5 Poems to Celebrate National Poetry Month

"I write this at the end of what seems like the longest month of my life. For a poet here in the United States, April is almost always the loudest, stormiest, busiest month--filled with readings to attend, to give, and new poetry collections blooming every week. What a time to luxuriate and revel in the power of a finely crafted metaphor, a clever line break, or a last line that just pierces you into silence for a moment! But what of this year, when death and illness seem to be the only thing now blooming when we tug (or touch) each other?... I have faith that we will be able to touch each other and break bread together at the same table again soon. Maybe not as soon as I'd like, but soon. And when that day comes, how lucky to find ourselves attached to the rest of the world once again!" Poet Aimee Nezhukumatathil shares more thoughts and five poems in honor of National Poetry Month here.

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