Myron Eshowky: A Deeper Listening

"When I was 6 years old, I began to go for an hour every day, before school had started, to work with a speech therapist who taught me to put my hand on her throat, and my throat, and then focus on matching her vibration as she would make a sound, because I had to learn how to talk. One of the things I noted right away was that when we matched vibration, I became really connected with her. It was a feeling of connection in my heart, a feeling of love that I would feel for her in those moments." Myron Eshowsky is a shamanic healer, mediator, consultant and author who was born with congenital severe hearing loss that he learnt to adapt into a skill for deep listening. He serves currently as the co-director of the Social Health Care Program for Syrian Refugees and Families -- based out of Jordan, this program provides trauma healing and local capacity building services for families displaced by the war in Syria. What follows is the edited transcript of an Awakin Call with Myron Eshowsky where he shares fascinating stories from his life and the many ways to cultivate deep listening skills.