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Daily Inspirational Quote September 6 2014

“When I find myself in times of trouble/Mother Mary comes to me/Speaking words of wisdom/let it be…let it be/ let it be. There will be an answer/ let it be.” – John Lennon and Paul McCartney We know that a drowning man who flails around in desperation is only going to exhaust himself and make matters worse, yet we all take this approach to worrisome situations at times. When we’re lost or in over our heads, if we just “let it be” and trust that there will be an answer, we enable Spirit to jump in and lead us to safety and well-being.

Unhindered By The Past

What if you woke up each day clearly remembering everything in your past without being emotionally hindered by any of it? What if you could treat each new moment as a fresh opportunity, free of outdated assumptions, resentment, anger, regret or doubt? In fact, you can. You can choose what to think, and even how to feel. In this moment, and every moment, you can think of your highest goals as achievable. You can feel passionate about living with positive purpose, and feel fully empowered to do so. You can view the problems not as permanent barriers but rather as pathways for meaningful achievement. You can see the disappointments not as excuses to give up, but as reasons to push forward. Your past can inform you, inspire you, and help you to understand who you are. Yet it never has to hold you back. Right now is your opportunity to move decisively toward what you know is right. Now is when you create the future, unhindered by the past. — Ralph Marston

How To Make Hard Choices

The push and pull of different options can often be impulsive at best, and agonizing at worst. In this thoughtful TED Talk, Ruth Chang explains why sizing one choice against the other -- for example, a home in the country versus the city, or a major in philosophy versus in law -- presents a false dichotomy of the vast range of possible options that exist to become the person that we want to be. Rather than perceiving difficult decisions as a curse, Chang invites us to welcome them as an opportunity to chart our own path and become the unique individuals that we are.

Daily Inspirational Quote September 5 2014

“I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow.” – Woodrow Wilson Most successful people I know are not the hardest workers nor the last ones at the office; they are simply adept at aligning their energy with what they want, and then attracting the people and resources they need to fulfill their goals. We all have access to divine insights, support and spiritual guidance, yet most of the time, we try to figure things out ourselves instead of praying, meditating and surrendering our concerns to a higher power. Our personal resources — time, knowledge, experience, etc. — are naturally limited. To enjoy boundless potential, we have to make a habit of asking for and accepting divine help.

Open Up

Open yourself up to new possibilities by letting go of old, worthless habits and assumptions. Open yourself up to new richness by remembering how good life can be when you let yourself live it fully. You are truly unique and special. To fulfill the unique possibilities that are yours, you must allow them and act on them. It is easy to get stuck in a familiar, comfortable rut, and to dismiss any new possibilities as being too much trouble. However, those possibilities will give you massive amounts of fresh energy and enthusiasm, so don’t let them pass you by. Open up to the new possibilities that come with each new day, each new situation, each new idea, and every person you encounter. As you move steadily and unavoidably forward in time, experience the richness available along the way. You’re never too young or too old to fully live the moment you’re in. You’re never too rich or too poor, too well informed or too ill-informed to grab the great possibilities that are right in fr

5 Constraints That Help Me Innovate

"A kite flies because of pressure dynamics in the air, but the string facilitates that condition. Cut the string and it will crash. In other words, constraints can be guides." Placing limitations on processes is not normally associated with innovation. However, as explained in this article, setting boundaries and playing within them can foster creative solutions to complex problems, encourage a sense of humility in acknowledging the things that one cannot do, and even drive one towards "perfection".

Daily Inspirational Quote September 4 2014

“Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.” – Florence Scovel Shinn If we’re to make the most of our intuitive powers, we can’t be hung up on understanding how or why we know what we know; we have to just trust it enough to act on it. This is true both in our personal lives and in psychic reading work. Time and time again, acting on impulse puts us in the “right place at the right time” to fulfill our desires. Similarly, when mediums are able to trust and communicate what they’re given by spirits, it’s the strange, seemingly random details that usually mean the most to their loved ones here on earth. If we can’t trust our intuition until we logically understand it, we’ll never know how powerful a tool it can be.

Give Yourself a Little Push

Think of what you can do today to show yourself that your life really means something. Think of what you can do today to get yourself refreshingly outside your comfort zone. Challenges and new situations will put you a little on edge and make you a bit uncomfortable. And as such, they will empower you greatly. You can do much more than you now imagine you can do. Let yourself find out what that is. There’s more to life than speculating about what you might be able to do, and wondering whether or not you can. At some point you must find out for yourself. Give yourself a little push into something that will challenge you in a meaningful way. Jump in and get busy transforming what you wish for and what you dream about into what is. Discover how truly purposeful, creative, capable and effective you can be. Feel how much stronger and how much more alive you can become. — Ralph Marston

Who Fixed The Refrigerator?

Many years ago, a man's refrigerator stopped working and he ventured out to find a solution. A few people -- the used furniture sales person, somebody at the electrical supply store -- shared some tips with him so that in the end, he was able to successfully repair a seemingly mundane problem. Or so he thought. A deeper inquiry of the many apparent and invisible forces that brought about this simple fix is poetically shared in this personal, resounding reminder of our inter-connectedness.

Daily Inspirational Quote September 3 2014

“Jealousy is the great exaggerator.” – Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller Whenever we feel jealous, we can be sure that we’ve lost sight of the whole picture, especially the humanity of the person we envy. We feel inadequate when we’re jealous as if the one we envy is better than us, or is trying to win the affection of someone we love is fundamentally more lovable or better than we are. All of this takes place in our minds: we warp our own perspective by focusing on nothing but others’ shiny surface. If we remember that everyone knows heartbreak, everyone has insecurities, everyone has struggled for success, everyone is a true friend to someone, everyone gets cranky and has issues and faults, then we can see clearly again, and this leads us from jealousy into new peace and understanding.

The Magic Is You

Life is truly magical and you can experience the magic in every moment. Life is magical and that magic is here and now. To experience the magic, you don’t have to divorce yourself from reality. In fact, to know life’s magic is to know reality at its highest level. There’s no need to set things up in a certain way in order to enjoy life’s magic. All that’s needed is to live with an appreciation for the magic that is always there. Life’s magic is not a denial of reality. It is a deeper and more thankful understanding of what is real and present in your world. The real magic of life is not a trick or a supernatural phenomenon. It is in the fact that you can see, feel, think, choose, live and love. The magic of life is life itself, the very life that you experience in each moment. Live the magic, for the magic is you. — Ralph Marston

Julia Cameron On How To Get Out Of Your Own Way

"Art is a spiritual transaction. Artists are visionaries... Art is an act of faith, and we practice practicing it." For anyone interested in the ineffable grasping and spiritual practice of the artist, Maria Popova of summarizes Julia Cameron's seminal text The Artist's Way, "exploring its gateways, its obstacles, and how we can get out of our own way."

Daily Inspirational Quote September 2 2014

“There is no point at which you can say, “Well, I’m successful now. I might as well take a nap.” – Carrie Fisher Many of us think if we only got a promotion, new job or a raise, then we could breathe easier and relax more. Usually, however, stress levels remain about the same regardless of our incomes (expenses rise with income) or how successful we seem to be. Stress is not caused so much by the constant effort that life requires, but rather by our resistance to this reality. Can you imagine how uninspiring life would be if everything we could ever want was already ours? It’s wonderful that we all have to keep trying; it keeps us yearning and growing, awake and alive.

Love For Life

Stop worrying and just do. Stop judging and just do. Think about what you’re doing, but not so much that you fail to do it. Plan and prepare, but don’t stop with mere planning or preparation. Put your energy into taking action rather than into second guessing. Keep your focus on why you’re choosing to move forward instead of getting caught up in the challenges that you’ll eventually transcend. Don’t use your beautiful, powerful creativity to think of grand and glorious excuses. Use that creativity to remind yourself and to experience for yourself how great it feels to make a difference. Fill your mind with thoughts of purposeful intention. Fill your moments with the joy that comes from taking effective action. Fill your heart with genuine love for life and all it encompasses. And fill your days with action in the service of all you love. — Ralph Marston

An Act of Dog: An Artist's Effort To Foster Compassion

5,500 dogs; that's the estimated number of shelter dogs killed every day in the U.S. About one every 15-16 seconds. But one artist is hoping to change those statistics by cultivating a new generation built on compassion. Artist Mark Barone used to spend his time revitalizing cities ravished by blight. Now he has given up everything to paint 5,500 portraits of euthanized dogs in order to memorialize their life, illustrate the enormity of the loss each day, and to halt the practice by building compassion.

The Four Levels of Intuition by Simone Wright, author of First Intelligence

Learning to develop and trust our intuitive intelligence is more important now than it ever has been before. According to a recent UCLA study, we are exposed to a tsunami of information that amounts to over 174 newspapers full of data per day. That is more than 5 times the amount of information we were exposed to just 20 years ago.  Included in this deluge of data are countless opinions, endless streams of expert advice and a myriad of gurus and guides ...

Be Calm in Your Heart - An Excerpt from First Intelligence by Simone Wright

Be calm in your heart. This is the most powerful understanding you must carry with you when developing your intuitive intelligence. A calm and peaceful heart creates a calm and peaceful mind, and a calm mind is the center of all creative power. Peace is the single most potent foundational energy in a life of mastery, and it is the energetic source of all creation. Peace is the access point for all evolutionary information that we will ever need. Mystics ...

Perception - An Excerpt from First Intelligence by Simone Wright

The third facet of the foundation of intuitive intelligence is perception, which is defined as the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. Perception is the interface between our biology and the environment; it is the conscious awareness of our external world as it is experienced through our physical senses. Perception begins even before we are born. It occupies a powerful position in our lives because it influences every action we take so that we can ...

Daily Inspirational Quote September 1 2014

“If there is no wind, row.” – Japanese proverb Determination is a powerful force. Many people fail to achieve their dreams simply because they give up after the first try. A friend recently told me about how she and her husband were separated years ago. He had been a workaholic, judgmental and controlling. One day he slapped her, and the next day, she took their infant son and moved across the country. They were apart for two years, and she began to date other men. One day he woke up, quit his job and followed her. He got them apartments in the same complex, and then spent years devoting himself to her and his son. Eventually, things began to shift. He refused to give up, and in time they got back together. They’ve been happily married for many years since. When we’re strongly determined, the odds may be against us, but that doesn’t stop us from moving forward.

Consider, Decide, And Do

Consider, decide, and do. Think about what’s most important to you, and then put those thoughts into action. Take notice of the doubts and fears, learn what they have to teach, and then let them go. Make the commitment to move forward no matter what, and honor that commitment each day. Achievement is challenging but not particularly complicated. It’s a matter of consistently putting your values, goals, desires and dreams into action. It’s up to you to make your life the way you want it to be. Every day is filled with opportunities for you to make meaningful progress. Don’t settle for being overcome with regret, wondering what might have been. Use this day, this month, this year to create the best of what you know can be. Consider what truly matters, decide with passion and commitment to go for it, and do what you must do to make it happen. Today is your time to live with purpose, so go ahead and make it count. — Ralph Marston

Big Questions From Little People

Do animals like sheep and cows have accents? Why do we cry? Is new technology always good? The art of asking big questions often comes from brave little people who are innocent to the complexities of the answers. Sometimes, it takes a whole book and the world's leading experts to respond to these simple yet profound inquiries about life, nature, and the cosmos...

Daily Inspirational Quote August 31 2014

“No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made. Destiny is made known silently.” - Agnes DeMille If you look back for the turning points that proved pivotal in your life, you’ll realize that very rarely were you aware of how momentous your decisions would prove to be. This is one reason to remain open to guidance from Spirit, to tune in regularly and to maintain an open mind and heart. When we’re regularly dialoguing with Spirit, we act on little nudges and intuitions, any of which may open big new doors and lead us in whole new directions.

Of Webs, Boxes and Boundaries

Margaret Wheatley shares: "When my children were small, I had a slogan on my refrigerator that read: 'If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.' Perhaps that was my children's first lesson in systems thinking. We adults learn this, too. If others are struggling, we experience the consequences of their struggle. If others don't feel safe, we aren't safe. Great teachers have been trying to teach us this for thousands of years. Buddhism teaches that any one thing is here because of everything else. The great American naturalist John Muir said that if we tug on any one part of the web of life, we get the whole web. But we've been very slow to learn the lesson." Read on to learn how to see beyond the boxes and into the interconnected web of life, and how doing so can contribute to the well-being of all.