Saturday, May 23, 2015

Daily Inspirational Quote – May 23, 2015

“Those who deserve love the least, need it the most.”

Occasionally, people are their own worst enemies. You know what I mean. People we come across in our day-to-day lives who appear to take pleasure in alienating or upsetting those around them, just for the sake of it. Very frustrating for us as we can see no valid reason for their behavior other than to cause mischief or upset. However, it might pay us to look more deeply at what they themselves are experiencing in their own lives at the time. We all react differently to problems, worries or stress, and perhaps this is their way of coping or showing distress by hitting out at those closest to them. The next time somebody is causing you grief, before you perhaps respond in anger, try taking the time to sit down and talk to them. Try to discover what is actually going on with them and you may begin to understand why they are behaving the way they are. Try love before anger, it may just work.


You Deserve Achievement

If you have an objective but take no action, the objective is nothing more than an empty wish. If you take action but have no objective, your action is just a waste of time and energy.

Combine a clear, meaningful objective with effective, persistent action. That’s what makes the magic of achievement happen.

It is a reliable formula, and a simple formula, but not an easy one. The value of achievement is built by working through difficult challenges.

It is not easy, and yet you can do it. It is not easy, and yet it is well worth your time and commitment.

In your imagination right now is a certain thing, or condition, or experience you wish to create. Give that objective a name, fill in all the details of how it will look, then do the work to make it happen.

You deserve, and are fully capable of the unique satisfaction that comes from achievement. Visualize it now, and go get what you deserve.

— Ralph Marston

Street Cuts

Mark Bustos cuts hair in an upscale salon in New York City. But on Sundays, his only day off, he roams the streets looking for anyone in need who would appreciate a haircut. What started as a response to the poverty he saw in the Philippines while on vacation, has become a weekly habit of giving back to the people that need it the most. This video is the first in a series that follows Bustos as he interacts with some of the homeless people in South Beach, Florida.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Daily Inspirational Quote – May 22, 2015

“If you light a light for someone else…it will also brighten your path.”

Being able to “light a light” for someone else is what I love most about reading for people. Many of the people who come to me for a reading are often very troubled souls. They appear weighed down by whatever problems they are experiencing and unable to see any hope in their future. At the beginning of the reading they sit, slouched and slumped before me, shoulders drooping with the cares of the world showing on their faces. Then the reading begins……. As I channel Spirit and the reading unfolds and they receive reassurance that things will improve, problems will be resolved, they will have love in their lives, etc., they begin to bloom again. When the reading ends and they leave me with hugs and a spring in their step for perhaps the first time in a very long while, I am also uplifted and filled with joy.


10 Timeframes For Measuring Life

How do we measure time? From the passing of seasons to the minute hand on a clock, the way we capture and measure moments is always changing. Today, we have more and more ways to track time, but we don't seem to be any closer to figuring out how best to use it. What if we change the very way we situate ourselves in the "when"? What if we stop measuring time in terms of nanoseconds of productivity, and think about it in terms of heartbeats instead? In this graduation speech, software architect Paul Ford turns the concept of time on its head. Instead of focusing on using our precious time wisely, he challenges us to reshape time so that it better serves the precious heartbeats of others.

Increase The Abundance

If you wish to make an impression on people, don’t tell them how good you are. Show them how good they are.

If you wish to increase your wealth, don’t focus on the question of how to make money. Put your time and energy into creating and delivering unique value.

If you wish to learn more about something, teach it to someone else. If you wish to be loved, appreciated and respected, then offer your love, appreciation and respect.

The way to get whatever you wish is not to greedily grab for it. The way to get what you wish to have is to attract it by the way you live.

You cannot receive anything of real value without giving real value. Sincerely give of yourself, and you cannot help but receive meaningful value as you do.

Life’s abundance has no limit, and is always increasing. Be someone who furthers that increase, and experience the best of the abundance you are helping to create.

— Ralph Marston

How To Forge A Mentoring Relationship

Author Paulo Coelho once wrote that a teacher isn't someone who simply teaches something, but rather someone who inspires the student to give their best. To that end, we must consider those who have most inspired our lives - and the benefits they've shared as we've grown. In this article, Patrick Cook-Deegan explores the many ways in which we might deepen the mentoring relationship, in order to create a more compassionate society.