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Daily Inspirational Quote September 13 2014

“Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call to her tribunal every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear.” – from The Life and Selected Writings of Thomas Jefferson

Is it not more meaningful to have faith built upon careful examination and reflection than to believe simply because one is afraid not to? Blind faith is not true faith at all; it’s an attempt to create a charm or talisman against suffering and misfortune. We don’t have to choose between science and religion — the head and the heart — for if we simply ask for evidence from Spirit and keep our minds open, we will receive it.

Live True

The way to care is not to find fault with others for failing to care. The way to truly, effectively care is to show, with your actions and your life, how you care.

The way to communicate a truth is not to insist on it, but to demonstrate it, to live it. The way to convince is not to argue, but to understand.

Being of assistance to others does not mean making them indebted to you. Give, not to boost your ego or influence, but to express the beauty of being alive.

To truly enjoy life, let go of any limitations you have placed on joy. Instead of setting up elaborate situations and expecting joy to come from them, simply choose to give joy to any situation.

Rather than striving to deny or hide from or fight against the truth, embrace it. Accept what is true, and put the power of truth on your side.

Though the universe is delightfully complex, life, at its heart, is not particularly complicated. Live true to who you are and though it won’t always be easy, you’ll live well.

— Ralph Marston

Rethinking the Placebo Effect

Maria Popova of BrainPickings draws on the latest research in health and social science for this powerful piece on "the startling psychological effects of loneliness, optimism, and meditation." Read on to learn about the powerful new findings on the placebo effect, and why the secret of happiness is to "find something more important than you are and dedicate your life to it."

Daily Inspirational Quote September 12 2014

“Evil (ignorance) is like a shadow: it has no real substance of its own, it is simply a lack of light. You cannot cause a shadow to disappear by trying to fight it, stamp on it, by railing against it, or any other form of emotional or physical resistance. In order to cause a shadow to disappear, you must shine light on it.” – Shakti Gawain

The best way to protect ourselves from dark forces is to lose all fear of them. This is easier said than done, of course. One way to align with light in the face of evil is to remember that everything in the universe has a right to exist. Just like it is natural for a lion to kill, it is natural for negative entities to feed off our fear and disharmony. If we are afraid and attract negativity, it’s our own fault. It’s not personal; it’s universal spiritual law. If we want to have more pleasant experiences, we can step out of judgment and view all with compassion, and thus shift our energy out of that lower zone. Then, instead of donning lion bait (fe…

Opportunity Now

What you have right now, right here, is opportunity. Whatever you’re doing, whatever commitments, plans and challenges you may have on this day, you also have an abundance of opportunity.

With your actions you can add richness to your own life and the lives of others. With the way you choose to live this day, you can make it a day that makes a real, positive difference.

You can learn, grow, build, create, teach, assist, connect, laugh, love and enjoy. In every moment, in every situation, with every person you encounter, there is the opportunity to create new goodness.

Remember that there are good and valuable opportunities available to you. Choose to align yourself with those positive opportunities rather than any negative assumptions.

The opportunity of now has great potential for value. Today, you are positioned to bring that value to life in unique, meaningful and enriching ways.

Choose to look out on this day and see the opportunity with which it is filled. Now, while it is here, live …

Creative Compulsive Disorder: Remembering Zina Nicole Lahr

With goggles resting on her head and peacock feathers folded into hair, Zina Lahr viewed herself as a canvas. Self-diagnosed with "creative compulsive disorder", Zina filmed a video to share her passion for mechanics and animatronics. She reveals some of her jaw-dropping artwork: a giant puppet spider she helped create for a movie, and a wired paper crane for stop-motion animation. Zina's artwork reflects the power of her imagination brought to life. Her products were a tangible demonstration of the passion and creativity that flowed from her talent to create robotics. This video was an audition for a chance to compete on a reality show as a creature creator. Although she got a spot, Zina turned it down to return home and care for her grandmother, who was battling lung cancer. Several weeks after filming this video, Zina Lahr passed away in a hiking accident at the age of 23.

Daily Inspirational Quote September 11 2014

“Sin lies only in hurting other people unnecessarily. All other ‘sins’ are invented nonsense.” – Robert A. Heinlein

I sometimes hear from people who are curious about psychic matters, but are afraid to explore them because they think that the Bible says that doing so is sinful or wrong. Well, the Bible does say, “Thou shalt not lie,” yet we would hardly fault someone for lying to Nazis to protect Jews hiding in the attic, or for lying to a child about the existence of Santa Claus. Intention is everything! In exploring psychic matters, we are bravely seeking greater understanding of life and deeper connection with the divine; we are not sinners. In fact, we are more noble than those who avoid such matters out of fear of punishment.

Convince Yourself

What are you convincing yourself to believe about yourself? How are you convincing yourself to be?

Are you convincing yourself that you are sick and weak, or are you convincing yourself that you are healthy, fit and energetic? Are you convincing yourself that you are poor or are you convincing yourself that your life is filled with richness?

Your thoughts are very believable, and they are especially believed by you. So make those thoughts positive and beneficial.

Every moment you are convincing yourself of something. Choose to use that power in a good and life-affirming way.

Convince yourself, in ever deeper and more meaningful ways, of how great it is to be alive. Convince yourself of the never-ending value of finding beauty and opportunity in each moment.

Convince yourself to persevere in making life better for everyone. Convince yourself, and it will be.

— Ralph Marston

9 Ways In Which The Culture of Watching Is Changing Us

Our constant use of cameras, TVs, computers, and smart devices is affecting our thoughts and behavior to a degree we may not even realize, changing how we identify ourselves and how others understand us. We are watching so many -- and so many are watching us in so many different places and ways -- that watching and being watched fundamentally alter how we think and behave.

Daily Inspirational Quote September 10 2014

“Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.” – Erma Bombeck

I’ve met a surprising number of healers over the years who had serious health problems themselves. While their interest in healing is understandable, I’m always puzzled by their presumption that they can heal others when they can’t heal themselves. Would you go to a financial planner who was broke? A psychologist who was insane? A builder whose house was falling down? When choosing a healer, it only makes sense to look for someone who is in radiant health.

Get Clear On Your Direction

The problem is not that there’s too much to do. The problem is that it can be difficult to see the point of it all.

You are amazingly skilled and highly capable. Yet without a clear, persistent and meaningful direction, you’re not going to be very effective.

For a moment, put all the stuff that needs to be done out of your mind. Peacefully step back and reacquaint yourself with what’s most important to you.

You have your life, and those you love. You have interests, passions, longings, values, things you find funny, things you find fascinating, and things you care deeply about.

With a rich sense of what really matters to you, choose to see a clearly defined direction forward. Now is your time to live with purpose, to express to all of life who you truly are.

Though the problems and responsibilities will not just go away, you can deal with them from a higher, more empowered perspective. Get clear on your direction, and you become more positive and effective in every moment.

— Ralph Mars…

How To Help Kids Listen To Their Minds

Maintaining focus in an age of ever-increasing distractions can seem daunting, to say the least. For teachers working to engage the minds of our youth, these distractions can make learning an impossible task. Our children are at the mercy of their disorganized minds -- with failing grades, high suspension rates, and violence only the tip of 'chaotic mind' iceberg. But with the introduction of an innovative new 'mindfulness' program, students are learning "for the first time that they need not be puppets dangling on the strings of their own overactive minds."

Daily Inspirational Quote September 9 2014

“Faith is courage; it is creative, while despair is always destructive.” – David S. Muzzey

Everyone sometimes has doubts about the benevolence of the universe. When it’s hard to keep believing, I remind myself that it makes sense to believe, for I know that what I think about and expect, I send energy. In this way, I create my own reality. Even those who don’t believe we have the power to create our own realities have to admit that people who are upbeat, positive and enthusiastic will attract far more love, admiration and opportunities than those who are gloomy and cynical. Choosing to have faith is wise as it creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Choose To

Choose to hope and there will be hope. Choose to love and there will be love.

Seek out and appreciate life’s beauty, and you will find it in abundance. Decide to be joyful, and you will experience joy.

There is much in this world that is out of your control. And yet, you can precisely control how you feel about it and what you do with it.

There may be many good things you do that no one else appreciates or even notices. And yet, you will know, and you will benefit from creating new goodness in the world.

Welcome what is, welcome what comes, and choose to put some of your own positive energy into it. The more energetic you are, the more energy you will create.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whatever you have, whomever you’re with, you have a choice. Choose in your own way to live richly in every moment.

— Ralph Marston

Newtown Victim's Dream Becomes A Reality

"It was just in her soul," said Jenny Hubbard, describing her late daughter's love of animals. "She didn't care if it was fuzzy or slimy." Six-year-old Catherine Violet Hubbard was sadly one of 20 first-graders killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Before she died, young Catherine worked tirelessly towards her dream - a dream of one day opening her own animal refuge. At first, she raised money collecting recyclable bottles - enough to buy treats for dogs at the animal shelter.
But not now, thanks to the loving-kindness of strangers and friends, that dream is soon to become a reality.

Edgar Casey Retrocognition

The fourth major category of ESP shown in the Cayce readings is retro-cognition, the ability to see past events.

For example, in the life readings (those readings which dealt with the soul) Cayce would often repeat aloud significant happenings in a person’s life while going back over the years until the date of the person’s birth. In one reading, he said, “1935-’32-disturbing periods-’31-’36-’26-not any too peaceful!” etc. In another life reading , Cayce was given the incorrect date and location of birth for a young girl. In going back ...

Edgar Casey Precognition

The third category of ESP is precognition, the ability to view events before they happen. Many of us have had the experience called deja vu; for example: you might be having a conversation with a friend and, all at once, be absolutely positive that you’ve had the exact conversation before. You may even know what your friend is going to say next.

The Cayce readings suggest that one explanation for this phenomenon is that our dreams often foreshadow future events. Such precognitive dreams may be forgotten and only dimly ...

Edgar Casey Telepathy and Clairvoyance

The story of Edgar Cayce’s life is filled with examples of what this extra sense of communication is like.

His ability to give readings in the sleep state could be labeled ESP because he somehow knew information that he had never studied, and he could see people and places and events without using his physical sight. While asleep, he could answer questions on any topic or he could give descriptions of the individual and his or her surroundings, even though Cayce was in Virginia Beach and the person receiving ...

Daily Inspirational Quote September 8 2014

“We have too many people who live without working. We have too many more who work without living. At some point in our ‘career,’ we must choose between living to work and working to live.” – Dean Charles R. Brown

It used to be that people worked to survive: they hunted, farmed, sewed clothing, chopped wood, canned and dried food, raised livestock, made tools, etc. These days, we don’t have to do so much to survive, and yet people are working just as many hours as ever. We’ve become slaves to our own insatiable appetites for more, more, more. If you had to choose between having a comfortable house and the basic necessities and plenty of free time to spend with your loved ones and to pursue your interests, or being affluent but working so much that you did little but sleep, eat and work, which would you choose? Does your life reflect those priorities now?

Bigger Than The Fight

Just because someone is rude or petty to you is not a reason for you to act the same way. Instead, take the opportunity to rise above the pettiness to a more powerful and effective level.

You never truly win by fighting. You win by being bigger than the fight.

Rudeness and hostility are unmistakable signs of weakness and insecurity. Don’t weaken yourself by giving in to them.

Choose honest, honorable, benevolent objectives and pursue them with respect, positive action, diligence and understanding. Rather than letting small-minded people pull you down, push forward with integrity and commitment to goodness.

Resist the temptation to be drawn into meaningless arguments, and feel yourself growing stronger and more confident. Live your values in a positive, purposeful way and live beyond the useless squabbles.

Life is too precious to waste even a moment of it on someone else’s misguided negativity. Be bigger than the fight, and spend your life in the service of the truly good and valuable …

Good Night Margaret: A Love Story Against The Odds

Take a moment to enjoy this short documentary film from the New York Times entitled, "Good Night, Margaret." It is the uplifting story about Margaret "Muffi" Lavigne and Chris Plum, both of whom have muscular dystrophy. But this story focuses not on their disabilities. Instead, it focuses on something they both feel incredibly lucky to have discovered love. As Chris so poignantly states in the film, "I realized all the suffering in the hospital led up to me meeting her, and finding the love of my life, and really finding true happiness."

Daily Inspirational Quote September 7 2014

"Be wiser than other people, if you can,
but do not tell them so."
- Lord Chesterfield

I recently met a very gifted young medium. While she has a lot of natural talent, she has been training to refine her ability for about two years, and it showed. Everywhere she goes and everyone she talks to gets the answers and insights that Spirit supplies her, whether they ask for them or not. It was impossible to have a normal conversation with her because she was constantly "reading." As we develop psychic abilities, we need to simultaneously develop wisdom and discernment regarding when and how to properly use our gifts.

A Guide To Love, Loss ... and Lucky Socks

As Mark Twain once said, "What is joy without sorrow? What is health without illness? You have to experience each if you are to appreciate the other. There is always going to be suffering. It's how you look at your suffering, how you deal with it, that will define you." With these words in mind, join author Shannon Hayes on her enlightening journey as she copes with a trip to a hospital, a friend's unfortunate bad news, and the birth of a close friend's child.