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Daily Inspirational Quote October 4 2014

“The energy of the question often is the source of inspiration for the answer. Cayce maintained that the desire of the questioner determined the type of material that came through his trance channel…Deciding on the most appropriate question is often most of the battle in getting the most helpful answer.” – Henry Reed It takes more than a gifted psychic to produce a powerful reading, and the focus and the need of the querant must also be great. Requesting a reading without offering carefully constructed questions is a bit like asking, “How do I get where I’m going?” Many times, the universe will energetically answer, “That depends. Where are you going?” A vague reply such as, “To the ocean,” will yield vague directions such as, “go west.” A specific reply such as, “To the top of the Empire State Building” will yield a much more specific and detailed answer. When our questions and goals are focused, well-defined and deeply desired, the universe can answer in helpful and satisfying ways

Jump Right In

Stop waiting, dreaming and hoping for someday. Start living and working today to achieve the best of your dreams and to fulfill the highest of your hopes. Whatever you put off until someday, never happens. Someday is forever out there, just around the corner, but never here and now. All that you have, and all the great and creative things you’re able to do, are here and now. So jump right in and enjoy making life happen, here and now. Waiting for someday is a lame excuse and a convenient way to hide from your own best possibilities. Choose today to stop hiding and to start really living. No matter how ambitious your goal may be, there is something you can do about it right now. There is no need, and there is no point, in putting your fulfillment off until some non-existent someday. Today is what you have, and it’s filled with energy, with possibility, with life and awareness and with your powerful presence. Embrace this day with all its richness, and use its moments to live t

Reading, Writing, Empathy: The Rise Of Social Emotional Learning

There's a lot of focus these days on how to improve subject learning in schools, but what about the emotional development of our children? In 2005, researchers at Yale developed a training program called RULER to help teachers integrate emotional literacy into their everyday curriculum. Studies are now showing that students in RULER classrooms aren't just expressing themselves more effectively -- they're also getting better grades. Read on to learn more about the impetus behind RULER and its implications for education.

Daily Inspirational Quote October 3 2014

“We like to think it is enough if we keep our own lives straight. Quite plainly, it is not. If we talk cynically or encourage a lowering of standards, even though we control our own actions, we become responsible for the failure of those who, weakened by our influence, fail to stand upright.” – George P.T. Sargent When someone we love is acting badly, in ways we know are wrong, we may be tempted to keep our mouths shut or to look the other way. After all, what if they get angry? What if they reject us? What if we lose their love? I’ve watched people accept the almost-unacceptable in family members because they feared losing their love. I’ve witnessed people bite their tongues while their friends strayed far from an honest, noble life, and even seen them encourage wrong behavior in the name of sympathy. If we are made aware that someone we love is heading down the wrong path, it is for a reason. To remain silent because we fear rejection is not love; it is self-interest. The least we

Fluro Zebra (Age 10) Is Making The World Smile

"You can do a really simple thing, and it can turn out to make a BIG difference." That's 10 year old Fluro Zebra's motto. When Fluro wanted to do a random act of kindness, she decided to make pet rocks with the sole goal of making people smile. Read more about the ten year old girl who is reminding us that we can all make the world a happier, more peaceful place if we carry out an altruistic deed.

Daily Inspirational Quote October 2 2014

“One of the false dichotomies of modern life is that between work and personal time. It is widely held that there is a set of skills that we need for one and quite a different set that we need for the other, but this is not true. The skills of problem-solving, for example, are of great value in our personal lives, and overcoming stress and anxiety is a key skill in our work. Being fair to yourself and to others helps both personal and work relationships.” – Gillian Butler, Ph.D. and Tony Hope, M.D. Many years of psychic reading experience have shown me that everyone has a “strong suit” and a “weak suit.” One woman may be a powerhouse in her career, yet be endlessly unhappy in her love life. Another may have wonderful relationships, but constantly be stressed about money or her job. If this sounds like you, the answer can be as simple as studying what you have mastered in life, and applying that same approach to areas that need improvement. Success in any endeavor is achieved in funda

The Mayonnaise Jar and Coffee

When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar...and the coffee. A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was. So the professor picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was. The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with a unanimous “yes”. The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar, effectively f

Perfect Pairing: Young People Teaching Seniors About Technology

"Seniors who feel like today's technology has left them in the dust are hitching a ride with a philanthropic gaggle of students who, in their spare time, are helping older generations return to the fast lane with their iPods, iPads, smart phones and computers. A group of teenagers who never knew a world before computers launched Wired for Connections/Mentor Up...designed to help senior citizens understand the basics of modern-day devices." Incredible stories are surfacing from these interactions. For example, the teens helped a 93-year-old man contact a Jewish friend he used to protect from bullying just before World War II and enabled a 69-year-old artist to find photographs of Monet's garden in Paris which she has dreamed of seeing all her life. Sean Butler, the 16-year-old who initiated this program, insists: "I've learned more during these sessions than I've taught...for me, just talking with them and learning their stories is what draws me back every

Daily Insprirational Quote October 1 2014

“Five minutes, just before going to sleep, given to a bit of directed imagination regarding achievement possibilities of the morrow, will steadily and increasingly bear fruit, particularly if all ideas of difficulty, worry or fear are resolutely ruled out and replaced by those of accomplishment and smiling courage.” – Frederick Pierce The minute the lights are out and we’re alone with our thoughts, some of us worry about everything under the sun; unfortunately, this is the worst time to succumb to negative thinking. When we are beginning our journey into the realm of dreams yet still conscious, the power to manifest is greatly magnified. The next time you catch yourself fretting in the dark, stop! Better yet, make it your habit to fantasize about all you desire as you’re drifting off. Visualize yourself happy, radiant, successful and peaceful, and you’ll wake in the morning programmed to fulfill your highest dreams.

Don’t Blame

Don’t blame your situation. Accept it, deal with it, transcend it and create something more positive. Don’t blame anyone else. Embrace responsibility, and put yourself in position to make a difference. When you look for someone or something to blame, you have to look backwards. You’re much better off looking at the way forward. Raise everyone’s expectations by moving beyond the question of blame. Look for ways to make progress instead of ways to make excuses. You now have an opportunity to do something positive. Rather than blaming someone, you can benefit everyone. Put your energy where it will do the most good. Make the smart choice to leave the blame behind as you lead your whole world forward. — Ralph Marston

Moral Courage & The Story of Sister Megan Rice

When you look for examples of moral courage, do you think about the people who are in prison? Sister Megan Rice, an 84 year old nun, is serving a 35 month prison sentence for an act of civil disobedience to stand up for life itself and denounce the continued existence of nuclear weapons. Her words will reveal insight about the nature of courage and the enthusiastic spirit of satyagraha.

Daily Inspirational Quote September 30 2014

“It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices.” – Professor Dumbledore to Harry in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling Anyone can be psychic, but not everyone who is psychic is a healer. Whether we use our healing hands or our healing words in helping others, the bottom line is whether new well-being results. It’s one thing to enter psychic realms out of curiosity, and another to devote ourselves to doing the work of Spirit in the world. That devotion is far more powerful than mere ability, and far more rare.

Good Enough

If you don’t have time to get it all done, get some of it done. If you’re not able to do it perfectly, do it the best you can. It’s great to visualize an ideal world. Always keep in mind, though, that you must live in the real world as it is. Conditions are never going to be perfect, so stop waiting endlessly for them to be. The fact is, you can arrange for conditions to be good enough, and then go forward with what you have. Aim for perfection, but don’t let that stop you from working with reality. Live according to your highest vision, and also with practical, common sense. Climb to the top of the mountain and get a clear view of the big picture. Then commit yourself to taking care of all the little details, filling that big picture with living richness. See life as the best it can be, and live life as it comes to you. That will keep you always moving in a positive, fulfilling direction. — Ralph Marston

New Guinea's Birds of Paradise

Deep in the isolated wilderness of New Guinea lives extraordinary beauty as you have never seen it before. It pours from within the existence of 39 species of birds found nowhere else on earth. For over a decade, Ed Scholes, a Cornell Lab scientist, and Tim Laman, a National Geographic photojournalist, took on the Birds-of-Paradise project -- an incredible journey to capture the majestic splendor of these birds. Mother Nature is full of abundance and boundless wonders. When we are in tune with nature, it connects us back with those universal creative powers and healing energy. Let the birds of paradise dance, parade, and serenade you with their extraordinary ornaments and plumes.

Free As a Bird - Dan Millman and Doug Childers

As far back as he could remember, Boyd Jacobson loved birds. Even as a young boy, raised in rural Washington by his great aunt, Karn – or Mother Karn, as he came to call her – Boyd had spent many hours observing the birds of the Northwest. He loved listening to their calls and collecting feathers, nests, and eggshells.  Boyd’s bird-watching expeditions were limited to the fields and meadows near his own backyard, due to his difficulty in walking long distances. As a result ...

Modern Man of Miracles - Dan Millman and Doug Childers

After Therese Neumann, Padre Pio is perhaps the most widely observed modern Western mystic to demonstrate divine powers of healing and regeneration. The first signs of his extraordinary qualities occurred unexpectedly on September 20, 1918. Then a thirty-one-year-old Capuchin monk, Padre Pio was sitting alone in the monastery chapel, praying after Mass. Outside, Padre Leone heard a scream within the chapel and ran in to find Padre Pio lying unconscious on the floor, bleeding profusely from the five wounds of the stigmata.  Several monks ...

The Cokeville Miracle - Dan Millman and Doug Childers

On May 16, 1986, the little town of Cokeville, Wyoming, became the site of a potentially devastating tragedy. At one o’clock that afternoon, white supremacist David Young and his wife, Doris, rolled a shopping cart loaded with powerful gasoline bombs, rifles, and handguns into the Cokeville Elementary School. Young was the town’s former marshal, fired for incompetence and reckless behavior. This is a revolution and I’m taking your school hostage, he told the startled school secretary. Don’t set off any alarms or make ...

Daily Inspirational Quote September 29 2014

“Weave in faith and God will find the thread.” – proverb Faith is a magical force. When we simply take action with faith that all will work out fine in the end, we generate momentum that Spirit uses to lead us to fulfillment. We’re like children learning to ride a bike with a loving parent hovering next to us. We must supply the courage to launch the bike in motion and keep peddling, but once we find that courage to try, Spirit will steady us, protect us and guide us to success.

Get Up and Get Going

Taking action is not as difficult as you imagine it to be. Get up now and get it done. The comfort and ease of doing nothing are highly overrated, especially in the long run. Life is here, life is miraculously yours, so live it. Live life fully by taking an active role in it. Feel your purpose, feel your desire, feel your dreams and follow them with all you have. Make a commitment, voice your opinion, use your skills and put real, active substance into this day. Step forward, put forth the effort, follow through and contribute your own brand of richness to this beautiful world. The possibilities are all around you. Great new value is begging to be created, and you’re in the fortunate position of being able to answer the call. Remind yourself how effective you can be and then put that effectiveness to good use. Get up, get going and give your best to this great day. — Ralph Marston

Picasso On Intuition

Brassai asks Picasso whether his ideas come to him "by chance or by design." Picasso responds: "I don't have a clue. Ideas are simply starting points...What I capture in spite of myself interests me more than my own ideas." Read more on how artists create and what they think about as they work.

Daily Inspirational Quote September 28 2014

“Irrespective of different philosophies, the most important thing is to have a tamed and disciplined mind and a warm heart.” – His Holiness the Dalai Lama Intellectuals — especially those on spiritual paths — have a marked tendency to complicate things. When we get caught up in endlessly searching our souls and the universe for answers, in reading every last spiritual book and taking every last personal growth seminar, we forget that it’s all ultimately simple. We have only to center our awareness in the moment and concentrate on loving kindness to instantly connect with all the wisdom we really need.

Turning Inspiration Into Action

We've all experienced fleeting moments of divine inspiration. Perhaps, you've always wanted to write a book, run a marathon, or create an exciting new blog -- only to find that the spark of inspiration is too easily extinguished. It can be frustrating, to say the least. Zen Habits author, Leo Babauta offers some tips on how to translate inspiration into sustainable action.