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How to Spot Vein and Artery Problems

When Your Blood Flows Just Right

Your arteries and veins have a big job to do. They're part of a transportation system that moves blood around. Arteries carry blood loaded with oxygen from your heart to the rest of your body. Veins deliver the blood, now without much of the oxygen, back to your heart. From there, the pulmonary artery sends it to your lungs to restock it with oxygen. Your pulmonary vein brings blood back to your heart, and the process starts again.

What Could Go Wrong?

Sometimes your arteries or veins get narrowed or blocked, and blood can't go through them as easily. Any slowdown in blood flow keeps your organs from getting the oxygen and nutrients they need to do their job. If blood moves too slowly through the vessels, it can pool and form clots.

Coronary Artery Disease

You have this condition when sticky fat called plaque builds up in the walls of your coronary arteries -- vessels that supply your heart with blood. Plaque narrows the arteries, slowing blood flow…

9 Ways Your Nails Reveal Clues to Your Health

Nails and Health: Read the Signs

Did you know your nails can reveal clues to your overall health? A touch of white here, a rosy tinge there, or some rippling or bumps may be a sign of disease in the body. Problems in the liver, lungs, and heart can show up in your nails. Keep reading to learn what secrets your nails might reveal.

Pale Nails

Very pale nails can sometimes be a sign of serious illness, such as:

o Anemia
o Congestive heart failure
o Liver disease
o Malnutrition

White Nails

If the nails are mostly white with darker rims, this can indicate liver problems, such as hepatitis. In this image, you can see the fingers are also jaundiced, another sign of liver trouble.

Yellow Nails

One of the most common causes of yellow nails is a fungal infection. As the infection worsens, the nail bed may retract, and nails may thicken and crumble. In rare cases, yellow nails can indicate a more serious condition such as severe thyroid disease, lung disease, diabetes or psoriasis.

Bluish Nails

Nails with a …

Inspirational Quote – November 25, 2017

“Surround yourself with people who empower you to become better.”

Oh I do, I do! Everybody I know, family, friends and colleagues, all inspire me to become a better me, not only as a person but at what I do to earn a living. I imagine you are the same? Through time, we all tend to whittle out those who serve no meaningful purpose in our life, the “takers” rather than the “givers”. What remains is the cream of the crop, those who support us 100%, one hundred percent of the time in whatever we attempt and who feel genuine pleasure in our triumphs and achievements, or are first to commiserate and wish us better luck next time. I hope these are the kind of people who presently inhabit your life but, if not, why not?

The Art of Cleaning

Cleaning and doing chores aren't activities that our culture appreciates much these days, yet Sufi mystic Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee understands housework as being essential for a healthy spiritual life. "As within, so without. As above, so below," he seems to be saying in this article about 'The Art of Cleaning'. Sweeping becomes a metaphor for clearing away the debris that is blocking our progress. Discarding old, unwanted things becomes a way of letting go of attachments that no longer serve our spiritual journey. The very process of cleaning becomes a humbling act of taking responsibility for creating open, empty spaciousness, for new life to enter in. It is a way to be kind to all beings - including ourselves - who may enter into the spaces we have inhabited. With new appreciation, may we pick up our brooms and clear our drawers as living prayers of mindfulness.

24 Amazing Facts That Prove Your Body Is Full of Surprises

Your Body:

Even though mankind has been around for centuries, there is still a lot that we do not know about the body. Scientists are constantly revealing new things about the body every day and some of them can be a surprise to us.

Did you know that the human body is made up of 7 octillion atoms? Yes that’s right I said 7 octillion, which looks like this 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Did you also know that that the human stomach is so powerful that it has the ability to absorb metal?

It’s true, but I don’t recommend you trying to eat a metal rod. Another fun fact is that we have a trillion nerve that are powering out memory. One study illustrated that after viewing 2,500 images for only 3 seconds, the participants could recall if they had seen the image or not with 92% accuracy. The bottom line is that the human body is so unique that there will always be something new and exciting that will surprise anyone. Below you will find more surprising facts about the body that will sur…