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Say What We Mean and Mean What We Say

Ever notice when talking to someone that we hold back what we real feel because we are afraid of what the other person might think.   What if we said it anyway?   What if the other person felt the same way? What we say during a conversation gives insight into our thought process.   Depending on the person receiving the message, they may or may not know your true intensions.   Sometimes our deepest personal thoughts are exposed by accident and the other person may not get the idea.   Other times, they know exactly how you feel.   With the right person, we can make a very personal connection.   I suppose if we always spoke our minds, thoughts and feelings, as human beings, we would be far too vulnerable.   This is basis of privacy.   Some people would take advantage and use the information against us.   Maybe we can leave this approach to the poets who can weave elegant words into a special message to the right person. Everyone needs a close inner circle of friends, a set of p