Monday, September 22, 2014

Making a New Move - An Excerpt from Love Cycles by Linda Carroll

When we feel disappointed in love or worried in life, most of us move in one of two directions: either we shut down and push away, or we move closer to seek comfort and care. In our most intimate relationships, our instinctual response is often the opposite of what our partner needs, and it’s here that our willingness to make a new, counter-instinctual move is needed. Ted thrived on social contact. Ellen was private and needed a lot of time by ...

Understanding Your Part in the Trouble - An Excerpt from Love Cycles by Linda Carroll

It’s difficult to have real exchanges with our partner if we’re not clear about our needs and motivations. First we must be honest and listen to ourselves. Then we must be honest and listen to our partner, in good faith. Otherwise, so-called communication is nothing more than an empty exercise. Here’s an example of this dynamic, which played out in two meetings with a couple I saw in my practice.
As Rob and his girlfriend, Mandy sat in my office, ...

Freeze, Flee, or Fight - An Excerpt from Love Cycles by Linda Carroll

Our brain is wired for connection. When we begin to love someone, our connection circuitry lights up and dominates. We anticipate the best in our new partner, and we’re rewarded, because each thing she says and does activates the connection center of our brain.
We view her actions and intentions and interpret her language through the lens of our positive vision.  As the chemistry of love fades, a second kind of circuitry emerges. It turns out that we’re wired for ...

Daily Inspirational Quote September 22 2014

“Chance is always powerful. Let your hook be always cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be a fish.” – Ovid

One never knows when an impulse to go somewhere, do something or talk to someone will prove to be a key turning point. By staying open to the moment and honoring those nudges and impulses, we enable Spirit to lead us to the fulfillment of our desires in wonderful, inexplicable ways.

Put Passion

Put passion into what you do, whatever it is. Your passion confers great power, and engages your best abilities, and you can put it into anything.

There’s no need to search for, or wait for, or wonder about what will give you passion. Go ahead and give your passion to the moment you’re in.

What provides you with passion is your choice to live it. What gives you passion is your decision to allow it to flow into your thoughts, words and actions.

Live your life not as a bystander. Live in this world, on this day, at this place as an active participant.

Discover how empowering it feels to give authentic passion to the smallest of details. Experience for yourself how great it is to care without holding back.

Put passion in this day, in this task, and in this circumstance. Be rewarded with exceptional effectiveness and meaningful achievement.

— Ralph Marston

The Amazing Story of Lilica: A Dog Who Lets No Animal Go Hungry

Imagine that you are feeding a hungry dog and instead of eating all of the food you brought for her at once, she picks up the bag and brings it home. Every night, she eats only part and take the rest with her. One day, you follow her home--four miles away-- and discover that she is bringing the bag of food you prepare her to share with the other hungry animals in her extended hungry family, including dogs, cats and chickens. This is the true story of Lilica, whose generosity will inspire you.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Daily Inspirational Quote September 21 2014

“If you want to see what children can do, you must stop giving them things.” – Norman Douglas

It’s no wonder that young people seem so callous about the future, so indifferent to opportunities and so careless with their possessions, for these days virtually everything they could want is just handed to them. If an uncle gives them a job and they get fired for not showing up, and then their father quickly finds them another one, they’ll probably just do the same thing all over again. If, however, they have to work to get the job in the first place, they will value it for being hard won. Like most things in life, we value that which has been earned or learned.

The Importance of Mindfulness In Children

While meditation practices are usually associated with adults, there is a growing movement focused on implementing mindfulness practices to optimize the health, well-being and happiness of children. From helping kids thrive in school, to being an effective intervention with autism, to even serving kids that are suffering from cancer and other serious health conditions, meditation is showing that it can have a significant long-term positive affect on child development.