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How Good You Have It

Remind yourself today how good you have it. Then allow yourself to make it even better. Step back from the immediate challenges and frustrations, and look at the big picture. In the big picture of your life and your world, see the positive possibilities. Let your awareness be filled with gratitude for all that is, and for your unique perspective within it. Treasure what you are thankful for, and be thankful for what you treasure. The daily pains and setbacks are indeed real, and can certainly be very serious. Yet above and beyond all that, is your profoundly amazing existence, and every good possibility you can imagine. There is much that must be done, and there is even more that you are able to do. Experience for a moment how good it feels to have the opportunity to make a difference. Then act on that opportunity, make a real and beneficial difference in life, and feel even better. Remember how good you have it, and celebrate your good fortune by making even more.

Building A Regret Free Life

Through her work, Bronnie Ware, author of The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, has found a powerful way to use gentleness, loving kindness and humor to help celebrate both the strength and vulnerability of life and living. In this delightful interview, Bronnie shares what she has learned while working in palliative care and how her meditation practice saved her life.

Your Awareness

Life can wear you down, or life can lift you up. It all depends on how you choose to see it and live it. The primary component of weariness is not age or infirmity or circumstance. It is attitude. The main ingredient of enthusiasm is not youth or comfort or good fortune. It is your attitude, based on your awareness. What do you look for, think about, focus on and expect? That is what you will experience. Focus the bulk of your awareness not on transient trivialities, but on what truly matters to you, to your dreams, and to your values. Pay much less attention to the fears and frustrations, and much more attention to the positive possibilities and opportunities. Sincerely see life as beautiful and fulfilling, and you will make life beautiful and fulfilling. Your awareness has awesome power, so use it wisely and lovingly. — Ralph Marston

Rethinking the Bucket List

How would you live every day as if it were your last?   Go skydiving? Attempt to ride a bull for 2.7 seconds? Kathleen Taylor has spent over 20 years as a counselor and community engagement facilitator for the dying and has found that in the last chapter of their lives, most people become their authentic selves. They become courageous - they change their minds, apologize, forgive... they find joy in the smallest moments. In this TEDx talk, Taylor urges us not to wait until we are at the end of our lives to find our true selves.

Somewhere Special

You don’t have to go somewhere special to be somewhere special. Wherever you happen to be has a unique and valuable beauty all its own. You don’t have to do anything special to experience how truly great and special life is. Even in the ordinary things there is always extraordinary richness to be found. Just the sensation of the warm sun on your skin is amazing. And that’s something you can feel anywhere on the face of the Earth. There’s no need to wait until some special moment to experience life in all its glory. The fact is, you can make any moment special just by giving your love and authenticity to it. Look around you, wherever you are, and you’ll see plenty of opportunities for fulfillment. What makes life special is your choice to live it fully. Allow yourself to feel the wonder, to drink in the beauty and to experience the special time and place where you are. Life is always special, so live it accordingly. — Ralph Marston

Teens Deliver 33,000 Burritos to the Homeless

In a world where the younger generation is pulled toward the newest gadgets and accumulating more of them, a father responded to his son's ambitious Christmas wish list with a simple act of service.   In an attempt to have his son realize how much they already have and to feel gratitude for it, they made breakfast burritos and drove out to share them with the local homeless people on the street.   The seed was planted and has since bloomed into a beautiful transformation for the family and the young man, as well as his friends.   This article and video express the wonderful story of how it all unfolded.

Uncover the Richness

Your life is inherently rich on many levels, and yet your own negative thoughts and feelings can cover up that richness. The more negativity you let go of, the more goodness you allow into your experience of life. Let go of your need to judge, your habit of fear, and your desire to take offense, and uncover the richness. Choose to forgive, to act with courage, and to understand, and feel that richness as it fills your life. Stop struggling to justify and express your negative impulses. Instead, enjoy floating freely and peacefully in your own sense of goodness. Delight in your own richness by giving of it to your world. Experience the extent of your good fortune by living it with love and generosity. Instead of obsessing over the moment’s shortcomings, celebrate life’s richness. Look beyond your minor concerns and see your major positive possibilities. The immense richness of your life is always within your reach. Let go of the little negative things and experience t

Balancing the Brain Toward Joy

You might call her an "evangelist for a balanced brain": Twelve years ago, at the age of 37, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, a Harvard-trained neuroanatomist and spokeswoman for the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center, had a stroke that traumatized her left hemisphere. After eight years of recovery, she recounts her experience of losing a former life and opening up to another of deep presence and laughter. Click through here to read her insights about making the leap from the analytical to the intuitive, and how we all can take control of our minds, here and now, to live more joyful and present lives.

Make Yourself Persist

If you see that you’re making a difference, keep going, and add to your positive influence. If it seems you’re not making a difference, make some adjustments, keep going, and you’re sure to find an effective way forward. The key is to keep going. Whether you’re encouraged, discouraged, jubilant or disappointed, the next step is to go ahead and decisively take the next step. To find, you must seek. To achieve, you must act, no matter what. You know you have it in you to live the best life you can imagine. Express that value and beauty within you by keeping yourself in motion. When the going is good, it’s easy to keep going, so do. When things are not going well, it’s more important than ever to keep going, so by all means do. Persistence wins. Make yourself persist and you’ll transform your world in meaningful, positive, wonderful ways. — Ralph Marston

The Poetry of Childhood

Richard Lewis shares the poetry of children to illustrate how their imagination creates an incandescent moment. Children are at ease with both the visible and invisible, what we know and don't know -- the pure sense of expectation and delight in the mystery of what is happening and about to happen, and they sometimes express it in poetry. Read some of their poems and join in their delight.

Conditions are perfect

Don’t put off your life waiting for conditions to be right. Conditions are perfect, right here and now, because you are alive and able to make a difference. The day to live life fully is not someday. Someday never comes, yet today is here for you right now. Wait no longer, for in this moment is the opportunity you seek. Life can be as rich and fulfilling as you dare to imagine on this very day. For life’s richness does not come from arranging your affairs in a certain, specific way. Life’s true richness is found by allowing, feeling, expressing and experiencing your own unique beauty as it flows out from you. Let that beauty flow into whatever circumstances you may find yourself in. Release the conditions you’ve put on joy, and let it fill your world, however that world may otherwise be. On this day, in this moment, in this place, conditions are perfect for you to fully live. Experience the wonder of your life that is right now. — Ralph Marston Read more at http:/

The Power of Enough

A beautiful reflection unfolds when this writer explores a simple Balinese tradition that points to the power of enough.   With wisdom and eloquence she invites us to "to keep our desires and aspirations in proper proportion with our gratitude and good intentions" so that you "can experience a sense of ease between your wishes for what might be and your gratitude for the beauty of what is."

How 365 Thank You Notes Changed a Life

At just 52 years old, and after having lost nearly everything, John Kralik found himself in a desperate search --a search for just one thing for which he might feel thankful. His search led him to a walk along a mountain road, where his mind sifted through the details of all of his most recent troubles. It was then that John realized, that he should find gratitude for all that he had, instead of focusing so much on all that he had lost. It was in this moment, that John resolved to find opportunities for sharing his gratitude with others each day. Read how a simple act of writing daily thank you notes, led to a most brilliant life change.