Friday, July 25, 2014

Daily Inspirational Quote July 25 2014

“Change can either challenge or threaten us…
Your beliefs pave your way to success or block you.”
-Marsha Sinetar

I love my coffee, or at least, I used to. For years I’d assert that if forced to choose, I’d rather give up food than my morning cappuccino. I’ve been reading a lot about health and diet lately, and one day I just realized what I was putting into my body first thing every morning was not what I believe is really good for me. As my belief shifted, suddenly instead of being impossible, giving up coffee became a desirable and even attractive idea. By simply and wholeheartedly believing that making this change was truly important, it was practically done. So much of what we believe we can and cannot do has nothing to do with real ability, it’s simply a matter of our true priorities.

You Have Today

You have today. You can make it rich and you can fill it with meaning.
No matter what else you may have or not have, you have today. You have the priceless opportunity to live with purpose, passion, joy and love.
You can learn, explore, discover, build, connect, observe, understand, participate and lead. The possibilities available to you are determined by your creativity and your willingness to move life forward.
You have today, so while you do, grab some of those possibilities and run with them. You have today, and when it’s over you’ll be thankful you made such good use of it.
There is no need to wish for more when you understand and appreciate the value of what you have. You have today, and with it, the opportunity to create and experience as much richness as you can imagine.

Feel fully alive, feel capable, feel excited and enthusiastic about the great possibilities. You have today, right here and now, so live its magnificent promise in your own unique and satisfying way.

— Ralph Marston

10 Life Lessons Kids Can Teach Us

Do you remember how wonderful it felt to be a child? Adventure was our only calling, and courage seemed never ending. And subsequently, we seemed to enjoy our life so much more. In this beautiful article we are reminded of 10 life lessons that children teach us every day. Read more to discover new ways in which we might incorporate our younger selves into the joy of our daily being.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Daily Inspirational Quote July 24 2014

“Real obstacles don’t take you in circles.
They can be overcome.
Invented ones are like a maze.”
- Barbara Sher

If you’re still struggling with a problem or issue that has plagued you for months or more, most likely the problem is basically all in your head. When we are anticipating what more could go wrong or come up, we just invent problems. If we have to search endlessly for the key to success, perhaps our goal is mis-formulated in the first place, or perhaps there’s nothing really preventing us from plunging forward except for that primordial foe: Fear. If we reclaim the time and energy we spend fighting imaginary demons and consciously focus it on true potentials, we can’t stay stuck for long.

Flowing Through You

Let the best of life flow through you. Let yourself be a conduit through which life’s amazing substance comes into the world.

Listen, watch, be aware, pay attention, be open, and allow the goodness to come to you. Then let that goodness come from you.

Take in and appreciate what is meaningful, and give it new meaning. Listen to the songs of life and then sing them with your own voice.

Experience the beauty and wonder of life’s abundance that is all around you. Then add to that abundance in your own special way.

Feel how good it feels to be where you are, to be what you’re doing. Then share that feeling in positive, creative and valuable ways.

Find joy as the best of life flows into your life. And delight in adding your own luster to that joy as it flows on far beyond you.

— Ralph Marston

A Stranger's Life-Saving Gift

On July 2, Stephanie Headley was counting the days she had left to live. The Ottawa woman is suffering from an autoimmune disease that, without expensive treatment, will cause her heart to fail. On July 3, thanks to a mysterious stranger who showed up at her door, she had in her hands more than enough money to get the treatment that can save her life. Two weeks later, she still struggles to explain the dramatic change in her fortune. This piece shares more.