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Why Do We Do Stupid Things

Seems all of us at one time or another does something that embarrasses us, hurt people and hurt ourselves.   Just think back to your first date or even further back when we got caught with our hand in the cookie jar.   Okay, maybe not so long ago for some! Are we ignorant, confused or na├»ve?   Well maybe yes, but boundaries are set either by us of by other people to let us know what acceptable behavior is.   And how do we really know where these boundaries are unless we test them?   A child is told he is grounded and must stay in the house at all times.   So why do they sneak out to play with their friends?   After learning where the boundaries are, usually by a harsh reality, the child grows and learns to accept consequences.   Some of us learn hard lessons along the way. With more compelling force, a drug addict or alcoholic continues to abuse, even though they know the consequences.   The lucky ones get help and have family and friends to keep them on track.   Most, howev