Global Problems, Personal Unwilding

From the book, Rewilding Our Hearts by Marc Bekoff

Bereft of contact with wildness, the human mind loses its 
coherence, and the human heart ceases to beat.
— David Abram

We have conquered the biosphere and laid waste to it like no other species in the history of life. We are unique in what we have wrought.
— Edward O. Wilson

Humans are an unprecedented force in nature. We are all over the place, and there are far too many of us.

There is hardly anywhere on Earth, in the water, or in the sky that has not been influenced by us. No need to look for mythical Bigfoot: We’re here! We leave huge footprints wherever we go, which create all sorts of urgent global problems that so far we have been rather unsuccessful at solving.

Let’s take a look at some of these problems and, just as important, their emotional effect on us. Much has already been written about the messes we make, and so I will only summarize them briefly, but it’s important to describe what needs fixing. However, the main ...