Uncover the Richness

Your life is inherently rich on many levels, and yet your own negative thoughts and feelings can cover up that richness. The more negativity you let go of, the more goodness you allow into your experience of life.

Let go of your need to judge, your habit of fear, and your desire to take offense, and uncover the richness. Choose to forgive, to act with courage, and to understand, and feel that richness as it fills your life.

Stop struggling to justify and express your negative impulses. Instead, enjoy floating freely and peacefully in your own sense of goodness.

Delight in your own richness by giving of it to your world. Experience the extent of your good fortune by living it with love and generosity.

Instead of obsessing over the moment’s shortcomings, celebrate life’s richness. Look beyond your minor concerns and see your major positive possibilities.

The immense richness of your life is always within your reach. Let go of the little negative things and experience that richness in big and wonderful ways.

— Ralph Marston