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Daily Inspirational Quote November 23 2014

“Until you make peace with who you are, you’ll never be content with what you have.”
– Doris Mortman

Most of us have at least one troublemaker in our lives, someone who is ever criticizing, complaining and stirring up conflict. These people can drive us to distraction, try our patience, infuriate us and really get under our skin — if we take their actions and attitudes personally. There is no reason to take personal offense at anything anyone does, however, for everyone responds to life from their own inner landscape of beliefs, expectations, hopes, fears, prejudices and illusions. When I find myself getting upset with a troublemaker, I try to remember that others’ attitudes ultimately have nothing to do with me. I also try to imagine how sad it would be to be them, because for people who dwell in negativity, nothing life brings them is ever enough.

Is There A Right Way To Get Angry?

Anger can cause us a great deal of hurt, but it can also be a positive force that propels us to act and can spur creativity and fuel success. It is all about how we manage our anger in those instances when we feel overwhelmed by it. Read further to learn more about 'the right way' to get angry and how you can harness your anger for good.