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Political Outlook – Obama Care

Fair warning!   Democrats, Republicans and Independents may take offence.   (I’m an equal opportunity offender, it’s just the Gemini that I am.).   Let’s face it, all politicians have an agenda and are crooks to some degree.   How else does one get into major political office?   Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.    And sometimes it’s not the back… Up until very recently I’ve been a fan of Obama Care , mainly because it did not affect me.   I had a job which provided Heath Care at a reasonable cost to me (if there is such a thing).   The thought is that my cost would go down if everyone was forced to have health insurance.   Maybe it would have.   So now that I’m unemployed and maybe retired (and in good company as I am learning), I need to get my own insurance.   I am truly blessed that I can afford it. Today I met up with a friend who is not so fortunate.   Self-employed, doing okay but not great, forcing them to take out insurance would be a great injustice.   A cons
Ever wonder why you have to stop at every traffic light on side streets?   Do you think businesses pay the city so you have to stop and look around?