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Daily Inspirational Quote – December 12, 2015

Three Ways To Bring More Kindness To Your Life

Picking Up Trash is a ‘Wiz’ for City’s ‘Dancing Litter Guy’ (WATCH)

4 Ways To Manifest Your Soul Mate And Give Up Looking for ‘Perfect’

Elderly Woman Shows Muslim Doctor Some Love After Donald Trump News

New Nasal Spray is Simple Treatment for Overdoses, Could Save Thousands

All 1300 Employees Get $100,000 Holiday Bonus From U.S. Boss

Pet Me! Therapy Dog Refuses to Give Up on Hospice Patient

Refugee Selling Pens Saw Huge Outpouring, Now Owns Bakery, Hires Refugees

Daily Inspirational Quote – December 11, 2015

Flowered Dresses & Flour Mills: A Story of History & Kindness

The Grateful Dead: (Thankfully) Born On Stage Fifty Years Ago Today

Rare Fish Saved From Extinction, Swims Off Endangered Species List

Newlywed Refugees In Canada Get Surprise Wedding Party From Town

Ivory Prices Fall By 50%, as Chinese Demand Dries Up

Homeless Man Wants to Buy Skis And Hit the Slopes After Winning Big

Daily Inspirational Quote – December 10, 2015

Changing Ourselves by Changing the Brain

Three Times Santa Proved To Be A Perfect Lap For All Children

Jon Stewart Returns as Daily Show Guest Urging Aid for 9/11 Responders

Seinfeld Cast Makes Dying Man’s 67th Birthday One To Remember (WATCH)

Grandmother Runs–and Drinks– to Become Oldest ‘Beer Mile’ Finisher

Hockey Team Gets Record 28K Toys Tossed At Them For Needy Kids-WATCH)

Vietnamese Boat People Reach Out to Help New Refugees, ‘We Never Forget’

Daily Inspirational Quote – December 9, 2015

The Man Who Quit Money

President Known For Kindness is Cancer Free After 4-Month Treatment

IKEA Lights Up Kids’ Faces in Refugee Camps Installing Solar Lights

Cops Go ‘Above & Beyond’ for Pregnant Driver Stranded by Engine Trouble

Ringo Sells Beatles Drum Kit, Other Treasures, Raises $9.2M for Charity

Daily Inspirational Quote – December 8, 2015

The Surgeon General on Health Via Happiness

Frat House Writes Name of 12-yo Girl w/ Cancer in Christmas Lights –Watch

7-2 Supreme Court Lets a Local Ban on Assault Weapons Stand

Muslims Raise $57,000 to Donate to San Bernardino Families

Trash Dump to Power Station: How a New Jersey Utility Captured the Sun

Stuck to a Tree, Wild Sheep’s Majestic Horns Freed By Jogger (WATCH)

New Law Guarantees All Military Working Dogs Retirement on U.S. Soil

$2 Photo Bought At Thrift Shop Could Fetch $5Mil At Auction (Watch)

Reese Witherspoon, Miss Piggy Light White House Christmas Tree With Obamas (Watch)

Healing Dreams

The 5 Most Common Recurring Dreams

Daily Inspirational Quote – December 7, 2015

Debt As A Relationship Based On Love

7 Signs You're Dropping Out Of The Middle Class

10-Year-Old Hits The Campaign Trail For 2040 Election

Daily Inspirational Quote – December 6, 2015

Eight Steps Towards Forgiveness