Constantly Changing

Life constantly moves, so move with it. Life is constantly changing, so learn to find beauty and fulfillment in the changes.

If you try and hold on to the way things were, you will miss the new magnificence of the way things are becoming. If you deny and hide from the changes, the best possibilities will pass you by.

Embrace the dawn, then the midday, then the evening and then the night. Embrace the spring, then the summer, then the fall and then the winter.

You cannot hold on to a single moment. Yet you can choose to live each moment with grace and joy, with purpose and richness.

Today can be a significant improvement over yesterday if you will fully embrace it and let it be. Welcome life’s ever-changing nature, and you’ll find ways for each change to lift you higher.

As life moves, move forward with joy, authenticity and ceaseless wonder at the new opportunities in every moment. Though you cannot hold on to this day, what you can always keep is the love with which you live it.

— Ralph Marston