Daily Inspirational Quote August 6 2014

“More important than talent, strength or knowledge
is the ability to laugh at yourself and
enjoy the pursuit of your dreams.”
- Amy Grant

I’ve been noticing that a great way to achieve success or “find true love” is to simply begin to enjoy the whole process of “getting there” like it’s a game. I know a woman who achieved tremendous financial success very quickly when she began to treat her business like a strategy game. This means that instead of setting serious goals and working harder, she began to experiment with how much fun she could have with making it grow. I know another woman in her forties who has never married, who is suddenly being pursued by a number of admirers. I believe she’s so attractive because she decided to quit trying to find “her one and only” and just have fun with matters of love. If you’re struggling with your goals and dreams, maybe it’s because you’re trying too hard and not enjoying the journey enough.