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Daily Inspirational Quote – January 23, 2016

“May every sunrise bring you hope, may every sunset bring you peace.”

How wonderful to wake up every morning full of hope that the day will bring only good things into your life so that at bedtime you fall asleep with a smile on your lips and a calm, peaceful, untroubled mind.


The Evolution of Medicine

Dr. Mark Hyman, pioneer in the new discipline of functional medicine, believes one of the biggest scientific discoveries of the last 30 years is that food isn't just energy, but also provides instructions in a literally minute-to-minute, bite-by-bite basis to everything that's going on in your body. He joins James Gordon, who uses mind-body medicine to heal depression, anxiety, and psychological trauma, and Penny George, philanthropist of integrative medicine, in an eye-opening conversation with Krista Tippett.

How To Use A Positive Mind To Paint Your Ideal Reality

I realized the other day while rehashing a memory with a friend of mine that our “truths” about what happened were not the same.

It could be that one of us has a better memory or pays closer attention, but there is something greater at play happening here.

As the behavioral science of human beings becomes clearer, we’ve learned that we each individually believe that our reality is the true reality. This is no longer a fact.

We can all be in the same room when an experience happens, but the experience will be defined by how it is occurring for each of us – not as the experience itself. Depending upon our attitudes, beliefs, thought systems, stories, and biases, every single experience will simply be a state of mind.

Don’t believe me?

Recall a time that you were with the most negative person you know and you experienced something with that person that you thought was fun, but when he or she retold the experience to someone in front of you, he or she found reason after reason to find the expe…

Daily Inspirational Quote – January 22, 2016

“You are not responsible for other peoples’ happiness. When making decisions put your own happiness first.”

Obviously be aware of how your decisions will affect those closest to you but ultimately other people are responsible for creating their own happiness just as you are. Make your decisions based on the knowledge that what you do will make you happy while not affecting the happiness of someone else, then everybody is happy so how good is that?


Lead Without Trying So Hard

Lead without trying so hard -- it sounds like counter-intuitive, maybe even crazy advice. But it turns out that the well-intended attempt in leadership can often be derailed by the effort itself. As Johnson provocatively puts it in her Harvard Business Review article, "When we stop trying, we will have more charisma than we had imagined." Read on for a deeper dive into this paradoxical perspective on leadership.

Buffalo Bills Hire First Full-Time Woman Coach in NFL History

In an historic first, the Buffalo Bills have hired the first woman to be a full-time coach in the National Football League.

Kathryn Smith will take the job as quality control coach for special teams, which is increasingly seen as a key role in the NFL–especially after the Minnesota Vikings lost their play-off bid by missing a simple kick.

Smith has worked in administrative roles and supported assistant coaches in the NFL for 13 years.
Prior to joining the Bills in upstate New York in 2015, Smith spent 12 seasons working for the New York Jets, scouting college players and later as assistant to the head coach.

Special teams coaching involves the players at the heart of the kicking game in the NFL — punters, field-goal kickers, and punt and kick-off return runners.

Quality control coaches spend long hours breaking down the science, strategy, and mechanics of plays. They study films and statistics to provide ideas before games and instant assessments ahead of each play on the field to give a t…

“True Gentleman” Tennis Star Comes to Aid of Injured Ball Girl

When a powerful serve veered toward the ball girl and hit the young woman square in the face at the Australian Open tennis tournament, one of the star players came to her aid.

French tennis great Jo-Wilfried Tsonga stopped play and walked over to the unnamed girl. She had taken a fast moving tennis ball straight to the nose and was stunned and in pain, though trying to be stoic.

Tsonga took her by the arm and led her from the court to get first aid as the crowd cheered.
“A true gentleman,” Australian Open TV declared.

Open Your Arms On Nat’l Hugging Day! “Most Huggable” of 2016 is…

Go ahead. Hug someone close to you. It’s National Hugging Day.

You should really ask first, though — that’s the advice of the people who launched the effort 30 years ago today on January 21. Founded by a minister and social services worker in Michigan, the day has since become internationally embraced.

Did you know the health benefits of hugs? Psychology Today reports they have been shown to bolster your feelings of security, positivity, and freedom, while improving your overall health.

Every year the National Hugging Day website names a new “Most Huggable” person. This year they are honoring Tim Harris, a man with Down syndrome and founder of Tim’s Place, an Albuquerque, New Mexico restaurant that has officially offered a free hug with every meal.

Cool Tiny House Village Opens With Electricity to Care for Seattle Homeless

A little village of tiny houses for the homeless is taking shape on a plot of land owned by a Lutheran church in Seattle, Washington.

Volunteers gathered over the weekend to build the 14 homes. Each one is insulated and has electricity and oil heat. More importantly, a central building houses restrooms and running water–with showers being installed soon.

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd put up the land for the village — the first of its kind in Seattle.

Each house cost about $2,200 to build and residents will pay $90 a month for utilities.
They will serve as a model for more tiny house villages and as an alternative to “Nicklelsville,” an organized homeless camp in the city.

The houses will provide temporary housing, until occupants can be housed in permanent homes.
“The difference is you have electricity and a lock on the door,” church member Steve Tucker told KIRO News.

The village’s first residents start moving in later this week.…

Daily Inspirational Quote – January 21, 2016

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.”

Aren’t our souls just wonderful and aren’t we all blessed to possess one? All seeing, all knowing, all pervading; the very essence of our being. Our minds, on the other hand, are very rarely still, always working, the cogs always turning. The thing to do is to still the mind in order to allow the soul to jump in and do what it must to bring healing and peace. Not easy for most of us I know…..but worth a try.


The 80-Year-Old Who Runs the World's Coolest Train...for Dogs

"Eugene Bostick, an 80-year-old retiree in Fort Worth, Texas, spends his days operating what just might be the coolest train in the world. His homemade dog train takes rescued strays out for fun rides around the neighborhood and in the surrounding woods. Eugene and his brother Corky live on a dead-end street where many locals bring their unwanted dogs to leave them behind. Eugene began adopting them and taking them for rides with his tractor." Read more about his beguiling project and check out pictures and a short video of his one-of-a-kind train and its canine passengers!

Daily Inspirational Quote – January 20, 2016

“Bad news is: You cannot make people like, love, understand, validate, accept or be nice to you. You can’t control them either. Good news is: it doesn’t matter.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself! It’s all about your sense of self-worth and realizing you do not need the validation or indeed the stamp of approval from other people to tell you how special and unique you are. You should already know it. Also, and more importantly you wouldn’t behave like that towards them so why would you allow anyone to behave like that towards you? Live and let live I say. In the great scheme of things it really does not matter.


Why Your Brain Hates Slowpokes

Slow things drive us crazy because the fast pace of society has warped our sense of timing, creating expectations that can't be rewarded fast enough-- or at all. How can we stave off the slowness rage and revive patience? Meditation and mindfulness may help, but Northeastern University psychologist David DeSteno suggests that practicing gratitude is the best shortcut of all.

Daily Inspirational Quote – January 19, 2016

“Stay focused on the Light and the shadows will always be behind you.”

As light tends to banish many of our fears and bring us peace and comfort we seek it out and welcome it. The same could be said of our state of mind when we are troubled or beset by worry and feeling stressed. It’s in our own best interests to do our best in order to stay positive and believe that our issues can and will be resolved, rather than allowing darkness to take hold and make everything appear worse than it really is. By focusing on the positive light ahead we consign our doubts and fears to the shadows behind us together where they belong.



When "Zen Pencils" cartoonist Gavin Than asked fans to vote for their favorite poem to be turned into a comic strip, they chose "Desiderata", the widely popular poem written by Max Ehrmann in 1927, whose title in Latin translates to "things to be desired". The poem has been described as a survival guide for life. Than's illustrations bring these celebrated words alive in a unique way.

A Good Tip

An Excerpt from Reaching for Insights: Stories of Love, Faith, and the Kitchen Sink, by Mitch Rosenzweig

I am forever trying to calculate tips. It doesn’t seem to matter how good or bad the service is, a tip of fifteen to twenty percent is expected – at least in this country. In Europe, it is a bit different. They just round up the bill and add a few dollars (francs, lira, etc.), regardless of the total. Although we like to think that it’s a reward, it really isn’t-at least not to the server. What started as an incentive (“to insure prompt service”) is now critical to their livelihood. I can’t even imagine making a living on the minimum wages that service workers earn. And of course, our generosity helps some servers to far exceed the minimum wage. I talked to a bartender in a mountain resort who astounded me with his earnings. But most of us don’t begrudge gratuities. It’s our way of alleviating the guilt for letting someone serve us.

If you think about gratitude, it is kind of a pecul…

Superman and Elvis Did Too

An Excerpt from Reaching for Insights: Stories of Love, Faith, and the Kitchen Sink, by Mitch Rosenzweig

I felt like Elvis, swiveling my hip into the slightly stuck front door; my hands were full in my superhuman feat of carrying 14 plastic grocery bags in from the car. Real men don’t make two trips. As it swung in a bit too fast, I heard a satisfying “boing” and the door swung angrily back at me, knob into ribs. Ouch! Doorstop must have been loaded and waiting for the unsuspecting. Although it saved the wall from the hole-inserting doorknob, my ribs are a little offended from its anger. A softer rebound and a louder expletive and I was inside.

Of course, we all know the metaphors about doors and the future. One open, one shut, on the threshold, etcetera, etcetera…I confess that I have cheaply used them a few times. Yawn. But what about the lowly doorstop silently waiting for that flung door? No poems or prose written, it just sits there slightly screwed waiting for its opportunity to s…

Get Carded

An Excerpt from Reaching for Insights: Stories of Love, Faith, and the Kitchen Sink, by Mitch Rosenzweig

Every place I worked, I would get new ones. If I had kept one of each business card, I could have probably wallpapered my house. Even though they all they were all the same, they were different. Each was unique in color, photos, and design. But in their essence, the function is the same: to proclaim, to the lucky receiver, who you are and what you do, in tiny 6-point font. Yup, in 3.5 x 2 inches, you’re supposed to say everything someone needs to know about you.

How often we spend our time trying to figure out people. What makes them tick-why would they act this way or that way, or say something like that? We receive all kinds of messages, most of the time mixed, about who they are trying to be or what they are trying to communicate.

How simple life would be if we could just walk up to someone and hand them a card that would say it all. Not what it is we do ...…

Daily Inspirational Quote – January 18, 2016

“On particularly rough days when I’m sure I can’t possibly endure, I like to remind myself that my track record for getting through rough days so far is 100%…. and that’s pretty good.”

Pretty good? I’d say it was fantastic! We can all relate to this quote can’t we? I know I can. What’s the alternative when life strews your path with pain either physical or mental, sorrow, self-doubt, debt, or all the other things that can happen and you need to overcome and deal with. This also often happens when it’s just the latest in a long line of problems just adding to your sense of frustration. However, and here’s the thing to keep in mind, you’ve been here before and everything got sorted didn’t it? You moved on didn’t you? So what’s different this time? Exactly……nothing! Know and believe that it’s going to be ok this time too and it will.


Shelagh Was Here: An Ordinary, Magical Life

"Shelagh Gordon was another name in the obituaries, an ordinary woman who had died suddenly." Or was she? Here's what her passing revealed about Gordon: "Her relationships were as rich as the chocolate pudding pie she'd whip together...She was both alone and crowded by love...She was the interpreter, she made sure everybody understood each other's feelings...You could put your heart on the table and you know that she'd never step on it, because she took great pride and honor that you gave that to her." Four years ago, a newspaper dedicated unprecedented coverage to 55-year-old Shelagh Gordon's funeral -- in a memorable attempt to illustrate the impact one 'ordinary' person can have.

Daily Inspirational Quote – January 17, 2016

“Be mindful of your self-talk. It’s a conversation with the Universe.”

Most people I know believe that the Universe hears and acknowledges everything we put “out there” and does in fact respond in kind, i.e. send out a positive thought and you get a positive response and, alternatively, put out a negative thought and you get a negative response. That makes sense doesn’t it? So then, being the sensible and intelligent beings we are, we should be extremely mindful in what we say when we converse with ourselves as everything we say will be heard, acted upon and responded to in kind. Surely also it is better to be in a positive frame of mind as this gives us power in believing in our own abilities too which can only help the Universe in helping us. Self-doubt needs to be relegated to a faraway galaxy!


The Momentia Movement: Defying Dementia Through Friendship

"Alice Padillas laugh cut through the air at Seattles Woodland Park Zoo. Fresh off an hour-long exhibit tour, she and 16 other friends sat in the zoo cafeteria, snacking on sugar cookies and mocking current bestsellers. The group could appear to be just another cluster of friends visiting the zoo. But they were there for another purpose, too: to provide joy as much as support. Part of a program called Momentia, more than half of the people in the group have dementia."