Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Daily Inspirational Quote – March 4, 2015

“Be generous with your blessings. A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”

Probably most, if not all, of us have been on the receiving end of a kindness from another person when we’ve most needed it. I know I have, many times. Not all of us can help those in financial need with a gift of cash, or those without a home a place to lay their head, etc. However, the one thing can we are all more than capable of giving is a kind word, a loving gesture, or our support. Often, this is just what is needed to reassure and comfort, the mere fact that someone cares enough to reach out to them.

Cathi Bew

No Regrets: Living With Dying

Patti Pansa knew the common regrets of the dying, and with stage-four metastasized breast cancer, she wanted to live her last days without them. "Between radiation treatments, spinal surgery, and a bucket list trip to Alaska, Patti wrote essays, talked with anyone who would listen, dreamed and created...Patti spent the last five months of her life celebrating, sharing, creating, loving, and living." By taking risks, trusting the universe, and operating from a place of gratitude, Patti developed and launched the "No Regrets Project" in her final days in this world, leaving behind five simple, personal practices that helped her live her life to the fullest. She offered these practices as a road map for anyone seeking to create the life they have imagined, with consciousness, wisdom, and authenticity.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Daily Inspirational Quote – March 3, 2015

Life will knock you down. The real learning starts when you have to get back up.”

Like me, I expect life has knocked you down more than a few times if you’ve been fortunate and a great many times if not. Sometimes, when we feel we’ve had enough, we may be tempted to just stay down there and asking why we should bother to pick ourselves up just to risk being knocked down again? However, here we are up and willing to give it another go. That’s because when we’re “down there” hopefully we’d rather be “up there” again and that’s our good ole survival instinct kicking in. Every time we continue to grit our teeth and do this we’re learning the lesson of being optimistic and hopeful that things will get better, so good for us, eh?

Cathi Bew

Touch as a Form of Nutrition

Is it any coincidence that when a friend or loved one does something nice for us, we feel "touched"? As John Tuite, founder of The Centre for Embodied Wisdom, tells us, "We mistakenly think that touch occurs on the periphery of our self, a skin thing." But as he shares, touch is a crucial piece of our health and development, and one we all too often go without as we get older.