Be The Positive Difference

When it’s difficult to be positive, that’s when being positive can make the biggest difference. When you don’t feel like being focused and disciplined, that’s when focus and discipline can profoundly improve things.

Just because conditions are extremely challenging, doesn’t mean you have to be negative about them. You have an opportunity to make a positive difference, and the best way to do that is to be the positive difference.

Let your attitude be based on the best possibilities, rather than dictated by the worst problems. When things are not they way you’d like them to be, then be completely different than the way things are.

Take it upon yourself to be the positive difference. Focus your energy on forging your way forward, and make the choice to take everything else in stride.

If everything were perfect, you’d have nothing useful to do. Be truly thankful for the opportunity to be useful, and vigorously seize that opportunity.

Be the difference, see a better world, and work to bring that better world to life. Be the difference, and make the positive difference that you’re here to make.

— Ralph Marston