How Good You Have It

Remind yourself today how good you have it. Then allow yourself to make it even better.

Step back from the immediate challenges and frustrations, and look at the big picture. In the big picture of your life and your world, see the positive possibilities.

Let your awareness be filled with gratitude for all that is, and for your unique perspective within it. Treasure what you are thankful for, and be thankful for what you treasure.

The daily pains and setbacks are indeed real, and can certainly be very serious. Yet above and beyond all that, is your profoundly amazing existence, and every good possibility you can imagine.

There is much that must be done, and there is even more that you are able to do. Experience for a moment how good it feels to have the opportunity to make a difference.

Then act on that opportunity, make a real and beneficial difference in life, and feel even better. Remember how good you have it, and celebrate your good fortune by making even more.

— Ralph Marston