Daily Inspirational Quote September 8 2014

“We have too many people who live without working. We have too many more who work without living. At some point in our ‘career,’ we must choose between living to work and working to live.” – Dean Charles R. Brown

It used to be that people worked to survive: they hunted, farmed, sewed clothing, chopped wood, canned and dried food, raised livestock, made tools, etc. These days, we don’t have to do so much to survive, and yet people are working just as many hours as ever. We’ve become slaves to our own insatiable appetites for more, more, more. If you had to choose between having a comfortable house and the basic necessities and plenty of free time to spend with your loved ones and to pursue your interests, or being affluent but working so much that you did little but sleep, eat and work, which would you choose? Does your life reflect those priorities now?