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Okay, let’s clear the room!   I can’t breathe with all these elephants.

Parents – Can’t Live With Them, Wouldn’t Be Here Without Them!

Okay, I promise not to get too deep in the emotional swap, but I have to say my peace.   Don’t agree, that’s quite alright, let me know. We are all born with a set of tools to get us through life.   These tools are in a raw form and need development.   Our parents have a great deal to do with developing these tools for life regardless if we can own up to it or not.   The tools can be used as a negative or positive influence in our lives.   The most important influence our parents provide is an overall view of life, love and relationships.   Parents who are loving and nurturing toward each other and their children set a good relationship goal for us.   How they handle conflict shows us a way to handle it also.   That being said, parents that don’t get along or have problems bleeding into the family life can set improper life expectations for us.   The learned home values color our outlook for the rest of our lives.   Unfortunately, it’s up to us to break out of the cycle and

Words of Wisdom (or not) – Edition 1

The well adjusted person has taken their unique tools given at birth and learned to use them to navigate life, love and be loved, help other in need and let others live their own life.   If you ever find one, please let me know.