Finding Kids’ Hidden Talents! Are They Rascals or Geniuses?

Could kids’ (or even your) most annoying traits actually be a huge strength just waiting to be nurtured? Thought leader Josh Shipp takes us through how to support our kid’s unrefined skillset—and keep our own sanity, as well!

Do you remember that kid in your class, long ago, who was the class rascal: constantly joking around and getting all of the attention from the teacher? Or perhaps, this isn’t such a distant memory for some of us; perhaps, we can peer down at our own angel children right now and detail, with the utmost clarity, their most persistent traits and habits that have a knack for testing our patience. But could it be that these very behaviors that drive us insane are actually their greatest strengths in disguise? Here’s how to turn a “problem” into a success!

By Callie Burkey

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