Ann Medlock: Sticking Her Neck Out for Our Common Humanity

"There is a fundamentalist mindset that is manifesting all over the world, and the fundamental mind says, "There are no questions. There are only answers, and they are in the book" (whatever book they believe in and are referring to). So, anybody who has questions is a mystery to them... I've never been one of those people...I got called to my son's junior high school, and his teacher said, "You have to tell him not to wear that button." And I said, "Which button?" He had a jacket that was covered with buttons - it was a thing for kids his age. The teacher said, "The one that says 'question authority.'" And I said, "I gave it to him." That was the end of that conversation." Ann Medlock, founder of the Giraffe Heroes Project shares more from her spirited journey in this in-depth interview.