions is another. Scores of books, blogs, newsletters, and creativity coaches offer even more ideas for living a creative, authentic life.

For this Exploration, create your own set of intentions or guidelines to nourish your artist/creator. You may want to develop your own Artist’s Creed, as Jan Phillips did in Marry Your Muse, or write an Artist’s Prayer, as Julia Cameron did in The Artist’s Way. In Women Who Run with the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estés provided a list of ways of “Taking Back the River.”

After you’ve completed your notions of how to nourish your artist/creator, print them out and post them where you’ll see them every day. Create a collage or vision board that incorporates your vision. Read your ideas aloud every day to remind yourself what a precious and powerful creative being you are.


Exploration: Making Art / Working Naked

An Excerpt from Wild Women, Wild Voices
by Judy Reeves.

How do you express your natural wildness? How do you create? Do you make art or write or spend creative time as part of your daily life? What is your creative process? What rewards and gifts do you receive? And what is their price? That is, do you have to give up something to receive these gifts?
Imagine that you are writing an essay or an article for a publication or for submitting to an anthology on the theme of creativity. How would you write about your creative process? Write two pages — more if the piece wants to go on.

Nurturing Your Artist/Creator
When we are at one with our creativity, and by that I mean with our responsiveness to the world, we are at our most authentic. It is pointless to say, “I am not creative.” If you are alive, you are creative. Consider it a gift you’ve been given by a generous and loving creator. Consider it a fact of your being, the same as the color of your eyes or the shape of your feet. But unlike .…

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 2, 2015

“Guilt is to the Spirit what pain is to the Body.”

I know we can all relate to suffering physical pain at some time in our lives. Whether mild or severe it still has an impact on how we cope or don’t cope with its effects. Fortunately, however, there are numerous remedies readily available we can apply in order to find relief. It’s a pity the same can’t be said when we seek relief from the guilt which we may be allowing to affect our spirit. I say “allowing” because, unlike pain which strikes due to a physical ailment, guilt is of our own making. We have the power to dismiss guilt, refuse it a foothold, and deflect it just by our own thoughts, so why on earth would we give it power over us by recognizing it? Consign it to the great cosmic waste basket where it belongs and your spirit will flourish and prosper as it should with nothing to hinder it. Sounds like a good plan doesn’t it?


Slowness is an Act of Resistance

"The four horsemen of my apocalypse are called Efficiency, Convenience, Profitability, and Security, and in their names, crimes against poetry, pleasure, sociability, and the very largeness of the world are daily, hourly, constantly carried out. These marauding horsemen are deployed by technophiles, advertisers, and profiteers to assault the nameless pleasures and meanings that knit together our lives and expand our horizons." Writer Rebecca Solnit believes that slowness is an act of resistance, not because slowness is a good in itself but because of all that it makes room for, the things that don't get measured and can't be bought.

One NYC Soup Kitchen Offers Food To People And Their Pets

Many pet lovers would absolutely feed their pets before themselves if they had to. For the homeless, it’s a choice that often needs to be made, but one organization in New York City is helping change that, and more.

Collide, a program founded in 2010, provides more than just food essentials. Medical care, education and supplies are awaiting both humans and their pets in need.

Every Spring through the Fall, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Collide ministry works in conjunction with the Graffiti Church on the Lower East Side to serve a “family meal” to homeless folks and their animals. Resources and services remain available throughout the winter.

NFL Team Offers Ex-Kicker on Radio One More Day of Glory

Steve Weatherford’s story is one step away from a Hollywood movie where a coach, watching an injured player carried off the field, points to a minor league player in the stands and tells him to “suit up and get in the game.”

The National Football League New York Jets were in a bind. Punter Ryan Quigley had just injured himself and they had a big game with the New England Patriots the next day.

You can imagine coaches and managers, huddled in the front office, scratching their heads, wondering what to do, while ESPN radio played in the background. One of them might have jumped up and pointed to the radio shouting, “Hey, didn’t that guy use to play for us?”

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 1, 2015

“Learn to say “no” without explaining yourself.”

I think we all find it natural when we say no to follow it with a reason, i.e. “I’ve a dental appointment, visiting a friend, short of funds, a previous engagement, etc. Just force of habit really, believing that we need to explain as our refusal needs justifying by softening the blow for whoever is asking. However, this can become tricky as there can’t be many of us who haven’t been caught out in a white lie at some time or another? Even if you have a legitimate reason for refusing, there’s no rule that says you have to explain yourself or else! So, if you want to say no, just say it. No excuses. There, feel better? Good.


The Power of Gift Culture

"I read a book called The Gift by Lewis Hyde. I think it struck me on several levels. The book has many layers; it's about creativity and art...having gifts that come to us from somewhere outside our own willpower, something we can't completely control; how creative work wants to be shared as a gift; how this "circulation of gifts" co-exists uncomfortably in a market economy, in transaction culture, where everything is measured in monetary terms." Prompted by Hyde's masterpiece, Robin McKenna began work on "GIFT", a documentary that delves into gift-initiatives around the world. This interview shares more.