You Have The Opportunity

You have the opportunity to take a negative situation and transform it into positive value. You have the opportunity to take an ordinary moment and make it into an extraordinary experience.

You have the opportunity because you can make a difference. You have the opportunity because you care very deeply about life, and have the ability to put that caring into action.

Life can unfold in many different ways, creating an unimaginable variety of situations. In every one of those situations, there is opportunity.

Those people who choose to see the opportunities, and to do something about them, are the people who enjoy the best life has to offer. You are never more fully alive than when you are transforming what is possible into what is real.

Every day is an opportunity to express your purpose and your love of life in new and valuable ways. Every moment is an opportunity to give something of yourself and by so doing, to taste a flavor of life’s richness that cannot be experienced in any other way.

You have the opportunity right now to do something truly beautiful. Take that opportunity, and find delight in making it count.
— Ralph Marston