Sunday, April 19, 2015

Daily Inspirational Quote – April 19, 2015

“There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path.”

Exactly! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Allow happiness to live within and around you as you travel your path in life. Forget trying to find the path to where you think you will find it and instead look within yourself. Each of us is capable of finding and realizing our own personal version of what makes us happy so wouldn’t it benefit us to just concentrate on this rather than spending valuable time searching for something we already possess?


How I Work To Protect Women From Honor Killings

Up until she was 16, Khalida Brohi attempted to heal the sadness she felt when she witnessed atrocities committed on women in her community by crying into her pillow, silently at night, not knowing how else to help. However, a personal tragedy in her life -- the honor killing murder of her close friend -- moved Brohi into fierce action. A teenager herself, Brohi became a champion of women's rights, raising awareness about honor killings, spreading her inspiration door-to-door in her village in Pakistan, and across the world through social media. 

In this TEDx talk, Brohi talks about the valuable lessons she and her team at Sughar (her non-profit social enterprise) have learned, about what makes a women's rights campaign truly successful.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Daily Inspirational Quote – April 18, 2015

“Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles, it takes away today’s peace.”
This is very true isn’t it, but it’s something we all do nevertheless! We all have worry “buttons” some of us bigger ones than others. We worry about everything, occasionally over nothing very much but, at other times, we have good reasons for worrying. Once that worry is planted in your head nothing will shift it, so it stays there, making it’s presence known. Great if we can solve it easily and consign it to the worry waste basket. Not so great if seems insurmountable. However, if we need to worry, much better to worry about tomorrow’s worry tomorrow rather than allow it to destroy the peace of today.


How Great It Feels

Remember how great it feels to make a difference? Remember how great it feels to set a goal and then to get it done?

Remember how powerful it feels to be faced with a difficult challenge and to work your way through that challenge. Remember how warm and good and right it feels to know you’ve been of real help to others.

Remind yourself of the power and effectiveness of your own actions. Remind yourself of how far you can go just by making the commitment to do so.

Remember all these things, and let those positive memories ignite your passion. Remember all the good you’ve done, and then look for opportunities to make more great memories.

That wonderful feeling of achievement is already within you, stronger now than ever before. Use this day to give it new expression.

Remember how great it feels to make the effort and to make it count. Remember to make more great memories of achievement right now.

— Ralph Marston

How To Focus A Wandering Mind

"We've all been there. You're slouched in a meeting or a classroom, supposedly paying attention, but your mind has long since wandered off, churning out lists of all the things you need to do -- or that you could be doing if only you weren't stuck here...Suddenly you realize everyone is looking your way expectantly, waiting for an answer. But you're staring blankly, grasping at straws to make a semi-coherent response. The curse of the wandering mind!" In this article, Wendy Hasenkamp takes us on a journey to explore the neuroscience of a wandering mind, and suggests a research-backed and time-tested technique to help bring purpose and focus back into the equation.