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This Yoga Class Leads Inmates to Find Freedom From Within

There’s nothing like a little time on the yoga mat to take you away from it all—especially behind prison walls, where that goal is not easily accomplished.

While incarcerated people have made mistakes in their lives and caused others pain, many are victims themselves—of poverty, neglect, sexual assault, domestic violence and other crimes. Because of that, they are poised to benefit deeply from the holistic self-care offered by a Charleston, West Virginia nonprofit.

Walmart Pledges $25Mil to Disaster Recovery on Katrina Anniversary

In observance of the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the Walmart Foundation announced that they will be making a $25 million commitment over a five year span to support organizations that aid in disaster recovery and resiliency efforts.

Nothing to Sneeze at: Farm Dust Shows Promise in Preventing Asthma, Allergies

The secret to an effective allergy and asthma vaccine may be down on the farm, swirling in the dust that farmers kick up while plowing and planting.

Scientists have long known that people who grew up on farms tend to have far fewer issues with allergies and asthma than people who didn’t.

Big Cats Have “Obsession” for Calvin Klein Cologne–Helps Conservationists

The jury’s still out on whether cologne will attract a romantic partner, but this one will lure a jaguar out of the brush so you can take pictures of it.

Biologists studying the big cats in Guatemalan rain forests had trouble photographing the stealthy predators, until they turned to Calvin Klein’s “Obsession for Men.”

Daily Inspirational Quote – September 5, 2015

“Smile….it is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart.”

I instinctively look people in the eye when they smile at me as I have noticed that a smile does not always reach that far. I’m sure many of you can relate to this too. I love it when someone smiles at me and their smile becomes reflected in their eyes with genuine warmth, love or friendliness. That’s when you “bask” in a smile and find yourself just automatically smiling back. Your smile may just have made the day of someone who’s having a bad day, feeling downhearted, lonely, or even angry! It costs you nothing but to somebody else it may be absolutely priceless.


Embrace The Miracle

Give life a reason to be good today. Allow yourself the space, the energy and the will to make it so.

Remind yourself that the future is always open to the way you choose to bend it. Give love, kindness, goodness and focused effort, making much more hope than there was before.

Offer yourself all kinds of chances to be yourself, true, joyful, curious, even adventurous. Take yourself up on those offers.

Think of the things that make you smile, and see if you can discover new ways to support, encourage and share them. Think of the things that challenge you, and decide to find new strength in stepping up to them.

Let your positive spirit fill your every action. Let yourself see how good life is, whatever conditions the moment may hold.

Here is your day to live like you love it. Embrace the miracle, and give it all your best.

— Ralph Marston

The Love Kitchen

Helen Ashe and Ellen Turner are 82-year old twin sisters with huge hearts. They cook breakfast for dozens of needy Knoxville folks who come to the Love Kitchen twice a week for a free meal, and for delivery to the hundreds of people in need who have no way to get to Love Kitchen, and for the hundreds more who come by and pick up much-needed emergency food bags. The sisters cook for the hungry, the homeless, the helpless, the hopeless, and the homebound and have been offering their love through service for 25 years.

Big Cats Have “Obsession” for Calvin Klein Cologne–Helps Conservationists

The jury’s still out on whether cologne will attract a romantic partner, but this one will lure a jaguar out of the brush so you can take pictures of it.

Biologists studying the big cats in Guatemalan rain forests had trouble photographing the stealthy predators, until they turned to Calvin Klein’s “Obsession for Men.”

New Goal for German Football Stars: Helping Refugees

Some of the fiercest competition among German football clubs right now is happening off the field.

A number of teams are trying to outdo one another—in the best possible way—by extending kindness and help to refugees.

Healthy Flavored Popcorn: 5 Easy Variations You Can Make in a Pan

Here’s a delicious riddle for you: what is gluten-free, vegetarian (vegan if you skip the butter), easy to make from scratch, healthy and the perfect accompaniment to melted butter?


Watch The Reactions of People Finding Out They Won the Lottery

Are you a believer in Law of Attraction?

If so, watch this video and practice feeling the emotion you would have if you won the lottery.

Five Percent of Iceland’s Population Volunteer to Take in Syrian Refugees

Iceland may be cold most of the year, but it’s full of warm hearts.

After the government said it would take in only 50 refugees from Syria, 16,000 Icelanders volunteered to open their homes for more refugees. That’s five percent of the country’s population.

You Are Needed

Because you’ve achieved, you now have the chance to do it again. Because you’ve persisted, you now can gain great value from continuing to persist.

Did you think this would be easy? Did you think you would be able to make one leap and then never have to make any effort again?

That’s not the way it works, and you wouldn’t want it to anyway. What gives richness to your life is the opportunity to participate, again and again, in making good things happen.

You are needed, you are necessary, you are in demand as someone who can make a difference. Consider what a blessing that is, and then think of what you can do about it.

All your effort has bought for you the opportunity to make even greater effort. That’s a very good and desirable thing.

You are needed to make a difference in life, today and every day. Feel how great it feels to be so needed, and enjoy fulfilling your beautiful obligation.

— Ralph Marston

Daily Inspirational Quote – September 4, 2015

“Light tomorrow with today.”

Lovely words eh? I guess this just means that what we do today, if we do it well enough and with love, can be carried forward into tomorrow and, perhaps, the day after……….. This may not necessarily mean bringing “light” to us personally but perhaps to someone who needs it more. If we all strive to generate more love, compassion and kindness in our daily lives and in our interaction with others, then surely this will gladden our own hearts and bring us great satisfaction and also a feeling of a job well done. Go on, allow your “light” to shine brightly.


Can Compassion Change the World?

Can compassion change the world? In celebration of his 80th birthday, the Dalai Lama reached out to author, Daniel Goleman for assistance in capturing his compassionate vision. The result of their collaboration, "A Force for Good: The Dalai Lama's Vision for Our World", a book that is both a translation of the Dalai Lama's ideals and a call to action.

Construction Workers Left a Message in The Sky For Little Girl in Hospita

Every day, a two-year-old and her mother look out of the hospital room window to catch a glimpse of the creation scene across the street.

In contrast to the gray medical gear stacked in their room, the view outside is a constant display of cranes and trucks, and people in brightly colored hard hats as construction workers continue to erect a new building.

Workers Salute a “Brother’s” Funeral With Epic Machine Display

It was a powerful send off for a man who kept the electrical power flowing and the lights on in Peterborough, Ontario.

“Big Ed” Spoelstra was a lineman for the local utility company, going out in all types of weather to repair downed power lines for 20 years. When he passed away last month at age 69, his fellow linemen gave him a hero’s salute.

We Can’t Even Handle This Boy’s Cute Reaction To Becoming A Big Brother (WATCH)

The accent, the offer to share his bed, the wonder….it’s almost too much cuteness to handle.
When mom-to-be Sarah Bromby handed her son a set of sonogram photos, the little boy assumed they were photos of him.

In Tribute to Wayne Dyer, His Movie “The Shift” Is Free Online This Week

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s first feature film is being given away free this week in memory of the man many have called “The Father of Motivation.”

Dyer, himself, frequently gave away free copies of the 2009 movie “The Shift” as something of a business card to people he’d meet in airports and hotels.

Maine Great-Grandmother Still Driving the Ambulance as EMT Volunteer

As a joke, a fire department in Maine presented its oldest EMT with a walking stick a few years back. She hobbled off the stage, playing it for laughs.

That’s because this 87-year-old volunteer at the Liberty Fire Department could probably run circles around half the seniors in town.

Cop, Skip, and Jump–WATCH This Officer’s Amazing Double Dutch Skills

Police Corporal Alan Jones said he had never tried Double-Dutch rope jumping, but a double-dare got him to give it a try.

He was a natural, despite being weighed down with full gear and a vest, jumping with the ease of a ten-year-old.

Navajo Lady Delivers Water 75 Miles Every Day to Homes Without Plumbing

The Navajo call Darlene Arviso “the water lady,” because for six years she’s delivered this liquid luxury to families in 250 homes that lack indoor plumbing.

Arviso fills two 55-gallon blue barrels outside each home, driving across 75 miles of bumpy, unpaved roads five days every week to do it.

Daily Inspirational Quote – September 3, 2015

“For success, attitude is equally as important as ability.”

Well of course it is! Without the right attitude to “fuel” our drive towards success we’d never arrive there would we? We need something to give us the “oomph” to strive for our own particular idea of success and that’s where attitude comes in. Let’s say you already possess all the necessary skills in order to achieve the success you seek. You know that’s not enough right? Without the right positive, forceful attitude to keep you going when the going gets tough (and it will trust me), you’ll never get anywhere, skills overload or not. So remember to nurture the skills AND the attitude.


The Importance of Swapping Screen Time For Sunshine

In How to Raise a Wild Child, Dr. Scott D. Sampson asserts that topophilia, a love of place, is the key to restoring sustainability on our planet. As chief curator at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and host of the PBS KIDS television series Dinosaur Train, he argues that the current disconnect between kids and the natural world is a threat to their physical, mental, and emotional health.

“Look At The Stars, Man”…The Encounter That Inspired An Iconic Song

My boyfriend and I were in Long Branch, New Jersey for a wedding a couple of weeks ago. The morning after the celebration, we headed down to breakfast at the inn, and fortunately, the only two seats left were next to a man reading a newspaper who invited us to join him.

The Perfect Healthy Breakfasts When You’re in a Hurry

I’m sure you’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do you know why?

According to researchers at the National Weight Control Registry, over 73% of respondents who have maintained a 30 pound weight less for at least one year eat breakfast every day.

Strangers Create MACK-nificent Funeral Procession For Boy Who Loved Trucks

Horns honking and engines roaring, more than 100 trucks rolled down an Arizona road, giving an emotional send-off to a three-year-old boy who loved big rigs.

Elijah Steffen, who passed away August 21 from a rare disease, had been looking forward to his first monster truck show.

Amy Poehler Online Community, Smart Girls, Urges Teens to Be Themselves

Amy Poehler loves “weird and wonderful” more than Leslie Knope loves waffles.

Which is why she started Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, an online community for adolescents where intelligence and imagination are valued over “fitting in,” and where curiosity is so much cooler than gossip.

‘Play Music On The Porch Day’ Builds Musical Community Worldwide

In case you missed it, musicians everywhere were grabbing their guitars and hitting the decks to celebrate National Play Music On The Porch Day last week.

People from close to 20 different countries participated in the second annual event by playing music across a variety of genres and styles, using every instrument imaginable.

Car Dealership’s Generosity Makes Her Forget Walmart Insurance Headache

After an oil change left a florist’s delivery truck destroyed, a local salesmen tracked the woman down and gave her some good news to make her forget about Wal-Mart's mistakes.

Guess Who May Show Up At Tom Hanks-themed School Homecoming?

He saved Private Ryan, cracked the Da Vinci Code, brought a crippled spaceship back from the moon, and spent years on a desert island talking to a volleyball. Now, Tom Hanks may be headed to a tiny school’s homecoming.

Spice Up Your Yoga Routine With These Highly Helpful Goodies

In honor of National Yoga month, we’ve pulled together some hidden gems that will make your experience before, during, and after yoga much more enjoyable. Check out the below for ways to better achieve that zen feeling and keep it going all day long.

Whoah! Swiss Army Airlifts Tons of Water To Rescue 20,000 Cows

They hauled water ‘til the cows came home.

The Swiss Army recently wrapped up a massive month-long effort to airlift tons of water to thirsty cows—some 20,000 of them—grazing high up in the Alps.

Sleep it Off! Afternoon Naps Can Lower Blood Pressure

Stressed out about high blood pressure?

No big deal, just sleep it off.

A new study says afternoon naps can lower blood pressure, reduce the chance of a stroke or heart attack, and decrease the number of drugs people have to take to control hypertension.

This Cat Does Not Give a %#@! That You Installed A Cat Door

It’s kind of like when you spend hours building your kid a dream house or a jungle gym, and they just want to sit in the box and pretend it’s a spaceship.

YouTube user Philo Cat put in a ton of time on this cat door, but the feline, named Philo, was not very impressed.

Daily Inspirational Quote – September 2, 2015

“Don’t count the days, make the days count.”

This reminds me of friends we had who, although they were English and resident in the UK, preferred living in the house they had bought in Florida. However, due to immigration rules they were restricted to spending 3 months in Florida then the UK for 3 months, so they made two 3 month trips every year. However, when they were in the UK they marked the days off one by one on a calendar, and lived very frugally, preferring to save every penny for their return to Florida. This used to really “get” to me, the fact they weren’t “living” life to the full because, you and I know, that nothing is certain in life especially as regards health especially when we get a bit older. They didn’t care. I gave up pointing out that they wouldn’t get back the days they were so eager to cross off. They had their way of life and that was it. They have been doing it for a several years now and plan to do it for several more. I will never ever understand, never!

by …

Feel Your New Strength

Over the last few weeks and months, you have grown stronger. Today, feel your new strength.

In living your life, in meeting the challenges, you have learned and experienced, become more capable and effective. Step back, look at yourself objectively, and see how those new capabilities can be put to good use.

The future is bright because of the effort you’ve put forth to work through the past. Every challenge you’ve encountered has left you with new, positive possibilities.

Feel your new strength, and feel the urge that grows within you to put that strength into action. Remind yourself of what matters to you, and see new, creative ways to expand life’s goodness.

Once, you had great dreams, goals and ambitions, and you still do. Now, you are stronger and more capable of reaching them than ever before.

Feel your new strength, and feel the fresh new desire it gives birth to, the desire to make a difference. With purpose, passion, and an inspired love for life, put that desire into action.

Sixth Graders on Mindfulness

"It really calms me down 'cause I get really stressed about homework a lot and when I breathe and just take a moment it really helps me focus more and I can get a lot more done" says one student. "If you get angry, you can just breathe in and out a couple of times..." says another. Listen to the children of Meena Srinivasan's 6th grade class at Park Day School in Oakland, California, talk about what they like about mindfulness and how it benefits them.

Daily Inspirational Quote – September 1, 2015

“Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall together.”

Now I know this to be true because, looking back, I can see where and when it happened for me. We have all experienced times when we rail against Fate, the Universe, etc., because we feel we have been selected, from all the billions of people on Earth, to suffer a particular hardship, experience a troubling situation, or deal with grief. However, think about when this happened to you in the past. Now, can you recollect the days, weeks or even months that followed? Yes? Did you consequently find yourself in a better place either emotionally, physically or financially? Well then, hopefully, instead of going “into one” the next time things don’t go your way, you’ll wait to see how things actually turn out first…..


Ahead Of The Demands

You cannot avoid the fact that life demands much of you. What you can do, is demand even more of yourself.

Expect more of yourself than others expect of you. Then, instead of being pressured by the expectations and demands of others, you’ll already be way ahead of those expectations.

Set your standards higher than anyone else you know, and live each moment true to those high standards. You’ll never have to be concerned about failing to meet anyone else’s standards.

Set your own deadlines, far in advance of those deadlines you know you will have to meet. Then, instead of rushing to catch up, you’ll already be able to move forward to whatever is next.

Life is demanding, yet you can choose to be even more demanding of yourself. That enables you to meet the demands of life on your own terms.

Choose to see life’s demands not as a burden, but as an opportunity. Get out ahead of those demands, where you can work on your own terms to create achievement, satisfaction and fulfillment.

— Ralph Marston

The WE-economy: Value Creation in the Age of Networks

"Underlying the collaborative economy are a handful of very strong and general trends that are challenging the conventional business models in just about every sector of the economy --not just in the types of transactions that we usually think of as the sharing economy. Focus is shifting from selling stand-alone, physical products to creating services that enable users to make the most of the resources around them."

Fifth Train Attack Hero Speaks Out For the First Time

The French hero just released from a hospital after he was shot trying to subdue a gunman on a train, talked to Le Figaro about the experience and the American who helped save his life.

“The Aussies Are Coming!” Overseas Firefighters Arrive in WA

Seventy Australian and New Zealand firefighters arrived in the United States last week, ready to go wherever wildfires were burning, reports the Associated Press.

Grateful Firefighters in Washington state welcomed the reinforcements from Down Under, as they battled the largest wildfire in the state’s history.

Strangers Show Up on Elderly Man’s Roof, Restore More Than Just Shingles

As he watched his frail 75-year-old neighbor painstakingly laying down shingle by individual shingle, David Perez knew he wanted to do something to help, but he didn’t know a single thing about roofing.

“On Second Thought” App Lets You Take Back What You Text

If you’ve ever wanted a “do over” when it comes to texting, an innovative app may be your new best friend.

“On Second Thought” is a chance to avoid texting pitfalls — a digital grace period to take back rash replies, less than sober thoughts and embarrassing auto-corrects.

Your Creative Process

An Excerpt from Wild Women, Wild Voices

by Judy Reeves.

Ah, we creatives are a quirky lot. We have all these habits and perform all these rituals, often without thought, but other times we swear that they are invocations to the muse and that we couldn’t possibly do our work unless we first (fill in the blank). It’s said that Colette picked fleas from her cat before she settled into her writing, that Baudelaire kept a bat in a cage on his writing desk, and that Henrik Ibsen kept a pet scorpion on his. I’ve readily admitted to my light-a-candle routine, which is only the first of the rituals I perform, and here I sit at my candle-lit table with all my polished stones.

Artist and writer SARK said, “Your creativity in action is so needed by the world and the people in it. No other person has your eccentric blend of ideas, attitudes, and perceptions.”

I love that “succulent wild woman” SARK used the word eccentric to describe us. Eccentric is generally thought of as a polite word ...


Art as Transformation

An Excerpt from Wild Women, Wild Voices

by Judy Reeves

I was in kindergarten, and our class and all the other elementary school students were sitting cross-legged on the polished hardwood floor of the cafeteria/auditorium for the performance of Aladdin and His Magic Lantern by a visiting high school troupe. Never before, in all the books that had been read to me, in all the stories I’d been told, in all the dramas played out on records or on the radio, never before had I experienced such magic. Before me, and me alone, because now all the other students had faded away, appeared mysterious tents draped with brilliant fabrics and furnished with satin pillows as large as my father’s easy chair. The play began, and actors adorned in colorful costumes and tasseled shoes with turned-up toes performed their roles. And there was the gleaming magic lantern itself — pure gold, I was certain. Then suddenly a loud drum sounded, and out of a cloud of smoke appeared the genie! ready to grant any wish…

Daily Inspirational Quote – August 31, 2015

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

Exactly! So what’s stopping you from deciding exactly who you want to be? Don’t allow it to be you yourself will you? This is in YOUR hands and within YOUR power so decide wisely. Choose your path and the tools you need to carve out and mold the person you ultimately see yourself as being with careful consideration. Don’t rush any part of the work you put in. What a masterpiece you are going to be. I look forward to your unveiling.


Authentic Enjoyment

Take a good, deep breath of fresh air and feel the possibilities as they surround you. Gaze lovingly and gratefully at the wonder and abundance that fills the universe.

Let it all in, and let yourself enjoy it all, really enjoy. Fill your awareness with an appreciation for all that is, and fill your heart with a desire to make new goodness from it all, and enjoy.

Enjoy the beauty, the challenges, the certainties and the mysteries. Enjoy the people, the ideas, the dilemmas, the places, the problems and the opportunities.

Authentic enjoyment gives you a reason to move forward, and the energy to do so. Enjoy life in this moment, and your enjoyment compels you to create even more ways to enjoy.

Enjoy, not to impress or persuade or to further some hidden agenda. Enjoy for the sheer richness of the experience.

Enjoy this day, this situation, this life and all it encompasses. Enjoy, and bring all of life more fully to life.

— Ralph Marston

Gabriela Mistral on Service

Gabriela Mistral calls on us to serve as nature serves, suggesting each of us could be the one to remove the rock from the field or hate from the human heart. Read her lovely poem about service here...