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Summer! And we're Off!

Well it's back to being a retiree for the summer (Yea!).My contract with NTT Data is suspended for now until the ink dries in October.
It's so great to be a part timer and have a chance to smell the roses, basque in the sunshine, run a marathon… He wait, I don’t run.Have allergies too!Oh and the threat of cancer with all that sun.Okay, I make some music for the next album, watch too much TV and bore all my FB Friends.Maybe write a blog entry or two.
I promise to get the dog out for at least one walk a day (or is it she will insist on taking me for a walk?).Either way, brave the heat and pollen, work off some of that comfort food and smell the poop!
The new album is selling at a brisk pace (not really) and I can soon retire for good (Ha!What is he smokin’).Life is good and all my troubles are drifting out of site…Opps, nap time is over.Back to reality.
Later guys.