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Personal Freedom

Never fully appreciated, we Americans have opportunities and freedoms that most people in other countries cannot even imagine.   Most of us have access to technology and resources to make our lives easier on a daily basis. Yet a few of us feel locked into a way of life with limitations.   Unhappy with the humdrum of the daily grind.   After all, we must have a source of income or call the streets our home.   So we make the best of it and in fact cherish the routine.   We do this so special events in our life are in fact special. Still the frustrations can mount and be burst out every now and then; try something radical or profoundly different just for the thrill and experience only to discover we are still the same person.   We are who we are; creatures of habit. Freedom is all in our mind.   It is simply the way we perceive our lives and deal with daily events.   Personal Freedom comes from focusing on the positive, working hard toward our personal goals and loving someone
No matter what happens in life, there is always something or someone to throw you a curve and something or someone to bring you back.