Tuesday, June 25, 2013

“Old Soul” Crowd Reviews

Hey fans, here are some reviews for the song Old Soul on The Road To Nowhere album.  The song preview can be heard at the following websites.



“The male voice in this song is a different sound and makes the song stand out. Mostly acoustic with piano and maracas in the background. The lyrics are deep and tell a good story. The melody stays pretty slow throughout the song. I really like how they arranged the song It fit well with his voice.”

 “My first impressions of the song was that it made a beautiful juxtaposition between country vocals and a relaxed guitar melody that created a tranquil and relaxed mood that ran throughout the song. I thought the chorus was really catchy, and the lyrics were beautiful, I don't think I have heard such creativity recently. The vocals were lovely and had a soft tone to them whilst retaining a country charm about them. This song felt very personal, as if you were being told a life story by someone face to face, which was unique and intriguing. I loved this country song and I think the lyrics will stay with me for a while, so beautiful!”

 “The lyrics make this song. ‘This old soul’ creates a emotional sadness, almost melancholic feeling. ‘Old soul running through the fields of life...’ beautiful poetry in these words. There is an old western sound to the singer suggesting wisdom and experience…”
“A nice a mellow, easy listening song that most people would enjoy to relax to. Good lyrics that are easy to understand and relate to. A very relaxing sounding voice, not too powerful and is something that can be played in the background when carrying out jobs and tasks.”
“Strummed guitar and a drum played with wire brushes is, a marriage made in musical heaven. This is because they blend really well and create a wonderful texture to the music. Male singer really knows how to give the vocals live and feeling. He projects each word with care and clarity. This means that you can hear every word that is being sung. Really like the way the backing track seems to fade into the background. This means it gives structure and interest whilst allowing the lyrics to be the main part of the track.”

“This song sounds interesting because its different from other songs that I have listened to. Sounds like the lyrics have love in it. He has a nice voice and I like the beat, its very good. This song in my head has an image of running slowly in a flower field.”

“The song is something best suitable for a lazy day or a sober afternoon. In short, that song is atmospherically brilliant. The voice may not be appreciated by all listeners, but it does make the song all the more better. The lyrics tackle the melancholy life of 'old souls' in different aspects of life, and it’s well interpreted by the sound and voice. Overall, a good song.”

“I wasn't really sure about this song when it started, the lyrics on the track are a little over rated, but then the artist sung, and made an amazing noise you have the perfect voice i loved this i hope to hear you in the future, keep it up!”

“The different variety of notes shown by the male singer was something to be admired. I fully understood everything he sang and it was done in such a nice tender voice too. Not too hard nor forced. The singer sang within the beat and kept up to time with the tempo. The smooth repetitive guitar instrumental to the song also added consistency and helped a lot.”