Amazing Psychic Abilities You May Actually Have (and Psychic Gifts!) Part One

by Emmerey Rose
Did you know that many people with psychic abilities don’t even know they have them? Psychic phenomena are more common than most people believe. The United States government has studied the field, as well as countless respected scientists and paranormal investigators. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that a relatively large section of the populace has at least one psychic ability, locked away in the recesses of their mind.
Or perhaps it was a little more mundane. Many people have had the strange experience of picking up a landline phone and knowing who was on the other end, before a single word was spoken. Maybe you know a real psychic and admire their natural abilities.
Psychic abilities take many forms. To the uninitiated, they can be mistaken for ordinary powers of perception, intuition, or even sheer luck.
Luck only goes so far, though, and if you find yourself repeatedly making “educated guesses” that turn out to be amazingly spot-on, you might actually be exerting a psychic ability.
Later on in this article, you will learn what sets them apart and how to establish whether or not you are actually a psychic.
Psychic Abilities List
Typically, psychic powers are keyed to one of the senses, though some can be more cerebral and focused on pure thought. Abilities such as Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairscent, Clairvoyance, Retrocognition, Remote Viewing, Aura Reading, Empathy, and Telepathy. Whether you wish to learn more about receiving psychic messages through Automatic Writing, or if you want to detach your spirit from your body by using Astral projection.
Perhaps you want to receive information about people and objects by Psychoscopy, or you want to heal others with Energy Healing.
Or maybe you want to converse with the dead by using the power of Mediumship, or perhaps you want to move objects with your mind using Telekinesis…
If you’re interested in any, or all, of these abilities, this guide is the right place to start!
#1 – Astral Projection
Astral projection is a phenomenon which has been mentioned in various cultures and religions over the course of centuries.  It is an out-of-body experience  where an individual feels as if her spirit is being detached from corporeal form and is able to roam freely. Experts usually see it as a type of telepathy.
In most of the cases, astral projection is closely connected to dreams and meditation, during which time spirit is able to exit the body. A psychic ability which is very similar to astral projection is remote viewing. Naturally, there are certain differences which you will learn more about in the continuation of the text.
Tips for using astral projection:
Find an isolated room, where you cannot be disturbed

Start meditating, emptying your mind of all thoughts and concentrating on the void

At one point, you will start hearing noises and seeing bright light. Nevertheless, you need to remain calm as you are about to be projected

Once you leave the body, do not be afraid; you can easily return to it at any time just by thinking about it
#2 – Aura Reading
According to Indian religions, it is believed that each person has their own aura. It represents an individual’s life energy which can be seen as a subtle glow surrounding one’s body. Based on spirituality and inner strength, this aura will glow brighter or dimmer. At the same time, they have different colors which can tell us more about an individual and her character. Without even realizing it, some of us can read auras.
“The importance of auras can be observed in different religions such as Buddhism, given that their flag shows various colors encircling Buddha.”
Even though these energy fields are invisible to most, gifted people are able to see them clearly. Aura reading is oftentimes used with other psychic abilities (such as empathy, which will be mentioned later on) in order to help people with problems.
Tips for performing an aura reading:
In order to read auras, you have to be able to recognize them. They are a combination of electromagnetic radiation and infrared radiation. Additionally, they consist of several layers which are in different colors
You will have to learn what each color signifies. This way, you can easily see what kind of character a person has

Similarly to energy, we are able to pick up negative “vibes” from a person. They can affect your aura, corrupting it in the process. Aura readers need to know when it’s time to cleanse their aura and how to protect it from outside influence

When reading aura, pay attention to how you feel when you are in the vicinity of another person. In time, as you get more proficient, this will come naturally

Perform exercises that will increase your affinity to colors and improve your peripheral vision. You have to concentrate on the area around a person as well as the colors surrounding her so having these skills is a must
#3 – Automatic Writing
When we write something, we need to formulate words in our head and then, transfer them on paper. It is an intellectual process that requires concentration and planning. However, there are cases where people are able to write without consciousness. This is known as automatic writing. Words come from a spiritual or supernatural source. When performing automatic writing the individual loses control. The sensation is often described “as if something possessed her.”
Tips for using automatic writing:
Relaxation is the key to automatic writing. You have to empty your head of all thought

The pen needs to be held loosely. Some people prefer using their non-dominant hand. However, both of them are ok

The process starts by asking a question (you can even write it down)

Now, you can relax and wait for it to happen

After writing is done, you can interpret the message. Like with other forms of visions, the message may be hard to interpret at first but it gets easier as you become more proficient
#4 – Clairaudience
One of the most well-known psychic abilities is clairaudience. Although this can manifest in the form of hearing literal sounds in other places, it generally takes a more intuitive form. For the clairaudient, this represents their psychic intuition presenting information in a verbal form. People with this power quickly learn to trust the voices.
Tips for using clairaudience:
Clairaudience is based on sounds. You have to concentrate and eliminate all the noise surrounding you

Focus on receiving the message with your ears
#5 – Claircognizance
Claircognizance is often mistaken for simple intuition or the ability to make unconscious logical leaps. Simply put, it means the ability to know something, without a shadow of a doubt, even if there is no possible way to know it. It’s a hunch. But it’s a hunch that’s always right. Claircognizance can manifest itself as a vague feeling, such as feeling inexplicably that one is being watched or is in danger. For others, it manifests as a sudden flash of knowledge.
Tips for using claircognizance:
Claircognizance comes through the process of meditation

As you focus inwards, messages will start showing themselves

Emmerey Rose is a blogger from the Philippines. She loves blogging about beauty, fashion and mostly about psychic abilities and powers. She works as an assistant to the psychic medium at Backpackerverse offers great, in-depth articles on psychic readings and reviews.