Your Precious Life

Spend your time as if it is precious, because it is. Spend your time as if it can bring great value to your world, because it can.

Live this moment as if you will never be able to live it again, because you won’t. Seek to get as much as possible from the time you have right now, and you will.

The more you value and appreciate each moment, the more value each moment will bring you. The way to be truly thankful for the life you have and for everything in it, is to constantly make good and meaningful use of it all.

If you had a magnificent, sparkling diamond that was worth fifty million dollars, you’d likely be extremely careful with it. Your life on this day is much more precious than a mere diamond, so remind yourself to take great care and make the most of every moment.

Before you waste it on anger, resentment, spite or envy, think of how precious and irreplaceable your time is. Remind yourself that you have many better choices.

Your life is truly precious. And you can make it even more so by living each day with that in mind.

— Ralph Marston