Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Daily Inspirational Quote August 20 2014

“If it’s sanity you are after, there is no recipe like laughter.”
- Henry Elliot

Some days everything seems to get to us; everyone is on our nerves. Other days we’re calm and content, tolerant and patient. The difference is rarely in what is happening in our outer experience; it’s all about our inner landscape and how we respond to life. While we may not be able to control outer circumstances, through humor we can control how we feel about them. When we’re lighthearted, profound aggravations often just roll right off of us, but when we’re serious, even tiny irritations can get under our skin and drive us crazy.

Positive Path Forward

Acting with arrogance toward others does not add any positive value to your life. Being spiteful does not bring you any lasting sense of fulfillment.

It is completely understandable to be frustrated and angered by the words and actions of others. Yet the answer is not to add to the existing negativity with more negativity of your own.

Imagine taking the high road. Imagine putting your energy into positive pursuits instead of into negative reactions.

Your life is too precious to spend even a few moments of it consumed with hatred or arrogance or other kinds of negativity. For the sake of your own well being, turn your attention toward the good and beneficial things you can think and do.

Take the time to consider what adds value to your life and your world, and what takes that value away. Then commit yourself to living in such a way that adds more value.

Each moment is filled with countless possibilities, so choose the very best ones. Instead of getting mired in negativity, lift yourself higher by taking the most positive path forward.

— Ralph Marston

Songwriting With Soldiers

A chance meeting with a soldier after performing in a hospital in Germany inspired songwriter Darden Smith to work with members of the military to turn their stories into music. Smith now runs Songwriting With:Soldiers, a non-profit organization which pairs veterans and troops with professional songwriters in a peaceful environment. The service members share their stories and the songwriters mold them into lyrics and set them to melody. "We all have a story," Smith says. "When we listen, and listen well enough to take the solders' words and turn them into art, and sing it back to them, something happens. What it is, I don't know. I'm a songwriter, not a therapist. But something happens, and it's powerful."

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Daily Inspirational Quote August 19 2014

“As an intrepid traveler on the path to love, you open yourself
to whatever comes your way — hurt, fear, neediness, joy, bliss —
invite it in, observe it, make friends with it, and let it pass.
If you seek only refuge, security, and comfort, you imprison your
relationship and the vitality will wane. The commitment to staying awake
will free you from holding back and allow you to feel the roar, purr,
glow and breath of spirit rippling through you, sensuous and alive.
- Charlotte Kasl, Ph.D.

Some time ago I was speaking with a wonderful group of women. Most were unfulfilled in love: they’d either never met “the one,” or they were bored and dissatisfied with their relationships. A couple of them, however, had clearly found happiness and fulfillment, and so I paid particular attention to their stories. It became clear that those who were unhappy and unfulfilled had been looking for something “perfect” — a relationship with no fighting, frustration or irritation. Those who were happy and still in love with their partners admitted freely that their men drive them crazy a good amount of the time, but since their relationships are alive and full of passion, they’re worth it. To be blessed with all love has to offer, we must be willing to endlessly work our way through all the challenges it brings.

When You Work

Good ideas work best when you work on them. Even not so great ideas can be made to work well when you put focused and committed effort into them.

Whatever you start with is not nearly so important as what you do with it. Even the difficulties can turn out to be blessings when you work on them.

A day that starts out great can become even better when you work on it. A day that starts out lousy can improve significantly when you go to work on it.

Be thankful and accepting of whatever comes your way. Then, with positive and purposeful intentions, go to work on it.

The difference between what doesn’t work and what does work, is the work you put into it. The way to make things work is to make yourself work.

Always, opportunity is within your reach. When you work on it, you can transform that opportunity into real, satisfying fulfillment.

— Ralph Marston

The Power of Hobbies

When thinking of ways to create a better and healthier lifestyle, oftentimes people tend to think in terms of cutting back on certain choices, be it eating desserts, drinking alcohol, or perhaps just sitting on the couch watching TV. But one area in life that has been almost cut out entirely is something that actually should have never been cast aside --having a hobby. Not only is it a fulfilling, sometimes creative outlet, but it is also beneficial to your overall health.