Healing Children & Communities One Breath at a Time

When he was just 6 years old, J.G. Larochette felt a deep calling to bring love and awareness to communities overwrought by racism, oppression, and inequality. While teaching in Richmond, CA, he recognized a significant gap between providing academic instruction and maintaining a sense of nurturance and compassion. "Reading is fundamental, but if we create a stressful environment, we counteract education. Education should be character and content. If we forget about the social-emotional aspect, it's going to create stress and chaos." Larochette addressed this void by founding the Mindful Life Project, a program geared toward the most at-risk students that incorporates mindfulness and stillness practices, along with yoga, expressive arts, and hip-hop. In this Awakin Call, Larochette shares how awakening self-compassion within himself enabled him to bring it to those most in need.