Difficult Conversations: The Art and Science of Working Together

"According to a recent survey, if you're a democrat, theres a 60 percent chance that you view the Republican Party as a threat to the United States, and a 40 percent chance that you regard it as "downright evil." If you're a republican, the same odds apply to your perceptions of the Democratic Party. These are telling statistics, a warning that we've lit a fire under our divisive tribal tendencies and put our democracy at risk. More than that, weve put all future generations at risk by failing to come together to address our critical social, economic, and environmental challenges. 'Difficult Conversations' offers a framework for finding common ground and healing our divide. It does this by offering a new set of 'survival' strategies" that counter the instinctual fight, flee, or freeze survival drive reaction that difficult conversations often trigger." Author Kerne Beare shares more about the three key strategies here.