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Daily Inspirational Quote – January 16, 2016

“You may not end up where you thought you’d be, but you always end up where you’re meant to be.”

Some of us are surprised or perhaps even shocked by where we find ourselves but, think about it, is it so unexpected? We all have our goals, expectations and dreams on which to focus on and work towards achieving. We form pictures in our minds of our expectations but it doesn’t always work out the way we imagined or planned. Situations, people, obstacles, over which we have no control, can often impact and knock us off course onto a hitherto unknown path to our goals and this effects where and when we ultimately end up. If you believe that everything happens for a reason, as I do, then you’ll realize that perhaps it’s meant to be and that ultimately you might not end up where you were heading but that you’ll always end up exactly where you were meant to and be satisfied with that.


Tiny Houses Built with a Big Heart

Some may see the makeshift tents and tarps that line the streets merely as garbage or eyesores, but Gregory Kloehn sees a game plan. Inspired by the improvised shelters that homeless people craft, Kloehn, the founder of Homeless Homes from Oakland, California, decided to start making his own "mini" homes with material mainly sourced from waste. With 35 houses built and counting, these miniature houses serve as a personal form of shelter for many homeless individuals. They give the residents an area that is dry, warm, and private. Most importantly, it is a safe space they can call their own.

Daily Inspirational Quote – January 15, 2016

“Learning to be alone, and enjoying it, is the most empowering gift you can give yourself.”

I’m very much a people person, and enjoy the company of my family and friends and appreciate meeting new people and getting to know them. However, I also treasure time spent on my own and am never at a loss as to how to occupy myself. Just to take myself away from the hurly burly of everyday life for a while in order to enjoy my own company and also, more often than not, to take the opportunity to discover and explore more about what interests me personally, what gives me pleasure, what enhances my spiritual knowledge. I believe this not only benefits me but those who know me as my increased spiritual awareness is more often than not shared with them.


The Writer in the Tough Teen

Matt de la Pena just won this year's Newberry Award for a picture book, but he also writes young adult novels featuring working-class multicultural characters. Because of this, he is often invited to speak at urban schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods. At one school visit, Matt talked with the principal as the students filed in. The principal pointed out a particular student, seated in the back. "That one's a real instigator," he said. "But don't worry, we'll remove him if he starts acting up. It wouldn't be the first time Joshua blew an opportunity like this." As he was introduced, Matt studied this kid. Joshua was bigger than everyone else. He had neck tattoos and a shaved head. He kept smacking the kid next to him in the back of the head and laughing. A nearby teacher shushed him.

Daily Inspirational Quote – January 14, 2016

“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.”

The best time of day to take the opportunity to enjoy and commune with whatever Higher Being you believe in is during an early morning walk. “You time” before the day gets taken over by commitments, work, school runs, chores, errands etc. etc. etc. Get your fill of peace and quiet, stillness, tranquility and a clear head, which will stand you in good stead for the rest of the day. Most importantly of all, just feel blessed for being alive and able to enjoy the beginning of a new day in your life when anything is possible.


Everything You Need to Know About New Year's Resolutions

"Statistically speaking, new year's resolutions are a losing game. A whopping 92 percent of people who set resolutions don't succeed, according to University of Scranton research. Still, that doesn't mean that the start of a new year isn't a good time to commit to working towards any goals or self-improvement projects that you've put on the back burner. Succeeding with your resolutions may simply be a matter of being smarter about them." Here, you will find 6 concrete science-backed, tried-and-tested ideas and guidelines to help maximize your chances of success with your intentions for this new year, or new day.

Daily Inspirational Quote – January 13, 2016

“As you walk upon the sacred earth, treat each step as a prayer.”

These days our poor planet is certainly being abused and disrespected again and again, whether it be war causing chaos and destruction, the abuse of our forests, the killing of our wildlife, the effects of global warming, it doesn’t paint us in a good light does it? People all over this beautiful plant of ours need to realise that this is the only world we have so we should be thankful and treasure and protect what we have. We need to respect our good earth for the blessings it provides in food, water and shelter. Our flora and fauna. As individuals we can do our bit every day by being thankful for our journey on the earth under our feet and praying that our wonderful world grows and prospers.


The Best Leaders are Insatiable Learners

Nearly a quarter century ago, at a gathering in Arizona, John W. Gardner -- a legendary public intellectual and civic reformer -- delivered a speech that may be one of the most quietly influential speeches in the history of American business. Surprisingly, this speech was not about money nor power. Rather, it was on "Personal Renewal" -- "the urgent need for leaders who wish to make a difference and stay effective to commit themselves to continue learning and growing." This piece takes a deeper look at the nuggets of wisdom in Gardner's timeless speech.

5 Reasons Why Intelligent People Have The Hardest Time Finding Love

You tend to be a little too analytical.

There's more to a partner than sex organs that go well together, and smart people are all too aware of the fact. They often analyze the crap out of their dates. They wonder about their future, the best way to cultivate romance, and are obsessed with finding the right person. This isn't exactly a bad thing.

They know it's better to be alone than with the wrong partner.

And there's no shame in that either. Smart people are so dead set on finding the right partner that they'll abstain all together if necessary.

They are aware that relationships often end.

This isn't exactly a cynical thing. They just know the brutal truth is that most relationships won't work out. As a result, they sometimes take things a little too slow and have trouble committing. But the right partner will understand that.

Smart people tend to be intimidating.

It's not just that smart people are intimidating to dumb-dumbs, but to other intelligent people…

Daily Inspirational Quote – January 12, 2016

“The greatest prison that people live in is the fear of what other people think.”

Not caring what everybody else thinks about us is not an easy achievement. In fact, we go through life adhering to rules and regulations (well most of us) so we let the world know we are complying and conforming and being “good”. However, regarding our family, friends, work colleagues, etc., we can be guilty of conforming to their ideas of how we should behave and think. So much so that we stifle the very things that make us who we are therefore denying ourselves the opportunity of thinking and behaving “outside the box”. Why should we care what other people think of us? Would it really affect us that much? Would stifling our creativity and individuality add anything to their lives? Of course not! Always, always, be true to yourself on your life path and take pleasure in being who you are not other peoples’ idea of who you should be.


Erich Fromm on the Art of Loving

Our cultural mythology "continually casts love as something that happens to us passively and by chance, something we fall into, something that strikes us arrow-like, rather than a skill attained through the same deliberate practice as any other pursuit of human excellence. Our failure to recognize this skillfulness aspect is perhaps the primary reason why love is so intertwined with frustration. That's what the great German social psychologist, psychoanalyst, and philosopher Erich Fromm examines in his 1956 masterwork The Art of Loving -- a case for love as a skill to be honed the way artists apprentice themselves to the work on the way to mastery, demanding of its practitioner both knowledge and effort."

Alarm Clock Wakes You With Pleasant Aromas Instead of Loud Sounds

Wake up and smell the coffee… or baked bread or bacon.

Instead of hearing an annoying buzzing or beeping from a traditional alarm clock, the SensorWake clock spares your ears while treating you to delightful scents that break your slumber.

You choose one of six scents to wake up to, drop the proper packet into the clock, and fall asleep.
French inventor Guillaume Rolland says the company’s internal tests showed the SensorWake successfully awoke 99% of people within two minutes.

You get to wake up to the smell of hot coffee, fresh croissants, sweet chocolate, the beach, bacon, peppermint, or a jungle. If you don’t turn off the alarm within 3 minutes of smelling the scent, an alarm sounds.

SensorWake raised nearly $210,000 on Kickstarter last spring to bring their idea to market.
The company is taking $89 pre-orders now, with delivery expected in June. Scent cartridges last through 30 “awakenings” and cost $10 for a pack of two.

If your nose is clogged by a cold, you run out of money for new s…

The Crown Chakra and Spiritual Enlightenment

by Douglas DeLong (Article originally published in The Llewellyn Journal.)

In ancient times there were mystery schools dedicated to helping initiates explore the mysteries of life. These schools flourished in places such as Egypt, Tibet, and Persia, and were believed to have their roots in Atlantis.

It was here that seekers of truth were taught to develop their psychic and spiritual abilities through special techniques, exercises, and initiations. One of the most important initiations, or rites, from thousands of years ago still exists today. It was called the “First Initiation Rite,” or “Great Initiation Rite,” by the ancient Egyptians and involved the toning of special chants or sounds. The high priest of the respective ancient mystery school performed this wonderful rite with newly enrolled students. This ritual took place at midnight in various locations such as the Sacred Lake at Karnak or in a secret chamber that existed below the Great Sphinx. The results of this initiation were …

Kids as Catalysts for Healing

An Excerpt from Parenting with Presence by Susan Stiffelman

At times I am astonished by how quickly a client’s long-repressed, unresolved feelings come to the surface when she is ready to face them. Cecilia was the mother of a five-year-old daughter and an eighteen-month-old son. Describing herself as gentle-natured, she scheduled a phone session with me because she became enraged when her daughter expressed anger. “As a child, I wasn’t allowed to get angry. I want my daughter to know that she can express her upset, but when she does, I become furious.”

I asked if a part of her felt that her daughter was breaking a rule — kids shouldn’t be angry — when she got mad. She admitted that she did feel that way. When I suggested that it might also bring up feelings about the fact that while she had to bury her upsets as a child, her daughter was being permitted to express them, she agreed. It wasn’t easy to reconcile the double standard she was facing — wanting it to be okay for her daughter t…

Oh Fudge!

An Excerpt from Reaching for Insights: Stories of Love, Faith, and the Kitchen Sink, by Mitch Rosenzweig

I laughed out loud, although I really shouldn’t have. She was a cute as a button. Curly blonde hair and petite, maybe 3 years old at the most. She had on the cutest little dress with a Christmas print, white tights, and bright, shiny Mary Jane shoes to complete the perfect picture.

Her Dad, at the other end of her hand, was clearly a work-a-day type. Gnarled and whiskered, there were paint spatters flecking his plaid shirt and blue jeans. As they walked into the black Friday store, Dad remarked, “Look at all the people!” And in a cute, tiny voice with a little-kid accent, the delicate princess exclaimed loudly, “No Shit!” My coffee almost exploded all over me as I guffawed. Red-faced and embarrassed the Dad bent close to his daughter and gave her a loving reminder: “Now Chelsea, we don’t say those bad words in public.” I wondered if it was okay in private. With wide eyes she nodded, …

Daily Inspirational Quote – January 11, 2016

“Don’t do something permanently stupid because you are temporarily upset.”

I can so relate to this and I expect many of you can too. It is so easy and tempting to strike back in retaliation when we feel we've been attacked. In these days of the internet and global messaging the temptation to put fingers to keyboard, press a button and, hey presto, it’s out there for not just our “antagonist” but the whole world to see. Unfortunately, it’s out there forever and can’t be taken back when we’ve had time to cool down and perhaps realize that, you know what, it wasn’t said or meant in the way we initially thought. However, by then, it can be too late and we may not have just lost the friendship of one person but caused everybody else to look at us in a different, even not very favorable, way. Not easy I know, but in situations like this, take a deep breath, walk away, have a cuppa, go for a walk, anything to give you time and space to look at what’s happened more rationally and calmly. C…

India's First Shelter for Dogs with Disabilities

He is a renowned animal rights activist who holds many key positions in his home state. But nothing defines Mahendra better than his immense, undying love for animals. It was this love that led him to establish India's first home for dogs living with disabilities. Read on to learn how Mahendra's service to these dogs began after a chance encounter with a puppy on the streets of India.

Daily Inspirational Quote – January 10, 2016

“When you feel that something is a sign from Heaven….trust that feeling.”

Ooo, don’t you just love it when that happens? That feeling you get, the assurance that there is a message just for you from Spirit, The Angels, a Higher Power. There’s no reason for you to know something but you just do, you “feel” it in your very soul, your very being. No explanation needed, you’ve got the message and how special is that? I personally believe we usually get a “message” or a “sign” because of troubles or trials we’re experiencing in our lives at any given time so Isn’t it wonderful to know that we’re being looked on and after by such a powerful, healing, loving, benevolent being? I, for one, totally, totally trust and treasure these signs.


Introspection is Out, Outrospection is In

What is your capacity for empathy? Is it just reserved for the down and out? How about empathizing with those in power? Can empathy travel across great distances and through time? This informative animation challenges how we tend to view empathy and advocates for the transformative power that can bring about change for individuals as well as entire societies.