Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Daily Inspirational Quote December 16 2014

“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of hope.”

Some of us spend our whole lives fitting in with everybody else’s rules, regulations, beliefs, etc., and perhaps don’t even realize we’re doing it as it’s the way we’ve always done things and what’s wrong with that? However, sometimes it’s good to shake off conformity and actually do what you want for a change. So what if you feel like taking a day off work during the week and walking in the woods or just going on a shopping spree. Instead of spending your weekends doing the same old, same old, do something different, something more adventurous. This might be the beginning of a new phase in your life that brings you joy and freedom to be yourself, so what are you waiting for………?”

Poems To Color In: Beloved Poems Turned Interactive Art

Gifted artist and filmmaker Ellie Cross shares her story of an unusual "Stone Soup" gathering in Mumbai that she attended, and of the inspiration that led her to create charming, illustrated versions of poems by Rilke, Rumi, Mary Oliver and others. Titled "Poems To Color In", Ellie's series invites readers to print out and shade in the depicted verses. Her work gives people an opportunity to add a touch of the personal to these beloved poems. Read the backstory in Ellie's own words and see samples of her captivating work here.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Transform Your Holidays With Incense - Susyn Blair-Hunt, Ms.D.

Incense is a powerful, inexpensive way to fill our surroundings with optimum health, joy and prosperity this holiday season. With the right fragrance, we can transform our thoughts, release stress and cultivate inner peace. Now that another hectic holiday season is upon us, we’re wise to utilize the calming vibes of incense to maintain our sense of balance. Incense also makes a wonderful gift or stocking stuffer.

Keep in mind, these scents can be used at any time of the year to evoke their special magic. The following is a brief explanation of my favorite empowering aromas, their properties, and how they can transform your world.

Amber – Burn amber to promote beauty, protection, youth, vibrancy and spiritual awakening. Amber is also a powerful conductor when researching past life memories or working through old issues to clear them out and move on.

Frankincense/Myrrh – These two fragrances are often burned together to dispel negativity, purify surroundings, attract good luck, and surround you with spiritual protection. Either of these scents is a perfect accompaniment for empowering meditation practices.


Rituals For A Stress-Free Holiday - Susyn Blair-Hunt, Ms.D.

At this time of year, our lives should be filled with joy and contentment, but in the days and weeks preceding the holidays, we often get caught up in all the stress and commercialism. As maintaining spiritual balance can be especially challenging now, here are a few tried and true rituals to help you move with joy and wonder through the remaining days of 2014.

People sometimes misunderstand the term rituals. In reality, if you are working with the highest intentions, rituals are designed to draw something into your life that will improve it or help rid you of troublesome energy that is keeping you from living the life you want to lead. When practiced faithfully, rituals can create deep transformation within you, strengthen your spiritual being, and create a shield of protection and power around you.

Stress is one of the greatest drains on our joy. As we add more activities and obligations to our list than normal and rush from one place to the next, it’s hard not to get harried. The following stress-relieving ritual can restore your energy and focus ...


Kajama’s Astrological Gift-Giving Guide - Susyn Blair-Hunt, Ms.D.

You can find the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list by considering the unique aspects of their astrological sun sign. Of course, everyone will appreciate a gift of enlightenment, so consider giving a gift certificate for a psychic or astrological reading on the new year ahead. You can purchase gift certificates from Susyn at SusynBlairHunt.com.

ARIES: For the Aries folks on your list, keep in mind that they love movement. Books, movies or gifts related to cars, travel or the latest exercise trends will get their attention. Since they’re fire signs, you can’t go wrong with candles, incense or fragrances. Aries also love to read up on the latest news, so consider extending their favorite magazine subscriptions or adding a new one to their collection. Pennywise Aries will love a gift certificate to their favorite store so they can shop for the best deals at all the post-holiday clearance sales.

TAURUS: Taurus is the sign of luxury, so consider a gift certificate to their favorite clothing or furniture store. In fact, gift certificates for music, ...


Daily Inspirational Quote December 15 2014

“Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.”

My lovely Dad used to have a saying, “You worry, you die”, “You don’t worry, you die…..why worry?” If only it were that simple? None of us want to worry do we? We don’t want to be tossing and turning at night and struggling to get through the day because of worry but, we’re human beings, and it’s something we do whether we choose to or not. However, if we can distance ourselves just a little and think “outside the box,” we’d realize that worrying doesn’t help resolve anything at all. There’s no easy answer as to how to stop yourself worrying but remember everything passes … nothing stays the same whether we waste time worrying or not.

What It Really Means To Live Our Mission

"How are we so optimistic, so careful not to trip and yet do trip, and then get up and say OK?" Maira Kalman asked in pondering happiness and existence. What is it that propels us to get up after loss, after heartbreak, after failure? That's precisely what the Reverend Victoria Safford explores in her essay "The Small Work in the Great Work."