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Homestead Act for Russian Far East – Putin Supports Free Land Handout

Mother-Daughter Duo Publish Children’s Kindness Book

Four Free Apps to Make a Perfect Thanksgiving Feast

Support for Paris Floods In From Around the World (Video)

George Clooney Visits Sandwich Shop That Feeds Homeless, Says Good Job

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Daily Inspirational Quote – November 14, 2015

Should We Train Doctors for Empathy?

Special: 6 Ways to Be Happier

Using the Force: Yoda Levitates Cake at Int’l Baking Show (Watch)

Trooper Who Hid Tragedy From 4 Kids on Halloween Raised $480K for Them

Two Kids Invite The World To Reduce Carbon Emissions

Totem Pole Carried Away by Famed Actor Returned to Alaska After 84 Yrs

Car Company Shows Nonprofits How to Do Their Good Deeds Better (LOOK)

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 13, 2015

Kindness Includes Everything

She Was Born 200 Years Ago Today, And Should Be on the $10 Bill

Bill Nye the Science Guy: ‘We Can Invent Our Way Out of Climate Change’

Both Winners: Police Officer Helps Injured Marathoner Get to Finish Line

Veteran Swims the Entire Mississippi River to Honor Fallen Buddies (WATCH)

Retired Couple Helps Thousands of Veterans Get Work, And We Can Too

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 12, 2015

American Bear: An Adventure in the Kindness of Strangers

High School Kids Start Food Pantry to Keep Classmates From Hunger

Free College Tuition for Family Member of Any Veteran Working at Starbucks

University to Build Support Center With Jobs for Adults With Autism

Gone to Jungle For Healing, Holistic Plants & Spiritual Work: WATCH What Happens

Dog Photobombs Couple’s Engagement Pictures to Keep the Focus on Him

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 11, 2015

4 Ways to Build a Positive School

SeaWorld to End Orca Whale Shows in California (WATCH)

Hundreds Help Homeless Father & Son after Chance Encounter Changes Their Fate

Crazy-Successful Adoption Event Empties Out Entire Animal Shelter

All These Bikes Are Destined for Prison –And The Reason is Wonderful

Myanmar Democracy Hero Aung San Suu Kyi Poised to Win in Landslide

Eye Drops May Promise a Stunning Alternative to Cataract Surgery

Team Won’t Let Him Face Cancer Alone: Watch What These Teens Do

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 10, 2015

The Cave Digger

3 Ways to Calm Your Fears

Autistic Teen Saves Choking Friend With Help From SpongeBob

Home Depot Has Remodeled 22,000 Disabled Vets’ Homes-Your Selfie Can Help

Meet Goliath, A Baby Cow Who Thinks He’s A Big Dog

‘Why Are My Eyes Watering?’ Watch The First Time A Child Cries for Joy

Police Deputy Leaps To The Rescue Of Homeless Mother and Children

Red Poppies Remind Us That 400K Muslims Fought For British in WWI

Planetary Meridians: 10 Gateways to Empowered Intuition

The Magic of Stars

Daily Inspirational Quote – November 9, 2015

20 Amazing Pictures from Outer Space