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Guard Dog Shows Soft Side, Brings Home Newborn Orphan Kitten

Better Eating Habits and Food Have Saved a Million Lives (Study)

Lady is Thrilled by Starbucks Ability to Take Order in Sign Language

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 7, 2015

A Small Town's Beautiful Gift to a Child

Ex-McDonald’s CEO Moves from All-Beef Patties to Veggie Burgers

Science Just Saved A Baby, Beating Cancer With Untested, Last Try

She Used Only Her Eyes to Write Book About ALS, Giving Profits to Others

Star Wars Director Grants Dying Man’s Wish, Just In Time (WATCH)

Foo Fighters Play Show for Italians Whose Video Brought Grohl to Tears

Town Makes Christmas Come Early For 7-Year-old Boy With Cancer (WATCH)

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 6, 2015

Battling Bullying With Positive Post-Its

The Girl In The Picture: Kim Phuc's Journey From War To Forgiveness

Dying Man’s Wish for Sneak Peek at New Star Wars Film Gains New Hope

This CEO Urges His Workers to Take 6 Weeks Paid Vacation

Ex-NBA Star Yao Ming Saves Millions of Sharks From Slaughter

Compassionate Belgian Town Housing The Mentally Ill Since 15th Century

Jon Stewart Signs HBO Deal to Stream Commentary on Current Events

Bride Wants Dance With Bone Marrow Donor Who Saved Her Life (WATCH)

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 5, 2015

Goethe's Poems for the Skies

New Trend? Nine Outdoor Preschools to Open in Seattle Parks

Counting Her Blessings, Mom Turns $5 into $3,500 for “Bless The Paper Man”

Watch What Runners Do When Man’s Wheelchair Breaks Mid-Marathon in NY

Kids Who Have Puppies Or Ponies Also Have Lower Asthma Risk

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 4, 2015

The Couple Who Feeds Hundreds Each Day

Football Coach Ends Career To Be With Daughter, Who Suits Up for One Play

Dog Injured While Stopping a Home Intruder Saved by Quick Thinking Cops

NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon Replaces Fan’s Car with One of His Own (WATCH)

Charity Gamers Gift Special Controller So Girl Can Finally Play w/ Friends

Identical Looking Strangers Seated Together on Plane; In Same Hotel, Too

How a Group of Toronto Neighbors Joined to Help Syrian Refugees

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 3, 2015

Six Pillars of the Wholehearted Life

5 Myths About Daylight Saving Time

How a Group of Toronto Neighbors Joined to Help Syrian Refugees

Endangered Rhino Named Hope Travels Across World to Save His Species

Huge Leatherback Turtle Rescued From Fishing Gear (Look)

Study Confirms Brain and Memory Benefits from Eating Dark Chocolate

Exploration: Nourishing Your Artist /Creator

Exploration: Making Art / Working Naked

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 2, 2015

Slowness is an Act of Resistance

One NYC Soup Kitchen Offers Food To People And Their Pets

NFL Team Offers Ex-Kicker on Radio One More Day of Glory

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 1, 2015

The Power of Gift Culture