Friday, October 31, 2014

Daily Inspirational Quote October 31 2014

 “What I focus on in life is what I get. If I concentrate on how bad I am or how wrong I am or how inadequate I am, if I concentrate on what I can’t do and how there’s not enough time in which to do it, isn’t that what I get every time? And when I think about how powerful I am, and when I think about what I have left to contribute, and when I think about the difference I can make on this planet, then that’s what I get. You see, I recognize that it’s not what happens to you; it’s what you do about it.” – W. Mitchell

At this very moment, there are many things you could be doing to address the problems or concerns that have been troubling you lately. Additionally, there are an infinite number of things you could be doing to prevent future problems. You could be exercising, doing something kind for your spouse, updating your resume or cleaning up all the clutter in your environment. Guilt and self-blame are energy drains; to improve the quality of your life, focus on what you can do and then do it.

Dad Invents Bionic Pancreas For Diabetic Son

Inspired by his son David's experience living and managing Type 1 diabetes, Ed Damiano, an associate professor of biomedical engineering at Boston University, has invented a bionic pancreas that helps people with Type 1 diabetes manage their blood sugar. Read more to hear how the power of a parent's love has the potential to change the lives of millions of people living with diabetes.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Daily Inspirational Quote October 30 2014

“Ability and necessity dwell near each other.” – Pythagorus

Many people will suffer for years in a miserable job, habit or relationship, until things get so bad that they can’t take it anymore. This is why it’s easier to divorce a monster than a fairly decent person, and why so many people lose weight when their health is obviously falling apart. On a scale from one to ten, if our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs are met — even at a one level — it is much harder to find the motivation to create positive change than if even one true need drops down to zero. Everyone deals with life circumstances that are less than ideal. People who are happy simply refuse to dwell at a low level of fulfillment; they take action long before misery sets in. At what level of fulfillment are you choosing to live?

DailyBread: A Simple Idea That's Feeding The Hungry

Simplicity can be disarming. That's what Carolyn North discovered. It started with an impulse to save the leftover Thanksgiving turkey her neighbor had discarded as trash. Thirty years later, she and a rotating team of friends-turned-volunteers have been quietly recovering surplus food and delivering it to free food shelters and pantries across the San Francisco Bay Area.