An Easy Way to Detach

by Cindy Attar
Detachment is a valuable practice. Detaching from other people's energy can free you to move forward in life. Since the word detachment can be confusing, let me explain what detachment is and provide an easy way to detach from someone.
We all know what attachment is. In love relationships, two people are attached, connected, bonded. When that relationship ends, the two people naturally detach. They move away from each other, disconnect, and separate mentally and physically. The problem comes when one person chooses to end the relationship but can't seem to get away from the other person mentally and/or emotionally. They have physically removed themselves from the other person, but on a mental level, that person is still very much present in their experience. (For more on this, see the article Becoming Aware of Thought Energy.)
If you desire to detach or mentally separate yourself from another person, there are a few techniques that well work for most people. If the connection is light, Sifting can be a great tool. (See Sifting: A Means to Cleanse Yourself of Another's Energy.) If the connection is very strong, however, Sifting may not do the trick. In these cases, there is another technique of detaching that works very well. The technique described below is loosely taken from a similar Huna practice.
Sit where you won't be disturbed for about 20 minutes. Relax, close your eyes, and imagine that you are sitting in the audience of an empty theater, facing toward the stage. Imagine the person you want to detach from right there on the stage. Imagine the presence of this person clearly, either by visually seeing them, noticing an outline of them, sensing their energy footprint, hearing their voice, or whatever works best for you in terms of becoming aware of the person up on that stage.
As they face you, notice that there is a cord attached from your body to theirs. (It may be stomach chakra to stomach chakra, or heart chakra to heart chakra.) Notice the thickness and strength of the cord. Is it a small string? Is it a thick cable? Just notice the first thing that comes to your mind. As you are connected with this person through the cord, make a bold statement in earnest desire of forgiveness. This may be something as simple as: I forgive you, do you forgive me? Or it may be as elaborate as: I appreciate the connection we have had. I love you. This connection now must end, and you must soon detach and leave the stage. For all those times I have felt hurt or discomfort from you, I forgive you. For all those times I have caused you pain or discomfort, I apologize and ask for your forgiveness. Do you forgive me?
Notice the reaction of the person on stage. Most will say yes right away, while some will hesitate. Regardless of what they say or how they react, you are choosing to disconnect. Take out your big pair of scissors and proceed to cut the cord near your body. Watch as the cord from the other person leaves your body and gets sucked back into them. The cord is now cut: you are now detached from this person. The person MUST now walk off stage. Watch them do so. If they resist walking off stage, then it's time for you to stand up and go. See yourself walking out of that theater. Let the door swing closed behind you. See yourself walking out into the bright sunlight and happily moving on with your life. (Note: Any time you detach from another, you can reconnect if you so desire. In fact, this will happen naturally; you don't have to do anything to reconnect. The reconnection will be on a new level without the baggage of the past connection.)
This is a powerful process and can be done with anyone. If a friendship is stagnant, you can put your friend on stage, ask forgiveness, cut the cord, and move on. If desired, a new cord can be established on a higher level, but this time, you will be enjoying a different play than the one you left behind, in a new and different theater. If you are trying to sell a pet, this is a great way to detach from the pet and allow for new people and a new home to come into that pet's life.