Perspective of Peace

Nothing can intrude on the peace that is within you. Yet even the smallest thing can cover it up and hide it from your awareness.

Still, it is always there and you can always come back to it. Let go of whatever is blocking that peace, and it is yours to experience again.

Don’t let the outer disturbances cover up the peace that is within you. Instead, choose to view those outer events from a confident, peaceful perspective.

When you live from a perspective of peace, you live with great power and effectiveness. When nothing can trouble you, everything is of great value to you.

It is your nature to be at peace and to live with the peaceful power of authentic purpose. Make the decision to connect with that purpose, with that peace, and you will.

The peace you seek is already there. Stop heaping meaningless drama on top of it, and allow that peace to flow freely throughout your awareness.

— Ralph Marston