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The Dangers of Addiction

Most people think drugs or alcohol are the only vehicles of addiction.   While that is so true in far too many cases, there are other vices that can be equally damaging to your life.   Addiction is a downward spiral in your life.   The more you get, the more you need, until that’s all there is. This is not to belittle in any way those people who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, but rather point out to the rest of us we may also have an addiction.   Life should be a balance, not totally focused in a single area. The compulsive worker is one addiction to which I have been hooked on in the past.   We fool ourselves into thinking we are building a career.   However, as we spend night and day at the office, we are only hiding from or avoiding some other aspect of our life.   Remember, a career is your life path, not a source of income.   You’ll never have enough money, so look at it as a means to an end and focus on the end. My current addiction is promoting my music.