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Daily Inspirational Quote July 5 2014

“The idea is to die young as late as possible.”
- Ashley Montagu

I once had a karate instructor who was in his seventies and still teaching kickboxing. He could pop right down in full splits and lay his belly down flat on the floor between his legs. He could have kicked butt over our entire class, which was composed of athletes decades younger than him. Most of all, he had this twinkle in his eyes that you see now and then in remarkable older people. I think that sparkle is essentially curiosity — an interest in people and life that has never stopped burning. To be young for our age, we must keep reaching for greater ability, bigger experiences, deeper understanding. We must keep practicing, teaching, trying, reaching, learning, exploring and stretching ourselves.

Let the Thoughts Flow

When you try too hard to be creative, all you get is trying and not much creating. Let go of the trying, let go of the striving, and let the creative thoughts flow.

You are filled with spectacular thoughts and ideas for making life more beautiful and fulfilling. The problem is, most of those ideas never reach the surface because you’re trying so hard to think of other things.

So just ease off the trying and enjoy watching and listening as your thoughts naturally come into your awareness. Instead of getting all uptight with the goal of a particular thought in mind, just pay attention to what your authentic self is telling you.

Before long, if you simply let your thoughts flow, something very useful and appropriate will come along. It will have the added benefit of being elegant and original.

There is so much value in your authentic thoughts that you don’t ever have to settle for contrived thoughts. Be grateful and joyful about who you are, and you will easily come to understand what you se…

Teaching Kids About Living Systems

"If you cut a cow in half, do you get two cows?" That is the simple question Linda Booth Sweeney likes to ask young people in her efforts to try and teach them the concept of living systems. It is a notion that she says even four-year-olds will shout out, "No way!" as they recognize that the cow has parts that belong together to make a whole. Join Lisa Bennett, communications director for the Center for Ecoliteracy, as she speaks with Sweeney about trying to educate people of all ages to experience and understand how nature sustains life and how to live accordingly.

Daily Inspirational Quote July 4 2014

“You can’t be afraid of stepping on toes
if you want to go dancing.”
- Lewis Freedman

When I look back on the most fulfilling endeavors of my life, I realize that most of them were begun with great uncertainty. They involved moving outside my comfort zone and stretching through a period when I wasn’t sure I wanted or would be able to continue. As I pushed forward, however, I got more confident, knowledgeable and skilled, and eventually, what I was doing became a part of me: I became a runner, a martial artist, a writer, a mother, a psychic/medium. Often, the best adventures are those that feel a bit too big to us at first; if we give up too soon, we’ll miss out on what could be the greatest experiences of our lives.

Celebrate and Value Freedom

Today is a great day to celebrate freedom. It’s also a good time to remember to use your freedom wisely and responsibly.

When you are free to think, speak and act as you wish, anything is possible. It’s up to you to follow the best, most loving, beneficial and life-enhancing of those possibilities.

Freedom is best maintained by those who make good use of it. Rather than taking your freedom for granted, take it as a challenge to make a significant, continuing contribution to life.

The way to truly celebrate and show appreciation for freedom is to make it even more valuable for yourself and others. Follow those great opportunities that freedom makes possible.

You can choose how to live your life, and from that fact springs a never-ending flow of great possibilities. Whether life has been fulfilling or difficult, satisfying or disappointing, you can always choose to move forward toward a more rewarding place.

Celebrate and value your freedom today and every day with the way you live. You are …

Three Young Activists & Their Causes

Olivia, Madison, and Xiuhtezcatl are fierce love warriors who are fighting for causes they believe in -- and none of them are older than 13 years of age! Learn about the stories behind these powerful beings who are taking charge and making a difference in the areas of habitat restoration, voting rights, and environmental protection.

Daily Inspirational Quote July 3 2014

“A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs.
It’s jolted by every pebble on the road.”
- Henry Ward Beecher

When we’re watching a movie, we naturally chuckle when some character is running into foible after foible, yet in real life, we have a hard time laughing when the same thing happens to us. It has always intrigued me how we can become frustrated or upset when one or two things go wrong, but when everything is falling apart, suddenly we consider our situation to be a “comedy of errors.” If we can laugh when nothing is going right, it seems like it should be even easier to shrug off one or two problems or issues. By stepping outside the fragile shells of our egos to see the humor in our experiences, we can instantly transform our lives from tragedies into comedies. The plot may be the same, but the story is so much more enjoyable when it’s full of good humor.

Unique and Valuable Thoughts

In every single moment, you’re able to form a unique and useful picture of life. When you think about it, that’s pretty amazing.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you always have a story to tell in a way that’s never been told before. Consider the profound value of that.

You’re thinking all the time, and each thought helps you to more clearly understand and express the purpose that is uniquely yours. In even the most seemingly trivial thoughts, you have the opportunity to better know yourself.

You don’t have to always demand to be entertained by others. Take some time to be enlightened and enriched by your own thoughts about your life and your world.

Allow the thoughts to come, allow them to go, and take note of the ones that feel interesting, intriguing, and right. Your story is always adapting and evolving, and you can gain great value by learning from it.

Your mind is an endless source of great and appropriate ideas. Pay attention, and enjoy living your own unique greatness.

— Ral…

Finding Treasure In A Thrift-Store Couch

Imagine digging through the cushions on a secondhand couch expecting to find a few extra coins -- and pulling out, instead, over $40,000. Now ask yourself, would you then return the money? That's the question three roommates faced when they realized that the lumps in their newly purchased couch were actually large bundles of money. Money that had been set aside to care for a dying man's widow. Purchased for just $20 at a local thrift store, read more to learn how one tattered old couch became a focal point for the 'hidden treasure' of virtue.

Daily Inspirational Quote July 2 2014

“To accept what you are is to be content, and contentment is the greatest wealth. To work with patience is to gather power.”
- Vimalia McClure

Any time we’re worrying about the future or regretting something in the past, we’re scattering our energy. It’s like a hose that has a leak in it: The bigger the leak is, the less personal power we have available for affecting our current circumstances. When we are fully present, we are naturally content and empowered to respond to whatever life sends our way. When you catch yourself wishing and worrying because you fear you won’t end up with enough, cultivate contentment with what you already have at that moment. Instead of settling for less, you’ll end up with so much more.

Already Here

What are you waiting for? Whatever it is, stop waiting and start living.

The purpose of your life is already here, so live it. The meaning, the beauty, the opportunities, the resources, the time and the inspiration are already here, so go ahead and make full use of them.

Just dive right in to the substance of life. Start where you are, for the sooner your efforts begin, the more you’ll achieve.

Indulge that persistent longing to be creative, to say what you really mean and to live the reality of what you truly love. Everything necessary is already here, and so are you.

Let go of the excuses and silly rationalizations and let yourself live this day in all its beauty and glory. Stop searching and wondering and start letting your heart lead the way.

Your most promising moment is already here. Grab it and joyfully go with it.

— Ralph Marston

The Far Shore of Aging

As life-prolonging technologies continue to lengthen our stay on earth, we still are learning how to confront the challenges of longer lives. How do we preserve human dignity and joy as our bodies struggle with the inevitable decline of age? Jane Gross and Krista Tippett explore this, and many other facets of what it means to grow old in today's world in this interview.

Daily Inspirational Quote July 1 2014

“Our mind is like an onion, and each day and month of practice progressively peels away the layers of delusion.”
- Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey

This is how meditation leads to psychic development: it clears away all the mental chatter that is drowning out the subtle energies ever whispering in the background. It allows us to deal with the mundane worries and emotions ever chirping away inside of us, waiting for us to pay attention. When we stop and listen to them and process them, their job is done, and they just drift away. Eventually we run out of trivial issues, old wounds, subconscious drives and desires, etc., and then we can go deeper. Through meditation, we escape from the endless profane chatter of the mind, and begin to discover the profound poetry of silence.

Choose Your Perspective

What limits you is not the way things are. What limits you is the perspective from which you see the way things are.

Change your perspective, and you change your options. Change your perspective, and you can change the world.

If you think the world is filled with unfairness and injustice, and that everyone is out to take advantage of you, that perspective will seriously hinder you. If you truly see life as filled with opportunities and positive possibilities, that viewpoint can remarkably empower you.

The amazing and powerful thing is this. You can choose your perspective regardless of past or present events or circumstances.

Yes, the world is as it is, and objective reality is what it is, no matter what you think about it. However, what you make of that objective reality depends entirely on what you think about it.

Your perspective is yours to choose, whatever the situation. And your perspective will make all the difference going forward, so in each moment, choose the best, most positive,…

Beauty & The Dumpster

"I've been to archaeological sites, know the sun-bleached whiteness of bone, the tea-colored stains left by earth. Here, no layers of soil obscured the find." Join Meredith Sabini, founder of the Dream Institute of Northern California, as she explores the remnants of a life: the objects left behind by friends and relatives after a loved one passes.

The tiny, mud-free space that meant a lot!

A disastorous flood left her house in shambles, and this small act was all she needed.

In Giving, True Abundance We Recieve

The amazing story of this month's kindness contest winner! You gotta check it out.

A Thousand Cranes - A Scavenger Hunt in Reverse

One day, she found a mysterious paper crane with this message attached.

Time to Breathe

“Create space with breath. As you focus on your breathing, thoughts go away and you are in the present moment, allowing space and stillness to be there. Breathing, in and of itself, holds the key to our divine connection. For without breathing we would not survive. Become aware of your breath in every moment. Breath awareness is most powerful and transformational.”

8 Limbs of Yoga

“So much activity and anxiety exists in the world. Yoga is not just the physical asana practice but encompasses many elements for a mind, body and soul connection. In ancient Yoga traditions they were aware of the transformation of the body as inevitable and set up a beautiful complete practice of yoga called the 8 limbs of yoga.”

Yoga Is

“Through my dedicated yoga practice, I am able to handle life with more grace, flow and ease. Through yoga we can heal ourselves physically, but also just as important mentally, emotionally and spiritual. As I practice yoga I get deeper into my true self; ripping away the layers that no longer serve me – obtaining a deeper connection to Source/God.”

Daily Inspirational Quote June 30 2014

“He who shirks action does not attain freedom;
no one can gain perfection by abstaining from work.”
-Bhagavad Gita 3:4-5

Many talk of the power of love and the wisdom of compassion while at the same time avoiding situations where walking their talk may be challenging or even just uncomfortable. While it’s good to abstain from wrong action, at some point we have to ask ourselves how much “right action” we’re engaged in as well. I don’t believe we can progress spiritually through contemplation alone, especially if we’re avoiding anything. To free ourselves from fear, ignorance and limitation, we must exercise whatever power and knowledge we have by applying them in big and small ways every day.

Not What They Say

You are not what they say you are, and you are not even what they think you are. You are who you choose to be.

You are the way you choose to live, to speak, to think, to wonder and to wander. You are what you are most profoundly thankful for, and what you love.

You have no obligation to meet anyone else’s expectations. Yet you have a serious obligation to yourself and to life, to set your own expectations beyond even the reaches of imagination.

There is no need and no reason to be intimidated. Live so that what might have previously intimidated you will instead begin to inspire you.

This life you have is nothing short of a miracle. What you do with it today, tomorrow, every little moment, is up to you.

So choose wisely, and remember that in all things you do have a choice. Choose as if your life depends on it, for it does.

— Ralph Marston

Guiding Rage into Power

Jacques Verduin is painfully aware of the ugly statistics: one in 107 Americans are in prison; one in 28 children have an incarcerated parent; and within 18 months, 64% will be back behind the walls. Thankfully, Verduin has shown that the empowerment and transformation of prisoners is a big part of what prison reform can look like, and with it has created a successful social experiment that is one of the best-kept secrets around.

Daily Inspirational Quote June 29 2014

“Despair says I cannot lift that weight. Happiness says I do not have to.”
- James Richardson

Circumstances do not cause unhappiness; resistance to them does. If you lose your job and get sucked into fear about the future and how you’ll support yourself, you’ll sink into despair and wish you had that job back. If you find out that this was a blessing because you’re going to get a new and better position, suddenly you’re overjoyed that you lost your job. You no longer wish things were different, and in letting go of resistance to the way things are, you are happy. Either way the job was lost; resisting this change led to misery, while acceptance led to new happiness. Basically to transform worry into joy, we don’t have to change a thing except our feelings about change.

All In On Love

Love others. Sounds simple, right? As Vinoba Bhave confessed, "I said it was simple; I did not say that it was easy." And this message of the simplicity of the idea, yet the ever-present challenge of putting love into practice is found in all times, across all areas of life. Enter American singer-songwriter John Legend. A graduate of Penn State, passionate about music his entire life, the greatest lesson not only of his career, but of his upbringing and experiences in life has been to expand his conceptions of how to love others. He shares this insight in one of the most unlikely places--a Penn State commencement address.