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Daily Inspirational Quote June 28 2014

“Swallow your pride occasionally, it’s not fattening.” - Frank Tyger Spiritual teachers often find it especially hard to swallow their pride when it comes to metaphysical matters. After all, we’re supposed to be the “experts.” We may pretend we understand or know more than we do out of fear of looking incompetent or somehow “less than” others have come to view us, but succumbing to the ego only leaves us looking ridiculous and closed to new growth. It is wonderfully freeing to step down as a teacher and become a student again. It is powerful to say, “I’ve never done this before” or “I don’t know,” to ask for help from someone who has more experience than we do in some area. When I admit I don’t know, instead of feeling stupid, I end up feeling lighter and often actually learn something new. To acquire more answers, we have to acknowledge that we don’t have all of them yet.

Spectacular World

This is a spectacular world. Make the commitment, right here and now, to be a more active participant in it. Enjoy the wonder and beauty, but do more than just enjoy. Utilize your life, your time, your skills to make a whole lot more wondrous things and experiences in this world. You have a crazy unique song to sing and an absolutely enthralling story to tell. Tell that story and sing that song in ways that will enrich the lives around you. Sincere thankfulness will get you everywhere. Passionately demonstrate your gratitude for this spectacular world by making it even more so. Dive into the experience of each day with the goal of making it more fulfilling than any previous day you’ve known. As each new moment arrives, find something new and purposeful and valuable to do with it. Remind yourself often that you’re gloriously alive in a spectacular world. Find real joy and richness in living up to that promise, again and again. — Ralph Marston

Meditations On An Apple

As you hold an apple, remember that the ancestor of all apple trees arose in southwestern Asia, in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and all across the Caucasus Mountains. Protected and nourished by observant stewards for thousands of years through their system of agriculture, their culture of the land, the apple contains their vision. We are all dependent on the living soil for our needs. In each crumb of living soil, billions of organisms are growing, reproducing, and dying. The apple contains their lives...

Daily Inspirational Quote June 27 2014

“Mountains cannot be surmounted except by winding paths.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Spiritual paths are by nature long and winding. We may for a while be able to see where we’re going and where we’ve come from, and have a sense of great progress. Then we may turn a corner and travel a long while without seeming to gain any ground. The pace is actually the same all the while, it’s just that sometimes, we stumble upon breathtaking vistas that seem more significant than the muddy trails and barren slopes we’ve been trudging through. Every amazing experience or leap in consciousness is built upon many apparently mundane steps, all of which are essential to the journey as a whole.

Delight Yourself With Amazement

Challenge is inconvenient and yet it is so absolutely necessary. Effort is not always fun and yet it gives you access to the good, fun and fulfilling parts of life. Though in the moment it may seem unfair or tedious or boring or frustrating to make the effort, get past all that. Go ahead and do what must be done, especially including the hard stuff. Looking back on the effort, it will not look so bad. In fact, looking back you’ll be quite thankful you did it. So now, when the opportunity is here, do it. Now, when your destiny is begging you to respect it, to follow it and give value to it, get going. Muscle your way through, or finesse your way through, or do what it takes to get it done. Though at the beginning you may not feel you’ll like it, you will come to like it in a deeply satisfying way. It is amazing what you can do when you put mind, body and spirit into it. Go ahead, do the hard stuff, and delight yourself with amazement at how great it is. — Ralph Marston

The Dalai Lama: On Why I Laugh

Those who have had the chance to be in his presence, know him -- in part --- by his infectious laugh. "I have been confronted with many difficulties throughout the course of my life, and my country is going through a critical period. But I laugh often, and my laughter is contagious." In an excerpt from his book, "My Spiritual Journey", the Dalai Lama shares his beliefs regarding the healing power of laughter, and the ability of a smile to reach all others -- including our enemies.

Daily Inspirational Quote June 26 2014

“Working with the angels is also working with the force that created the angels. From the very beginning, I felt I wanted to live a life that would honor God.” - K. Martin-Kuri When I observe the “New Age” spiritual community, I see many folks who get so caught up in angels that they seem to forget the force that created those angels and set them in service to humankind. While I don’t believe that God is a divine personage sitting in the clouds awaiting our worship, I do believe it’s important to remember that all that is divine in the Universe comes from the same source, and when we get caught up in admiring one facet of that divinity, we lose sight of that source. It’s like building an altar in honor of a sunbeam filtering through the window when the great big sun is just outside our door.

Presence of Possibility

Forget what you think you know, and remember who you know you are. Let go of the need for sensation, and experience the miracle of existence. Breathe deeply the sweet, cool presence of possibility. Life means markedly more, yet a glorious place to start is with the meaning you give it. Dart quickly from the thought that anything is mundane. Every great and tiny thing is anything but. Your longings are not strange or irresponsible. They are you, and indeed your responsibility is to indulge them in creative and beneficial ways. Joy is not some fleeting, fashionable amusement park ride. It is the gift you can inject into even the smallest, most ordinary moments, again and again. Lovingly immerse your world in the unique joy you keep longing to create. All is now possible, and from that limitless realm your choices make life magnificent. — Ralph Marston

The Happiness Index

Bhutan is a country roughly the size of Vermont and New Hampshire combined, but with less than half the population, sandwiched between China and India. A Fulbright scholar on a visit there asks, is it demolition or progress for the country to move from an isolated, largely self-sustaining Buddhist kingdom to a modern democracy? As workers build a new road to a cliff temple and secret holy lake, her guide says, "It is the thirst of people for an easier life. But there is a trade-off between peace and convenience." Read more about what that trade-off entails for the country that birthed the concept of Gross National Happiness.

Daily Inspirational Quote June 25 2014

“It was pride that changed angels to devils; it is humility that makes men angels.” - St. Augustine When we behave in shameful ways in relationships, at a fundamental level pride is usually the cause. It is pride that makes us self-centered, which is what makes us angry, impatient, frustrated, jealous and vengeful. By contrast, when we are humble, we have no expectations of receiving whatever we might think we are “due.” This makes us kind, patient, calm, generous and forgiving. Ironically, when we live in awareness that we are no better or more important than anyone else, we become spiritually extraordinary.

Trust Yourself

Trust yourself to love what you truly love. Have plenty of confidence to say what you really want to say. Life is too precious to always be asking permission. Go ahead and live your authentic purpose in every thing, in every moment. Have faith in what impassions you. Go with what you know is good and right, energizing and empowering. Anyone else’s mere opinion about you is that person’s concern, not yours. Trust in your unique worth and beauty, for they are absolutely there. Be endlessly curious and joyously delighted about whatever you care about. Let yourself be fascinated by the special, sparkling gems of life that catch your eye. You already know how to live richly. Trust yourself, and do it. — Ralph Marston

Unleashing Empathy Through Emotional Learning

According to a recent Harvard study, cultivating empathy among students has been linked to a variety of desirable outcomes, including positive peer relationships, better communication skills, and fewer interpersonal conflicts. Author Lennon Flowers examines how it is part of a growing education trend broadly referred to as "social and emotional learning," where children, teachers and parents learn to manage emotions and effectively collaborate with others, which ultimately leads to a better learning environment.

Daily Inspirational Quote June 24 2014

“He who can work in the realm of the real and live in that of the ideal has attained the highest.” -Ludwig Boerne If you’re on a conscious spiritual path, you probably suffer disappointment and disillusionment on a regular basis. You may hold yourself to much higher moral standards than most people you interact with. You may regularly see people doing and saying things you would never do and say yourself. It’s natural to want to withdraw from life when it disappoints us at every turn, and while that’s okay at times, nothing is ever going to change if those who know better don’t step in and set good examples for those who have yet to find that higher perspective. Protect your energy as much as you need to, but instead of giving up on the world, recognize that sometimes when you’re the only one who can see that something is just plain wrong, you’ve been sent to try to make it right.

Urging You Forward

Your purpose won’t scream at you all the time. Though if it did, you’d be continually smothered in delightfully good fortune. Purpose does whisper in every little thing, in each feeling, experience, preference, desire and joy. It is not loud yet it persistently calls, and you’re smart to listen. Climb the challenging trail unfolding from that purpose of yours. You’ll accumulate joyous new fulfillment not only at the summit, but also all along the way. How you feel about life says much more about you than it does about life. Pay attention to those feelings, learn what drives them, and choose to follow the unshakable, underlying yearning from which they spring. Purpose pulls you through the struggle, then is deepened and enriched by that same struggle. When you know you must act no matter what, it is purpose urging you forward. Find it, feel it, and allow that purpose to inform and energize all you do. Let it propel you to the rich and fulfilling life that is yours to live. —

7 Keys To A Good Death

"Some years ago, I helped tend to a friend of mine who was dying of cancer. Near the end of his life, he had reached a place of equanimity around dying. But instead of honoring his wishes for a peaceful death, his doctors ordered aggressive chemotherapy treatment, which did nothing to halt his cancer. The treatments caused him immense suffering, rendering him unable to sleep, eat, or converse with family and friends as he was dying. Unfortunately, deaths like my friend's are not that rare...Is there a better way? Is a "good death" just an oxymoron? Or can the experience of death be far more positive -- an opportunity for growth and meaning?" Charles Garfield shares more.

What Intuition Is and What It Isn’t from First Intelligence by Simone Wright

“Following are several understandings about what intuition is and isn’t. These distinctions will enable you to discern the subtle yet powerful differences between the tone and style of true intuitive perception and those of past emotional programming, learned behavior, and misguided understandings of the intuitive process.”

Evolving into the Intuition Age from First Intelligence by Simone Wright

“Intuition is a survival tool. I invite you to let go of the warm, fuzzy, New Age, hippie idea of what you may have thought it was in the past, and to consider a broader, more grounded and practical approach to what it really is and how you might use it in your life. Intuition is not an ethereal, magical skill. It is an intelligence.”

Q & A with Simone Wright Author of First Intelligence

“A revealing with interview with Simone Wright, author of First Intelligence, who outlines the premise of her new book and shares her thoughts on intuition. Two excerpts from her new book First Intelligence are also featured in this edition of Kajama’s Weekly Journal.”

Daily Inspirational Quote June 23 2014

“The most difficult thing I have ever had to do is follow the guidance I prayed for.” - Albert Schweitzer When I am caught up in anger, I sometimes catch myself purposefully avoiding connection with Spirit. I know that through honest reflection and prayer, I will stop seeing my fantasies of revenge and my righteous indignation as justifiable responses to mistreatment, and recognize them as signs of spiritual “dis-ease” that needs healing and release. This avoidance is of course silly, for while forgiveness may be hard, dwelling in anger and outrage can hardly said to be easy, fruitful or pleasant. It may take great inner strength to rise above ego to act on Spirit’s guidance and our own highest values, but the peace it promises is always worth it.

Peace And Quiet

Action and excitement and activity are all great. So are peace and quiet. If you spend all your time having entertainment and information fed to you, there’s no time left to find meaning in it all. On a regular basis, disconnect from the constant feed and reconnect with the beautiful reality of who you are. You don’t have to see and hear and know everything the instant it happens. Much of the value of knowledge comes from taking the time to process what you know. Your power to imagine is one of the most useful and valuable abilities you have. Yet if you are constantly overloaded with intense incoming sensations, your amazing imagination will begin to wither. There’s exquisite music of your own making to be found in moments of peaceful silence. For a little while, let go of what they are saying and rediscover who you are. Delight in the sights, sounds, thrills and excitement of life. And find profound treasure in the peace and quiet. — Ralph Marston

Cartographies of Time

Industrialization, and now globalization, continues to promote the importance of strict clock-based routines. Think about it, how would we be able to interact on an international basis without a shared understanding and agreement on how we measure time? And yet all over the world there are fascinating, often enchanting stories from cultures that still measure time in more traditional ways, and in each and every place there are unique sayings or phrases that have come to represent different amounts of time in a much more human way than the mechanical ticking hand of a clock.

Daily Inspirational Quote June 22 2014

“The errors of sages are regarded as willful sins; the sins of the ignorant are accounted as unwitting errors.” - Judah b. Ilai, Talmud: Baba Metzia About ten years ago, I found myself riding a wonderful wave of Christ Consciousness energy. Months of meditation had led me to a state where magic was thickly woven into my daily experience: I saw auras everywhere, communicated telepathically with strangers/ kindred spirits, was able to manifest what I needed instantly and in incredible ways. Then I did something I knew I shouldn’t do. It wasn’t something horrible, but I ignored my inner knowing because my ego wanted to do it. This abruptly ended my magical ride, and I’ve not been able to return to that level of experience since. We are responsible for the wisdom we attain. Those who know better have more to ground to lose, and will be held to a higher standard than those who unwittingly blunder into wrong action.

A School In The Cloud

Five years ago, Shahrukh Khan, an Indian schoolboy struck up an unlikely friendship with a retired teacher in London -- and with her help he is now studying to be a doctor. Even though they live thousands of miles apart and have never met, they can't imagine life without each other. Khan is just one of many children who've benefitted from the work of academic Sugata Mitra. Mitra gave children in a Delhi slum free access to a computer and let them use it however they wished. He called the experiment the "Hole in the Wall." Now he's moving onto the next phase of his dream -- a project called the "School in the Cloud."